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How to Grow Your Email List Using This One Powerful Thing

If you would have told me a year ago that I’d be writing a blog post on how to grow your email list I would have called you crazy, yet here we are. A couple of years ago, I put little to no value on my email list?

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The Truth about Dating in your 50's


Because I sign up for a lot of little freebies and then the person bombards with emails like almost every day and it’s not long before I bang that unsubscribe button. Anyone else?

Ya. So I just assumed that this is the way you grow and nurture your email list and if that’s how you did it, I didn’t want any part of it. But then I learned something. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ll admit, it takes me a while to learn and catch on to things but once I do, I’m pretty unstoppable. When I finally understand how something works I’ll drive that bitch all the way to the top of the highest mountain

I like to test things and push limits and see how far I can go. You should do that too. Aim high.

Sorry I digress.

Anyway, when I finally realized that that’s not how you have to grow and nurture your list I decided to start working on growing my list. I’ll admit, I was a wee bit clueless but once I got the hang of it…ooph. I became an email list growth addict.

Now I’m not gonna say I have tens of thousands of subscribers but I’m pretty close to 5000 and that’s pretty spectacular for me considering in August of 2019 I had maybe 2000 if that.

This might be a long one so grab your coffee!


How to build an email list fast

If you want to know how to build an email list fast you have to do the things that people suggest you do. For a long time I wouldn’t listen to anyone. I kept snubbing my nose at all their list building techniques.

“I’m not doing that. That’s dumb” I would say. Oh ya, you should have heard me. I was pathetic.

But then I started listening and with my tail between my legs I decided to actually try out some of the email list ideas these high-end bloggers were suggesting and something magical happened.

You guessed it. My list grew, and fast. My mind was blown.

And then I would have this conversation with myself that went something like this “Well, would ya have a look at that. These list building techniques really do work you were just too stubborn to put them to work” and I would hang my head in shame and whisper “I know”.

Don’t be like Iva.

(this post contains affiliate links so if you make a purchase I make a small commission-affiliate disclosure)

One of the best list building techniques on the planet

Ok maybe that’s a tad dramatic but in all honesty, it’s doubled my email list in 6 months so it’s gotta work, right? Now I’m sure there are a million other ways to grow your email list but this one is a “set it and forget it”, takes two minutes to make and it’s done.

I love things to be easy. Always. Learning is hard for me so I always have a little resistance to it but when I see something is easy to do and it works, I’m a happy girl.

Anyway, before we talk about how to grow your email list, I want to talk about why having an email list is so, so, so, wait one more, SO important!!!


Why is growing an email list so important?

It’s the only thing you will ever own. Period. No one can take it away from you. Let me show you a few things here:

  • Facebook page-not yours
  • Pinterest account-not yours
  • Google-not yours
  • Twitter/Instagram/etc-not yours

See where I’m going with this? What’s the point of having 500K fans on your Facebook page and 10 million monthly views on your Pinterest account if tomorrow it could all be gone? In the blink of an eye, no warning, no reason or rhyme.

Poof! Gone.

What would you do then? I mean besides the obvious curl up in a ball and cry. What would you do? You’d be screwed.

But your email list? That baby is yours! All yours. It’s a beautiful thing. And what’s even better about it? You can do whatever the heck you want to do with it!!! Weeeeeee!!

How to grow your email list using this one thing


Before I tell you this you have to promise you won’t stop reading and run away as soon as you find out what it is. I used to do that too. Don’t be like Iva.

I actually resisted this one list building technique for forever because I thought it was annoying af and no way no how was THAT thing going on my site. Nope nope nope.

Until I finally stopped being stubborn and gave it a try.

The only thing I ever had on my site to try to grab email subscribers was my static sign up form. It was ok but didn’t really work very well. I mean, I grabbed a handful of new subscribers every week but nothing to write home to mom about.

And then I did this….drum roll please….

I added the dreaded popup. Yup. I did it. I caved and did it and let me tell you, the only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Now I hear aaaallll the time in blogging groups how people hate popups and they are so annoying and bla bla bla. They are and they aren’t. It all depends on how you set it up in the first place.

I wanted to make sure mine was perfect because I am the first person to say “I hate popups!!!” but mine is very gentle and non-intrusive. I think so anyway. And people seem to love it because my email list has grown leaps and bounds because of it.

You can check it out here on my other site Amazing Me Movement. Once there go check out some blogs so you can also get a feel for my incontent forms as well.

What are some email list ideas?

Now clearly, if you want to grow your email list, you have to give people a reason, a damn good reason, to hand over their email addresses.

People are being a lot more cautious about who they hand over their personal info to these days. They’re tired of being bombarded daily about ‘get this, buy that, order your copy now, you need this right now’. Aren’t you? I know I am.

So you don’t want to be that person who sends out all these annoying emails only to get deleted and blocked (unsubscribed). I sure don’t.

Even though I only email once a week, every now and then I do get a few unsubscribed but that’s just the nature of the beast really.


So how do you grow this email list fast and free?

You have to offer them jam-packed with value amazing awesome free stuff. Whatever Sally in your niche is offering, one up her (not in a catty mean way).

Here are a few things you can offer them to get them to sign up for your newsletter. Then we’re gonna talk about the actual popup itself.

  • checklists
  • day planners
  • mini ebooks
  • tips on cleaning, gardening, knitting or whatever your niche is
  • meditation mp3
  • workout videos/tips
  • cool recipes

I mean, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Use your imagination and go one step further than the ‘other girl’. Offer them up really epic stuff packed with tons of value and they’ll be clicking that sign-up button fast.

Some other email list ideas are share with them how you took your blog from 0 to hero or how you made this amazing wedding cake in under 1 hour (ha, ya right) or how you trained little Johnny to go potty in 30 minutes (rolls eyes).

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. What do they need and what problems do they have that need to be solved? Create something, anything, it doesn’t even have to be big, to solve their problem. I’ve signed up for so many things that were literally one page long.

That’s it, that’s all BUT it solved my problem!!

Ok I really want to talk about the p word. Can we do that now? Talk about the popup?

See…even she thinks so too!

How to build your list using popups

So the first thing you need, obviously, is an email provider. I used to be with Aweber and while they aren’t a terrible provider, I found Mailerlite so much easier to use.

Not only that, but I also found them super affordable and worth every penny.

There are many email service providers out there and like anything else, there is good and bad in all of them. Here are a few more providers you can have a peek at:

Mailchimp-free plan up to 2000 subscribers (with very minimal features) next plan up $10/mth

ConvertKit-starts at $29/mth

Constant Contact-60 day free trial and then starts as low as $20/mth

Aweber-starts at $19/mth

GetResponse-starts at $15/mth up to 1000 subscribers

Now clearly the lower-priced options have very limited functions. If you are just starting out, honestly a free plan is all you need while you are growing your email list. Once you’ve hit 1-2000 subscribers then it may be time to have a look around to compare features.

I personally love Mailerlite

You can design the popup you want to match your brand colours (or however the heck you want) and when you want it to pop up.

I’ve got my set to pop up when the reader has scrolled 75% of the way down which I think is perfect. I tested it out at 50% but I found better success at 75%.

Mailerlite makes it so darn easy to create and test. I also have incontent sign up forms in most of my posts. If my blog is really long, almost 2000 words, I’ll put two incontent forms.

I have two freebies, both mini self guides and I can see which one works better than the other one. Play around with freebies, test and test some more.

You can even email your readers and find out what else they need help with. Create a mini-survey and ask them. They will appreciate you asking them!

The beauty of growing and having an email list

First, some friendly advice, don’t bombard your list too many times a week to start. Do you like when this happens to you? I’m thinking no. Neither do your readers.

Make sure your readers get to know you, love you and trust you before you start selling them your shit. If they don’t really trust you yet, why would they buy from you?

Warm them up with a few emails first. Tell them about you and your journey, share a personal story, get real with them. I know when I’m reading emails I want to feel like I’m having coffee with you while I’m reading your stuff.

After a while, maybe 5 or 6 emails, introduce a product or service you have and don’t get discouraged if this produces a slew of unsubscribers. It happens to all of us. Remember, those aren’t your peeps.

The people you want on your list are the people who need you in their life. Don’t cry over the ones who leave.

I always like to ask a question in closing in my emails to get them to respond back, keep the conversation open if you will. It works like a charm. They love it, I love it.

Remember you are talking to real people. Keep it real. Also remember, we can’t please everyone.

xo iva xo

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