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10 Free And Simple Things To Do Now To Increase Sales

We all know one or two people that know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff, right? I happen to be one of those people. I’m not bragging or boosting my ego, it just is what it is. I constantly learn, study, take courses, etc. One thing I know an awful lot about is how to increase sales……….and Feng Shui.

I’m a Feng Shui geek by all counts. I love everything about it. Because of all this crazy ongoing learning, I’m always in my home office.

Please don’t run away yet!! You need to read this. It will all make sense, I promise and then soon you will see an increase in sales in your online business.

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Using Feng Shui to increase sales and have a happier life!

My love of Feng Shui took me to Ottawa for a one week intensive course to became a Certified Practitioner. The practice just completely blows my mind. I am always in awe with its results and how easy it is to do.

Feng Shui is by far the easiest and quickest way to change everything in your life.

Most people are still in the dark about what exactly Feng Shui is and how it works. Unfortunately, most people still think it’s some crazy woo-woo religion or funky witches shenanigans. It’s not. Of course.

Without going into a full out story about what Feng Shui really is, I’m gonna give you Iva’s condensed version and then go right into the topic for today. Feng Shui for your home office to increase sales.

Definition of Feng Shui in Iva’s language

Feng Shui is the practice of turning your space into a harmonious, loving, abundant, happy place with the simple act of taking what you have in your home, your things, objects, art, etc, and placing them where they belong. It’s also about getting rid of yukky horrible stuff in your home that is leaving negative energy in your space.

It’s that and so much more but the practice of Feng Shui is simple. Turn your home, office, apartment, etc into a happy, prosperous, peaceful place.

So let’s get started.

10 free things to do to increase salesPin

This is the basic bagua map. It is my bible. This is the only map you will ever use with Feng Shui. EVER! Save it, copy it, print it, share it. It is your guide to a happier life.

You will line up this map to your home office. The bottom line is to be lined up with your door. Back left corner (purple square), when standing in your doorway, is the Wealth and Prosperity Area, front center (in this pic you can see it is the black square), usually the doorway area for most, is the Career Area.

There are 5 main elements in Feng Shui that must be used in each area. Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth and Water. In the map above you can see the primary elements for each area. You can also see the colors that are used in each area.

Try to use them in some way. It’s pretty simple but if you have a hard time with it, shoot me off an email or comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you with this.

10 simple tips to increase sales in your home office

1. If your home office is cluttered and messy, clean it right now.

Like ASAP. Go on!! You absolutely positively cannot have peace and harmony with clutter. No way no how. Are there piles in the corner that you have been meaning to get to but haven’t had the time?

Make the time. I’m telling you right now. Trust me on this one. Clutter and dirt is negative energy. Why would money and prosperity want to flow to you when you clearly don’t know how to take care of the things you already own?

2. You should never sit at your desk with your back to the door. 

If you do, try to put a mirror on the wall to face the door so you can see if anyone is coming in. That way you won’t be scared outta your tree when they bust in. Or, if you can, rearrange your space so you can see the door easily.

It’s hard to sit and relax and do what you love doing, working from home, if you always feel tense because someone may bust in the office and you didn’t see or hear them coming.

3. If you don’t have a window in your office put a picture up that has beautiful outdoor scenery. 

Place that picture where you can see it. If you do have a window, make sure to open it daily and get some fresh air moving in there. Replace the old stagnant air from yesterday with new sweet air! Unless you happen to live near a farm or sewage plant, then a fan will do.

Remember energy is everywhere and having fresh air and energy in your space is vital not only to you and your mental health but also to help increase your productivity and your sales

4. If you can, place a soothing fountain in your office, preferably in the Career Area. 

If you can’t do that, then place a mirror or picture of water there. If you do have a fountain, make sure the water gets cleaned weekly!!

Water is an amazing money element. It’s one of the most powerful to be honest. Try to get some sort of water element in your home office.

5. The far back center wall is in the Fame Area. 

You will want to enhance this area with awards or certificates you have, pics of people that inspire you. This is a Fire area so here you can place a nice lamp or candles, but easy on the water. You don’t want to put out your fire, right? NO mirrors here.

When you think of the Fame area, think of yourself as being recognized for how amazing you are. Think of having a solid reputation for the expert that you are.

6. Front right corner is Helpful People and Travel. 

You will want to enhance this area if you need help from others, need referrals, want to travel. I love this area. Here you can place spiritual things, angelic things, positive affirmation things.

We all need someone to help boost our business and increase our sales. We can’t do this alone.

7. God I love this Feng Shui stuff!!!!

Ok so that’s not really a tip but I want you to dig deep into this rearranging your energy and space thing and really feel it. As soon as you start applying some of these tips you will feel the difference, not only in the energy of your home office, but also in how you feel.

You will surely feel more optimistic, more hopeful and maybe even fall in love with your business again.

8. Plants are great enhancers! 

They add life and beauty. Flowering plants are best but money trees kinda rock too!! If you can’t place real plants, artificial ones are good too as long as they don’t look cheap or tacky AND you keep them clean. Yes, that means you have to dust them occasionally.

Bamboo plants are awesome money enhancers and quite easy to take care of. Besides, adding a little green to your space is a bonus, amirite (green=money!).

9. At the end of the day, clean off your desk and make room for new work.

Don’t leave seriously old dead files on your desk. They’re dead, right? Get rid of ‘em!! As a matter of fact, anything in that office that is old or dead or useless, get rid of!

You don’t want to start your day looking at dead files or files that caused you grief or stress. You want to start with a fresh clean slate. Make sure you tie up loose ends with clients. Don’t leave anything unsettled for too long as it will always be a monkey on your back.

10. Far back right corner is the Love and Relationship Area. 

Make sure to have something in this area that is pretty and *loving* ( I mean, I know you’re in here busy working but you can’t forget your loved one either). A pair of rose quartz crystals, a picture of you and your loved one. Two of anything that resonates love with you will suffice.

When you feel love for your spouse, your family, your business and even yourself, things just flow to you freely and in a more loving way. Not only that, more loving things will show up for you too, including mo’ money!

Follow these simple ways to increase sales

That should be enough to get you started to make your home office into a rocking money making room and to help increase your sales! See, I told you they would be simple and free tips!!

You probably practically live in your office. Don’t you want that space to be one of prosperity, peace and success? It shouldn’t be chaotic and stressful. Love what you do and the money will follow is a great quote you should probably write out and tape on your wall.

But before you start going crazy applying all these fun tips there are a few things you should know first.

A few little important rules. These are pretty important actually so pay attention.

5 important rules when applying Feng Shui to increase sales and enhance your life

· Don’t go crazy in one day and make all those changes. In Feng Shui, 2-3 a week is all you should do. So pick two things and do them this week.

· When you make a change, or a *cure* as I like to call them, visualize what you want to transpire from this change. For example, if you want more helpful people, while you are placing a figurine of an angel in the corner imagine that someone has just referred a bunch of clients to your business. Yay!!

· Always have a positive attitude when curing or de-cluttering.

· If you have something in your office that you don’t like, an ugly picture from your ex-mother-in-law or a vase your best friend bought you but you never liked, get rid of it. It’s negative, you hate it and its energy is lingering in there. You don’t need that kind of energy.

· Resist the urge to go to a random Feng Shui site and buy every little Chinese trinket they insist you NEED to bring prosperity into your life. You can enhance your office easily with the things you already have.

You seriously don’t have to buy more s**t.

Learning how to increase sales can be fun!!

There you have it my friends! I guarantee that if you make these few simple changes, the feel and energy in your home office will shift and you will be a star in no time!! So many people overlook the obvious, ok well it’s obvious to me, when working from home. 

You have to remember that just because you work from home doesn’t mean you should be too relaxed about your work. You still need to act like a professional and take your work seriously. If you still worked in an office with a major company would your office look like a pig sty? 

I sure hope not!! Clean up your home office, make a few tweaks and watch your business soar!

I told you this was gonna be easy.

Happy Feng Shui’ing

Peace and Love


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