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If you happen to have an extra $10000 kicking around (or more!), you may want to try some of these exquisite dishes from around the world. From delicate Almas Caviar sourced from albino beluga sturgeon to the aromatic allure of Matsutake Mushrooms found in the forests of Japan.

Experience the sweetness of Yubari King Melons or the earthy decadence of White Truffles from Italy. These extraordinary flavors offer a glimpse into the lavish world of food luxury. Clear up your credit card, and let’s go eat!

Wagyu Beef

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Wagyu beef is a highly marbled and tender beef originating from specific breeds of cattle, such as Japanese Black. It is renowned for its rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. The high-fat marbling in Wagyu beef contributes to its unique taste and tenderness, making it highly sought after by meat enthusiasts and gourmet chefs worldwide.

The price per pound starts at $200. Top-grade Wagyu can cost over $100 per ounce at high-end restaurants.


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Saffron is a spice derived from the delicate threads of the Crocus sativus flower. It is primarily cultivated in regions like Iran, Spain, and Kashmir. By weight, saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, as it takes a large number of flowers and extensive labor to produce even a small amount.

It takes about 170,000 crocus flowers to make one pound of saffron, which can cost up to $10,000 per pound. 

Matsutake Mushrooms

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Matsutake mushrooms are highly prized and have a distinct spicy-aromatic fragrance. They are predominantly found in Japan, particularly in the forests of Hokkaido. In Japan, matsutake mushrooms are associated with autumn and are often used in traditional dishes like sukiyaki and matsutake gohan (rice cooked with matsutake). The season for matsutake mushrooms is very short, usually only 6-8 weeks in the fall.

Expect to pay up to $1500 per pound.

A5 Kobe Beef

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A5 Kobe beef is a premium grade of beef from the Tajima strain of Wagyu cattle, raised in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. It is distinguished by its high-fat marbling, tenderness, and intense flavor. Only about 3,000 heads of Tajima cattle qualify as A5 grade each year.

The A5 grading of Kobe beef is the highest possible grade, indicating the highest level of marbling, tenderness, and overall quality. This will run you up to $300 per pound.

Bird’s Nest

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Bird’s nest is a delicacy found in various Asian countries, particularly in tropical regions like Indonesia and Malaysia. It is made from the nests of swiftlets and is highly valued for its unique texture and health benefits. It is often used in soups or desserts.

Bird’s nest is one of the most expensive animal products consumed by humans. You can pay up to $3000 per pound for this. 

White Truffles

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White truffles are rare and highly aromatic fungi that grow underground in specific regions of Italy, such as Piedmont and Tuscany. They have a pungent, earthy aroma and are prized for their unique flavor. White truffles cannot be cultivated and are only found by trained dogs or pigs that can detect their scent. The white truffle season runs from September to December.

A pound of these will run you up to $4000.

Densuke Watermelon

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Densuke watermelons are a rare variety of black-skinned watermelons exclusively grown on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. They are known for their distinct black rind and rich, sweet flesh. Densuke watermelons have a limited annual harvest, and each melon receives a unique barcode that allows traceability and guarantees its authenticity. Only about 10,000 Densuke watermelons are grown per year.

For a staggering $250 per watermelon, your whole family can enjoy this beauty.

Ayam Cemani Chicken

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Ayam Cemani is an exotic breed of chicken originally from Indonesia. It is famous for its entirely black appearance, including its feathers, skin, internal organs, and even bones. The chicken’s black color is caused by a genetic condition known as hyperpigmentation. Ayam Cemani chickens are considered the “Lamborghini of poultry.”

You can expect to pay up to $5000 a pair for these guys. 

Almas Caviar

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Almas Caviar is a rare and luxurious delicacy made from the roe of albino beluga sturgeon. It is typically found in the Caspian Sea region. The pale golden color of Almas caviar is due to the age of the sturgeon (between 60 and 100 years), with the older fish producing lighter eggs. Almas caviar is packaged in a 24-karat gold tin to maintain freshness.

If you have an extra $11,500 kicking around, you can pick up a pound of these.

Yubari King Melons

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Yubari King Melons are a type of cantaloupe melon grown in the Yubari region of Hokkaido, Japan. They are known for their perfectly round shape, vibrant orange flesh, and exceptional sweetness. Yubari King Melons are often given as high-end gifts in Japan and can sell for exorbitant prices at auctions, with the most expensive melons fetching thousands of dollars.

In 2018, a pair of Yūbari Kings sold for $29,000 in Sapporo, making it the world’s most expensive melon.

pule cheese

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This rare cheese comes from the milk of Balkan donkeys. It’s made at only one farm in Serbia. The flavor is mild, similar to goat cheese. The texture is smooth and creamy. With only 130 donkeys producing milk, pule cheese is scarce—the high cost limits it to an exclusive handful of cheese connoisseurs and gourmet restaurants. This cheese is so rare we couldn’t even find a photo of it! 

You’d be lucky to try this delicacy that costs around $600 per pound.

bluefin tuna

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Atlantic bluefin tuna can reach 15 feet long and 1500 pounds. Their tender, moist pink meat makes incredible sushi. However, due to overfishing, their numbers are falling. Overfishing restrictions have been implemented, but illegal fishing continues to threaten bluefin populations. So, these giant fish are now a luxury item.

Just one bluefin can sell for $10,000 in Tokyo’s famous fish market.

Jamon Iberico

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This Spanish-cured ham comes from acorn-fed pigs. Their special diet gives jamón ibérico a sweet, nutty taste. And whole cured hind legs are pricey. It’s a true delicacy worth savoring. Only the highest quality Jamón Ibérico de Bellota carries an official protected designation of origin.

Sliced jamón from the finest pigs costs over $200 a plate in Spain.

ruby chocolates

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Ruby cacao beans produce naturally pink chocolate. Unlike regular chocolate, it has a fruity, refreshing flavor. The rare ruby cacao grows in South America and Africa. As the only maker, one company charges over $100 per pound. The unique processing method to create ruby chocolate is a closely guarded trade secret.

Chocolatiers eagerly pay premiums to use this colorful chocolate.

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