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Finding Love Over 50: 7 Tips To Make it Easier

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Women over 50 who have had absolutely zero luck finding love over 50, say “Yo”! Girl. I feel your pain. Today I want to share 7 simple tips for you to follow to help you find love again.

However, I guess it also depends on where you live.

I happen to live in a tiny town in a third world country (Guatemala), which is kind of a bad thing. Send prayers and chocolate please.

The dating scene here for older adults is almost non existent. So to say my love life sucks right now is an understatement.

It’s easy to meet new people here because there are a lot of people here, a lot of single people, plenty of travelers and expats but the dating pool is dry. People who come through here are not here to stay. They are literally traveling through.

I imagine I could always check out a dating site for Guatemala city, maybe find a good man, and then hightail my butt there to visit him but I’m already exhausted just thinking about that.

It’s 4 hours away on a good day. Hard pass.

And it’s kinda hard to find a good man in the town I live in. I’m not giving up hope though! I’m a persistent little bugger. I know the man of my dreams is out there somewhere.

Finding love at 50 is as painful as a root canal

For reeeeal!!

I remember when I left my last relationship ( I was 51 yrs old) I went back to the online dating site to check out the cesspool, er I mean, the fish in the sea to find out what kind of choices I had. Why did I think there would be plenty of fish in that sea?

It was first time back on there in over 8 years. What a huge disappointment.

Nothing had changed. That should have been a clear sign for me. Colour me desperate.

So after sifting through all the “Tom, Dick and Harry’s” I went on my first date with a man I had known for a long time. He was the ex husband of an old childhood friend of mine. Actually me and this girl were best friends growing up.

Anyway, conversation was light, fun and somewhat intelligent. He had a good job, he got along well with his adult children, seemed responsible enough. Had a good circle of friends.

You know. All the things we like to check off when finding a new love. He seemed like a good match for me.

He had potential mate status. I was in heaven. He was romantic and attentive but not overpowering. On the second date he had exciting plans for us for an all day boating adventure.

It was all so new and so much fun. We had the perfect time together and I was sure he was my kind of man.

3 months into dating, the red flags started popping up and I realized he was an alcoholic. Ugh!!

Date #2

And then there was the next guy who was super sweet and awesome (though I think he may have spent time in jail for fraud?) but holy clingy!! Dude. I need to breathe. Oy.

I was going to try a new dating site but I couldn’t bear to do the whole profile/bio thing again.

I finally gave up and just concentrated on making my life better and then eventually just left the country. Little did I know that it was going to be a million times harder finding love again at 50 in my new town.

How many of you have had similar struggles trying to find men from online dating sites? Be honest. We’re all friends here.

Or maybe some of you met men in more conventional ways. You know like the grocery store, the hardware store, the library (really, Iva?). Places like that. Maybe even blind dates?

It’s been my observation (and correct me if I’m wrong) but most older men (in their 50’s and beyond) seem to want to younger women, (chicks in their 20’s and 30’s). Is that like an ego thing or a mid life crisis thing? I dunno.

But there are still some relatively level headed men who actually do want to date women in their 50’s (or the same age group as them) and can appreciate us and all our aging parts (like grey hair in your pubes? Oh ffs!!)

And then there are women in their 50’s who want to date men in their 20’s and 30’s. I ain’t judging. I’ve had my fair share of one night stands.

But to actually have a new relationship with a dude in his 20’s. I’m surprised at the younger men here who want to have a relationship with older women.

I just can’t do it.

Why is it so hard to find a good man?

Are we too picky? Maybe we’re asking for too much? I dunno. My checklist isn’t really that huge or ridiculous. It goes something like this:

  • have a pulse
  • don’t be an alcoholic
  • I’d like all your body parts to be working
  • have half a brain
  • be honest
  • and be somewhat handsome (too shallow?)

Ok so is that too much to ask? Alright I’ll be completely honest. I mean there are a few more things on that list but nothing off the charts that would people shake their heads at me.

So why is it hard to find a good man? Are they all taken and we have to settle for second best? I shudder.

I honestly thought that by this age, men (and women) would have gone through all the crap they need to go through in life, learned lessons from past relationships, grown from them and became better people.

No? Am I that naive?

I mean I ain’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I think I’m a pretty good catch. I got my crap together (when I remember where I put it) and I’m beyond all the trauma and other icky stuff I went through in life. I’ve evolved and think I’m a pretty damn good person (why is this always about you Iva?)

So why is it so hard to find a good man then?

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Learning to Love Again After 50

For many of us women over 50, trust is a big issue, meaning, we don’t really trust anyone anymore and it’s sad and pathetic but that’s the reality of it.

So many of us have been betrayed, lied to, cheated on, bullied, you name it, we’ve been through it and it’s hard to trust again or to learn how to love again after 50.

But at this stage of the game, not only are we reinventing our lives, we’re also learning so much about ourselves and learning to love ourselves too.

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It’s crucial to dump all the patterns and beliefs you had with your past partners before entering into the dating scene. Otherwise, you will continue to attract toxic partners.

Finding Love Over 50: 7 Tips to Make it Easier

Assuming you’ve done all your self help/inner healing work and you’re completely ready to find love again, here are 7 tips to make it easier to find the right person you can potentially spend a long time with, maybe even the rest of your days!

1 Be open to going to new places

Go to a new book store or a new cafe. You’re not going to find a new partner if you just stay inside and hang out on dating sites. Ok well you might be able to but I highly recommend trying new things and new places.

2 Keep an open mind

You may or may not have a certain ‘type’ but step outside the box a bit. If you prefer really tall men, definitely don’t discount a man who’s a wee bit under 6′. He may be all you need and are looking for.

3 Nobody is perfect

I know you know this already and I know your last partner maybe was an ***hole but the fact is, you’re not perfect either. Don’t look for a perfect partner, instead look for someone who is perfect for you (ticks all the boxes).

4 Mindset is everything

Stop telling yourself there are no good men out there and you will be single forever and die alone. That’s a horrible toxic way to think, especially if you’re looking for love. Instead tell yourself the right man is out there, you just need to be patient and open minded.

5 Let your friends know

There’s always someone who knows someone who knows…you get the idea. Let people know you are looking to date again and are open to meeting new people. I’m sure you already know dozens of couples who probably have that one single friend.

6 Fall in love with yourself first

This should have been the first thing on this list but you need to love yourself first before you go looking for love. Honestly. Make sure you have solid boundaries and know exactly what you want and what you won’t tolerate ever again.

7 Trust your intuition

If something feels off, it is off. Your intuition (gut feeling) doesn’t lie, ever. Don’t think ‘oh it’s just one little thing that I can overlook’. That’s what got you where you ended up last time. Never ignore red flags.

Another thing I’d like to mention is this (and it’s kind of important). Be your authentic self. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not to try to impress someone.

Potential partners may see through that anyway. I get that it takes a lot of time to get to know someone but can you imagine spending all that time with someone only for them to find out you’ve been lying about who you are this whole time?

Ooph. Don’t do that.

You Don’t Need a Man

I mentioned it before and I’ll say it again. We have much higher standards this time around. We’re not settling (please don’t). We don’t need a man anymore.

At this stage in our life, we want a man for companionship, someone who we can connect with emotionally, mentally and spiritually (well the last one for sure for me). Someone to laugh with, cry with, and simply just enjoy life with, without drama.

We’re hyper picky. We’ve grown and we absolutely won’t put up with crap anymore. We learned the hard way how to:

  • love ourselves
  • respect ourselves
  • have more self confidence
  • form boundary lines, and
  • how to be happy alone

And we won’t ever let anyone take these things away from us. Ever.

So you see, finding a new love can be complicated because this next guy has to totally get and appreciate that by this age, we don’t put up with crap and can SEE right through crap.

We’re smart cookies now. We have balls and we found our voices. And we ain’t afraid to use it (our voices, not our balls).

I think another problem is that men haven’t grown or evolved like we have. I mean I’m sure some have but the majority, maybe not? They still want someone to cook and clean and “get on your knees” and be the nice housewife.

Hard pass. Again.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind cooking and I like to keep a clean house but wait, can you cook? Do you know how to use a mop too? Is bedroom activity just all about you? Are you willing to meet my needs too?

My head hurts. This is too exhausting.

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Why is finding love after 50 so hard?

Honestly, it’s frustrating having to start all over again. You know the whole “Hi how are you, what emotional baggage are you still carrying, are you an alcoholic or drug addict, have you ever been in jail for a pedophilia or murder?”.

You know. That stuff. The getting to know you stuff. It’s exhausting!!!

But we know what we want and we’re not choosing you solely based on the fact that the other side of the bed has been cold for too long. We’re scrutinizing each and every dude that crosses our path and every move he makes.

This guy is going under a microscope, whether he likes (or even knows it) or not. And when we’re done dissecting you, we’ll either spit you out or hang on to you a wee bit longer.

You know, to make sure you really aren’t a murderer.

But all kidding aside, we’re in our 50’s now and let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger and many of us truly do want to find the right one to grow old with. I know I do! I’m not giving up.

Finding love over 50 is just going to be a little different from when we were in our 20’s or 30’s, that’s all.

How to Find Love at 50

You know I hear stories all the time about how 2 people met and now have a wonderful relationship. I know true love does exist. It’s the dating and starting over part that can be a little frustrating and tiresome.

Finding love over 50 can be challenging but the good news is, it’s not impossible. I know there are single men out there and they are looking for us!

So don’t give up.

I truly do hope you find the man of your dreams one day. I think we all deserve a healthy relationship and true love. I know I do and I’m not giving up hope that my man is out there looking for me somewhere ( I hope he travels).

Until then, I have batteries and a dog (well that came out wrong).

xo iva xo

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  1. Bull shit article. I am throwing out the bull shit flag. Women in their 50’s are so damn picky. More so then younger women. They come up with lists on what a guy should look like. How to behave. How to act. They are selfish and deserve this. Women become more arrogant as they get older. They are a bit more carefree when they are younger. They are also too old to have kids so why should they even care what a guy looks like. You are not going to have kids with them. Just more bull shit out of the selfish gender.

    1. LOL ya we don’t put up with bullshit guys like you………..thanx for reading

      1. Maybe then we should all just become homosexuals. Then the genders don’t have to deal with each other any more. This is what this society is coming to anyways. Babies can be created in test tubes so go gay.

      2. Regardless of how harshly he expressed himself, Joe actually has some valid points.
        I think a big red flag in this article is accountability. “What am i doing or thinking wrong thats keeping me single?”
        Another obstacle women keep running into is thinking that men want or cover the same things in a partner as women do-which couldn’t be further from the truth. This is just some insight from a 50+ man who’s ex wife of two decades decided she wasn’t happy in the marriage. It was excruciatingly painful but after a tremendous amount of work I’m in the best relationship of my life with a partner that truly values and loves me.
        Just stop being a victim and continue to work on yourself because thats all you really can control. The rest will just come.

    2. Wow, that is a sure sign of lack of intelligence. Iva nailed it. Your looking for the bimbo without an ounce of substance, brains, or self worth so you can control her. When women have dealt with the bs your desiring, we actual learn, evolve and have higher standards but keep our expectations in check. In addition, we dealt with the past and left our exes in the past where they belong. Joe, sadly you aren’t looking for companionship or laughter- we are. Fundamentally your response lacks the very foundation of a relationship. Respect.

  2. Women always have men waiting in the friends zone that they don’t want but are perfectly good guys. Women are too picky and usually expect a laundry list of things from a guy and at the same time can offer nothing to the guy except sex. Women in their 50s get attention from guys much higher on the dating scale in terms of attraction but the guys just want sex. But this attention makes the women think they are settling if they don’t get this perfect guy just because they have had sex with this type of guy. Women don’t want the guys on their level so that’s why dating sucks for them. They only date the best looking guys who use them for sex.

    1. Can offer nothing to the guy except sex? Oy. Where you picking up your women? Wow this comment is over the top…thanx for jumping in though

      1. These are the guys who have no careers, home or scruples Iva. I know the world is bat shit stupid these days, but these guys have shown their hand. Sadly, they were never good at sex so they are deflecting and not accepting that they might be the problem. A friend told me something today, men NEED someone, woman don’t we desire someone. Most of us have raised children alone, done our career alone, built a home alone and taught our boys how to be men because the men were always looking for the next best thing (and ended up with zero). Self-actualization is a process that few attain and even fewer truly understand.

        Women wanting only good looking men, that’s true only in we desire men, not a man child who needs a mommy, not a boy toy who has anatomy only between his legs and nothing above the shoulders. Guys sadly, you haven’t learn to make love because your too busy looking for the next younger thing, the next baby making machine or just the next thing because your so uncreative that you have to keep moving from person to person because you have the creativity of a dead slug, the personality of ashes, and your best feature is you know how to turn the shower on and hopefully understand the purpose of soap.

        We want laughter, companionship, and if your good in the sheets then we all the more impressed. We all have a past, if only people could leave it there and focus on the here the now and work toward the future with the one next to you and not all the ones you think want you.

  3. Cassie you show just how stupid you are. Your only comeback is to call somebody a name or categorize them into something. You women do get dumber as you get older. How do you know what single dad’s have accomplished? Enjoy your vibrator.

  4. When men date younger women they have an ego problem or are having a midlife crisis, but when women do it it’s “YoU gO gIrL!” Maybe this selfish hypocrisy is the real reason men date younger women.

    1. Sure whatever you think. Thanx for reading and sharing your thoughts.

    2. Had to jump in. I understand the women here but I am not looking for looks nor sex. I have been single 7 years. I only want to just meet and find someone who is genuine and has empathy and intelligence. The problem here is society. We are from the period after the sexual revolution.
      I was there and I was a chick with a rocking bod and 38DDD. So I didn’t lack attention. I am very unassuming.
      I am introverted. I am a creative who has worked in design. I am self employed, raised my son alone for the most part and was a stay at home mom. I cook, bake, and am very traditional. This problem is across the board. The people in their twenties have many of the same grips. The world is crazy. People are not focusing on self love and I dont mean narcissism. There are not focused on true connection but a constantly repeating pattern of feeding into instant gratification.
      Both sexes do this. Think on finding connection with out the idea of going to bed with someone first. We are all divorced most likely. What broke you up wasn’t in the bedroom. It was all the things that lead to disconnection.
      I am single because my cohorts think the way they do. I have girlfriends in the past who think nothing of using a man for money and dudes who use women for sex. I am not in disagreement with the writer of the article. Obviously the men have taken this as a diss and many I know do.
      I believe like many of the issues we face these days we need to go back to the roots of this dysfunction.
      Love is acceptance and is not a material thing. So I will say it. The social engineering from the last few decades have done nothing but proported men to be idiots so why should they even try. Look back on the television shows from the past.
      Men have been depicted as fools.
      Woman have been told that what is sacred to their true natures is square and uncool. I didnt want to live in that world back in the 80’s. With a lack of patental support I was lost in it as a hot chick who shockingly wasnt shallow. I am truly a victim of rape and assault. I don’t believe the “Me Too” movement or the “Pussy March” is something of value. I know women who would do nothing to help other woman and they marched in those parades. For so much of this world now is identity politics. I have known men who were abusers.
      My worst abuser was my last husband. I have known him since I was 20. Why is he so messed up? His mother walked out on him when he was three leaving his father who was an immigrant to hastly let teenagers he knew from work babysit him and he was raped until he was 11. So everything is all our responsibility.
      Long tirade but hey guess what I am an author too. I believe this is the time to go with in and stop letting the negative rule our lives. If I did I certainly would have committed suicide and I am not kidding.
      All of us…no matter who and what we are are not entitled but we all are accountable. So no hate here. All Love. Just spent the evening reading and I just had to write something. I could say so much more and I feel like I havent really made this comment what I could. This is just my opinion and maybe some food for thought. Peace to all and good luck.