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Blog Income Report-How I Made $4250 in January 2020

I know it’s probably not the best time to be sharing a blog income report but I was reading one the other nite and it actually gave me a little bit of hope. Hope that if you keep working smart, independent of what’s going on around the world, your online business will survive this.

I had a goal to hit $3000 a month by the end of 2019. So I hit it and surpassed that though the last couple of months haven’t really been anything to write about, but….I have hope that things will get better.

This income report is from my self help site Amazing Me Movement.

I have hope that this crisis will end soon and those around the world will recover from this financially and emotionally. Let’s face it, it’s been a tough go for everyone around the world, no matter who you are or what you do for a living.

Why I am sharing my blog income report with you

Well it’s certainly not to brag that’s for sure. The blog income report I read last night was some dude who made $45000 last month. Ouch. I realized these blogs are heavily dosed with affiliate links. It’s super tough to make really good affiliate income with a self help site.

Trust me, it just is.

I share mine because I know there are some people who still do love to read realistic reports like mine. Not ones where they say “Find out how I made $150,000 last month with my website”. Oh sure, it’s possible, obviously, people are doing it. But those kinds of reports leave me frustrated and not feeling very hopeful.

We don’t start out making thousands of dollars a month with our blogs. It takes time, lots of time and perseverance. Lots of that too.

So while I’m not making a bajillion dollars with my blog I am making enough to live off of comfortably here in Mexico.

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So how much do blogs make per month?

There’s no easy answer to that one. This month I could make $4000 or $7000. It’s hard to predict.

Some people make mid to high 6 figures a month (yes a month) while others only make 3 figures. Also keep in mind some blogs are simply hobby fun blogs for people to share their crafts or knowledge.

Like everyone else, I started really small in the low 3 figures a month and worked my way up to $4200 a month. And then the ‘v’ word thing hit so it’s anyone’s guess really what’s going to happen from here on in.

This is why it is so so so important to have multiple income streams in place on your site. SO important.

You can’t put all your website eggs in one basket and you never should. You’ll see what I mean below.

So let’s get right to it.

January 2020 blog income report for Amazing Me Movement

Before I start, I do want you to know that this site Women Blazing Trails is only 4 months old and I still haven’t monetized it fully yet. I work on that when I can and hope to one day type up a blog income report for this site. For now, you get the other site.

Multiple Streams of Income

As I was preparing my blog report last night I was surprised to see I had 8 streams of income in place. I’m so bad at keeping track of things (I should work on that too). Obviously my ad income is the highest and no surprise my affiliate earnings are the lowest.

In my defense though, I did just hook up with two new self help affiliate programs so time will tell. They are really good programs too so I’m anxious to see how they convert for me.

All earnings are in US dollars but I do the final conversion in Canadian dollars because, well, ya. I’m Canadian.

(many links I share are affiliate links so if you make a purchase I make a small commission-affiliate disclosure)

Here we go:

Ezoic Ad Earnings: $2210 US- $3130 CDN


(this amount also includes the $30 I made as an affiliate)

Like almost everyone else, I started out with Google Adsense and when my monthly traffic increased and reached 10,000 (I think) I applied to Ezoic. I’m not so sure why they get such a bad rap. I love them.

I actually tested out Mediavine, a company that everyone loves and raves about, but they fell flat for me and I actually lost a lot of money with them. Ezoic was more than happy to take me back.

Now I do also have to note that my site now gets over 100K visitors a month, the required views to apply for AdThrive.

So I did. And I got accepted. Apparently everyone rants and raves about them too.

It’s still really new so at the time of me writing this, I honestly have no idea how well or poorly they are performing. I’ll keep you posted.

Google Adsense Earnings: $60 US – $85

Ezoic works with mediation partners and Google Adsense is mine. In January I barely made anything (as you can see) but for some reason my February earnings almost tripled as did my March ones.

Many people cringe at the idea of having ads on their site but unless you have a solid affiliate program in place or you sell a poop ton of your own products, if you want to make money with your blog, ads is an easy place to start.

Ko-Fi: $139 US – $196 CDN


I just added this fun little thing on recently and surprisingly enough, I do ok. I mean clearly I’m not running to the bank but that’s a nice little passive income stream.

So on my Ko-fi page I share pictures of families and furry critters that I help save and feed because that’s where all my Ko-fi donations go. Right to help people and 4 legged little buggers.

I share my Ko-fi page on my Facebook page, in blogs, you name it, wherever I can. Ko-Fi is free to join and use.

Medium: $71 US – $100 CDN

In case you haven’t heard of Medium, it’s a digital magazine where you can write and get paid. Yup. Easy peasy. I pay $5 a month for my membership and I make anywhere from $50-$300 a month, depending on how often I write and how well my article does.

But for me, the one great thing about Medium is that I can write whatever the hell I want to write. I can’t really do that on my site. I can also write as often as I want or not write at all. Now my January earnings were kinda low because I hardly contributed at all.

I’ve been stepping up the writing game on Medium because, well, why not? Go check it out and see if it’s right for you!

eBooks: $242 US – $342 CDN

This number kinda surprised me to be honest. I was pretty happy with that. Again, I hardly keep track of my sales and if I need to I just scoot over to Sendowl and have a look (which I don’t do often).

My eBooks are:

From Hell to Happiness – a self help guide


21 Day Life Changing Challenge Workbook

I’d still like to see some higher book sales. I’ll work on that.

Facebook Instant Articles: $123 US – $174 CDN

I’m not even sure you can sign up for this still but I did way back when you could actually make decent money from it. My first few months with IA I was making up to $800 a month. And then a Facebook algorithm hit and it all went downhill from there.

But I do make a wee bit of money monthly on my Facebook page by sharing my own blogs. Can’t bitch about that!!

Sponsored Post: $150 US – $212 CDN

I don’t know a single solitary thing about sponsored posts but I managed to snag one and made some fun money! I’m not so sure I’ll continue with that route moving forward.

Many bloggers make a poop ton of money with sponsored posts and that’s great but I need to learn a wee bit more about it before I do. One of my favourite bloggers, Tracie Fobes, who I purchase courses from all the time has a course created specifically for sponsored posts.

You can have a look at it here: Sponsored Success

While I’m still unsure if I will purchase this course I will say one thing: in the future if I do decide I want to purchase a course on anything blogging, it will be from Tracie.

Amazon affiliates: $5 US- $7 CDN

Yup, a whopping $5, you read that right! Pretty pathetic huh? I’m trying though, trust me, I’m trying. I think last month I made $20 so we’re getting there, slow but sure.

It’s super hard for me to find any kind of decent affiliate product on Amazon that resonates with the self help group. I’m not gonna plug in some crap link just to have one on my blog. Nope, won’t do it.

Total blog earnings for January 2020

$3000 US- $4250 CDN

That’s pretty decent. I’m really happy about it. I worked my butt off to get decent traffic to my site and write valuable content. Blogging is a lot of work but it definitely pays off.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t too concerned about the future. I am. We all should be. The whole global economy is crashing right before our eyes. How will this affect bloggers?

Time will tell.

Some amazing blogging tools

I absolutely have to share a few of my favourite blogging tools and courses that I have used/purchased in the last little while that have not only helped increase website traffic but also helped with some sales of my books.

Blogging isn’t a write it, set it and forget it type of business. You are always learning and applying and testing. It really never stops. The learning especially. You should never stop learning.

It’s also very important to invest in your blog. You gotta pay to play and that doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on courses. I don’t. One book I bought cost me less than $40 and it blew my mind!! So ya, you don’t have to pay a fortune to learn.

The trick is to find successful bloggers you love and trust. I am fortunate to have found a few. Tracie Fobes is my main go to girl followed by Debbie Gartner and then the guys from Income School on YouTube. And let’s not forget Neil Patel. I love his YouTube channel as well.

The courses/eBooks and other blogging tools I’ve used

In the past year these are some of the eBooks and courses I have taken. They are all from Tracie with one book from Debbie. I wrote a really extensive article about more blogging tools that includes hosting and email providers and such that you might like.

13 Blogging Tools You Need to Smash Your 2020 Goals


Productivity Planner

Profitable Blogging Roadmap

Posting Perfection

Affiliate Marketing Roadmap (clearly I never finished this one 🤦‍♀️)

and this one SEO eBook from Debbie that took my new blog from 0 to hero in just a couple of months!

Easy On Page SEO

You need to check this out. I bought this book from Debbie, the Easy On Page SEO, devoured the whole thing and then went through it again and started applying all the little tips she shares.

Right after I did that, this blog hit top spot on Google!! Remember this site is only a few months old and that blog was only two months old!

google snippet of a blog that is number one-blog income report blogPin
Proud me moment!!

THAT’S how amazing this eBook is! The tips are pure gold.

I hope you liked my blog income report

My goal in sharing this is to show bloggers that making money online does happen and it doesn’t have to take forever. I wanted to be very transparent and assure you I’m just like you, working my butt off to make this work and help others while I do.

I’m no rock star blogger.

I’m still learning and figuring things out as I go along. I don’t have all the answers. I know what I know and I know what works for me. I try to share as much helpful information as I possibly can.

But I hope sharing my blog income report gives you more hope to keep working and keep aiming for your monthly financial goal. It’s important to have goals but it’s also important to be realistic too.

These are trying and difficult times we are in now. No one knows what the future holds for any one of us on the planet. The only thing we can do is keep working and stay optimistic (and safe too of course).

xo iva xo

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