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So, you want to get paid to travel the world? You’re not alone! In fact, there are more and more ways to earn money while traveling or to travel for free. A little creativity, an adventurous spirit, and some determination can get you pretty far around the world.

If you’re passionate about learning how to travel for free and how to make money while traveling, don’t put limitations on your thinking. Let this list get your creative juices flowing and open up a world of possibilities (quite literally).

You don’t have to be in an airplane every other day to have amazing travel experiences. Some people sell all their stuff, live out of a van, and drive all over the countryside. Others become a server or a bartender and simply live in a country for several months while working and then hop over to the next country and do the same thing.

If money is your excuse for not following your travel dreams, that’s about to change.

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10 Ways To Get Paid To Travel the World

Here are 10 fairly simple and practical ways to get paid to travel. Now I understand that if you are a woman over 50 reading this, maybe a flight attendant might not be doable, but the other ideas are great!

I often think women limit themselves by their age, and we really need to stop doing that. I think the sky is the limit (pardon the pun) and we can do anything or have anything we set out minds to.

I hope you like this list of ways to get paid to travel and if you can think of other ways please drop them down below in the comments for others!

1. Get Paid to be a Travel Blogger

If you want to get paid to go on vacation, becoming a professional travel blogger might just be your piece of cake. While some may say that the travel blogging world is saturated, there is still somehow room for everyone, including you, to live the travel blogger lifestyle and to reap the cash.

Good writing skills and an entrepreneurial spirit are two keys to success in blogging. You won’t get free travel opportunities offered to you left and right on your first day, but with patience and time, becoming a travel blogger can really pay off.

2. Become a Freelance Travel Writer

You don’t necessarily have to start your own blog to write about travel. Hundreds of sites will pay you to write about your travels for them. If you have excellent writing skills and you’re ready to start pitching your travel stories, start looking for blogs, magazines, and other travel sites that pay freelance travel writers.

Sites like Upwork can be a good place to get started when looking for freelance opportunities.

3. Work Remotely in Your Current Field

Personally, I think that this is an overlooked option. Not all careers can be worked remotely, but with all the technology we have now and companies becoming more accustomed to remote workers, this might be the perfect fit for you.

While you can find remote positions on classic job search sites, you’ll probably have much better luck if you search on a site specific to remote jobs. Try FlexJobs, AngelList, Hubstaff Talent, or Remote.

4. Get Paid to Travel and Take Photos

Yes, becoming a travel photographer can be very profitable if you have a high-quality camera and some photography experience. If you can land high-paying clients like National Geographic, photographing wildlife can be a cash cow (except I recommend you take pictures of animals other than cows).

Following some major travel photographers on Instagram can be inspirational and also educational as you watch and learn from people who are already living your dream.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is just like it sounds: you assist someone else with a variety of administrative tasks, typically from your computer. Some virtual assistants work essentially as personal assistants, and others specialize in a particular skill, such as managing and growing someone’s social media accounts.

You can become a virtual assistant on your own, or you can work with a virtual assistant company, such as Fancy Hands, Virtual Employee, or Upwork.

I highly recommend joining Facebook groups for virtual assistants and entrepreneurs. Virtual assistant Facebook groups will help you learn the ins and outs of virtual assisting, and entrepreneurial groups will help you find jobs (entrepreneurs are always looking for someone remote to take projects off their hands).

6. Work on a Cruise Ship

Have you thought about working on a cruise ship? You can make pretty good money, plus your food and accommodations are fully covered. Some cruise lines even offer free medical insurance. Because you won’t have very many expenses (if any at all), working for a cruise line can be an incredible way to make money and save money simultaneously.

CruiseShipJob is where you can learn more about the perks and can peruse available jobs.

7. Get Paid to Teach English Abroad

If you’re a native English speaker, you can teach English as a second language to people in foreign countries. Depending on the program, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and possibly an online certificate course.

You don’t need any teaching experience or a traditional teaching certificate, and any other information you do need, you’ll learn through the online certificate course. A simple Google search along with the help of Dave’s ESL Cafe will get you started.

8. Become a Flight Attendant

If you maximize the time you have on layovers, you could explore a lot as a flight attendant. Because flight attendants don’t work a typical work week, they have more time to travel on their days off. Of course, you might have already spent the past few days working on an airplane.

If flying constantly doesn’t bother you, though, hop on a plane as a passenger and jet set off to your next adventure. Typically, you can even fly for free on the airline that’s employing you. Way to cut down on flight costs, right?

9. Become a Tour Guide

Explore another city, visit the top destinations, and become a local expert? Yes, please! Becoming a tour guide might just be one of the most exciting ways to get paid to travel abroad, especially if you’re an extrovert or you really enjoy being around other people.

Take a look at the tour guide jobs available in another city or country. There are so many ways that people enjoy seeing a city, including Segway tours, walking tours, bus tours, and so much more!

Or, if you already know your way around another city, you could consider sharing your local knowledge by hosting your own custom tour on LikeALocalGuide.

10. Volunteer with WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) or WorkAway

If earning money isn’t your priority and you just want to know how to travel for free, your best option is WWOOFing. You get to live and work on organic farms alongside the local organic farmers. While you won’t get paid, your hosts will open up their homes and dinner tables to you in exchange for your help.

Similarly, WorkAway offers a broader range of educational and cultural experiences, not just agriculture. Help out your local hosts for a few hours in exchange for food and board for as many days as you choose and explore the city in your spare time.

Another Overlooked Way to Get Paid to Travel

While the above ideas are all great ways to get paid to travel, another way which I think is often overlooked is just to create your own job! So many travelers I know do this.

You can work for accommodations (much like Workaway) or food. Obviously it’s good to have some savings to live this lifestyle but it’s definitely doable.

If All Else Fails, Try This!

If none of these ideas lit a fire of inspiration inside you, start thinking about resources you might already have. Do you or your friends and family know anyone who lives abroad?

Do you have friends who have worked abroad that could recommend you to their current or former employer? You never know what opportunities may arise from the people you already know.

Let me say this: you can get paid to travel. It may or may not happen within the next year, but you can definitely begin the journey toward the lifestyle of your dreams.

Whether you’re reading this from your cubicle or your bed, start thinking of steps that you can take toward your passion. Perhaps that means paying off debt so you have extra spending money, saving a little extra money each month, or taking a writing class so that you can hone your travel writing skills.

Whatever the direction is for you, believe in yourself and start heading that way, and know that you most certainly can get paid to travel.

Kayli is a writer and blogger, inspiring people who create to live their dreams, take big risks, and think outside of the box. You can find her writing everything from novels and love letters to blog posts about marketing and social media.
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