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How to Stay Motivated in Your Business-13 Surefire Tips

Working from home is probably the most amazing job I’ve ever had in my entire life. The freedom, working in your pj’s, keeping your own hours and hell, even taking a nap when you feel like it. So sweet! But let’s face it. It’s not always so easy to stay motivated in your business.

And it’s not all joy and bliss.

Being a business owner, or working online from home, takes an awful lot of commitment. An awful lot. When I first started working online, I was a little concerned. “Girl” I asked myself, “do you honestly think you can start an online business and succeed”?

I have shiny object syndrome. It’s a real thing and it’s frustrating as heck, trust me. For me, staying motivated does not come naturally like some people I know.


It’s a constant struggle. But I knew this before I even got started. One of the things I had to ask myself before I even started was this-

What motivates you to start your own business?

I had to ask myself why I was plunging deep into the online entrepreneurial life. What was I hoping to achieve and how did I think I was going to stay consistent and focused on my work?

There were quite a few reasons why I wanted to start my own business:

  • freedom was the main reason
  • control my own earnings
  • work at my own pace
  • not having someone breathe down my neck anymore
  • no one to answer to but myself

So the why was the easy part. The how, not so much.

It’s been a little over two years now since I’ve been working on my own and I gotta be honest, I’m not always so motivated to work here at home. Some days I just want to sit in front of the TV and watch Vikings.

So before you decide you want to do this, you have to ask yourself what motivates you to start your own business. We all have different reasons. Make sure yours are super valid and strong.

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Motivation to grow your business isn’t always there either

You’ve got your business started and it seems you keep running into road blocks. Snag after snag. Suddenly the motivation to grow your business has come to a halt.

It can be frustrating af. Trust me. I know. When I had my hair salon, the first year was fun, the second year was pathetic, the third and final year was dismal.

I knew what was happening and I couldn’t stop it. I had no more motivation to grow this business. I was done. Maybe it was fate. Who knows.

What I do know is that it can really take a toll on your self confidence and your desire to want to start another business. It didn’t stop me though. 🙂

I’m a bit of a pit-bull if you will. I just keep chasing things. Now I’m saying you should be like that too but it’s fun, adventurous and you sure learn a lot.

Motivation for business owners is a job in itself

We have to get up everyday and remind ourselves why we are doing this. Drag our butts to our home office. Fire up the computer and get to work.

Shiny things get in the way all the time. Things like Facebook, Instagram, Email, er or wait, maybe that’s just me? I doubt it.

Motivation for business owners is an ongoing job. You are always on guard trying to stay focused and alert. You have to put covers on all your shiny things (ya I had to do that). You have to stay committed to your decisions and plans for the day.

Tough af. But not impossible.

Like for example, right at this very moment, I’m really not feeling much like writing up a blog today. I’m gonna be honest with you all the time. Though writing comes naturally and easy for me, it doesn’t necessarily mean I want to do it all the time.

Some days I just don’t. Other days my fingers and keyboard are on fire. It’s a hit and miss but at the end of the day, my work gets done. Because no matter what and no matter how hard it is to stay motivated, I love what I do.

Make sure you love what you do. Otherwise you’ll never succeed. Success is more than just making 6-7 figures a year.

13 sure fire tips to stay motivated in your business.

When I find I’m losing my way in my business these are some of the things I do. I hope they help you too to stay motivated in your business. If you have some cool things that work for you, drop them in the comments below!

Remember your why

I can’t stress the importance of this. Remember why you wanted to start your own business. What were your reasons and long term goals. Will you reach your goals if you lack motivation in your business?

Of course not.

Write out your why and look at it every day. Put it on a sticky note and tape it to your monitor if you have to or your coffee maker. Wherever you will surely see it all the time.

Read success blogs

I honestly love doing this. Especially the ones that start “This is How I Went From 0 to Hero in x months”. They motivate me and inspire me.

Go to Pinterest and follow some successful entrepreneurs or go read some articles in Addicted2Success or Forbes. Whichever site you prefer to read, go read success blogs.

They will light a fire under your butt. Trust me on that.

Bask in the small victories

Every little victory is a big win. Take time to reward yourself for every little one, even if it’s as simple as making a new connection with someone in your niche.

They all add up fast.

When you feel like things aren’t going right, think back to your victories, big and small. Shout out “yay me!!!” if you have to.

Surround yourself with successful people

There’s a saying that goes something like this:

You are the average of 5 people you hang around with -Jim Rohn

Now while I don’t fully subscribe to this, there is a wee bit of truth to it. If you hang around with successful people their enthusiasm and work ethics will eventually rub off on you. I hope.

Create a mind map

I’m a huge advocate for mind mapping. In my opinion, it is the most effective way to stay motivated in your business and help you reach your goals.

If you aren’t quite sure what mind mapping is, you can read all about it in this post I wrote last month.

Mind Mapping-Why Everyone Needs to Be Doing This Now

My mind map is on a big white board right beside my head. I look at it every day to remind myself of my goals and when I expect to hit them. You can also use a white board or even a plain old poster board. Whatever works for you as long as it’s right beside your desk and you can always see it.

Take breaks

I can’t stress how important this is. Not only for your business but for your mental health as well. We are not robots.

We are humans. We need to work but we also need to rest. Rest our bodies and our minds.

I want you to think of it this way: when you feel you are getting too stressed or frustrated with something, it’s time to take a break. You won’t be able to focus properly or continue your task if you don’t have a clear head. The Pomodoro technique is amazing.

This video gives a great description of it. Though she uses 25 minutes, I go 90 minutes and take a 10 minute break. To each their own.

Work like your life depends on it

Because it does, or at least, it should. I know how easy it is to slack off because you have a nice little savings account. But how about we pretend that account doesn’t exist and your life now depends on you staying motivated in your business and succeeding.

Start thinking you don’t have a savings account or that it’s gonna run out soon. Then what are you going to do? Forget about your comfy and cushy savings.

Work like your life depends on it.

It’s not always about you, Susan

What do your clients want? What are your clients expecting from you? What does the world want from you?

You are doing this because you have a certain gift, skill or talent that no one else has. Only you have it. Stop hoarding your talent and start sharing it with the world (and your clients).

They are all relying on you. Remember that. You are working a business to serve others, not just feed your bank account.

Believe in yourself

Self talk will go a long way here. I know how hard it is to believe in yourself and your talents but you must. There is no one else like you who can offer what you offer or do what you do.

Don’t ever forget that.

There could be a million self help coaches but each and every one of them has a special unique gift. So no matter what niche you are in and even if there are already a million of you, you are one in a million.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day

I may even start to sound like your mom here. Eat your veggies, drink water. You cannot survive on a daily diet of burritos, coffee and donuts. Please. Stop.

Your body and brain will negatively respond to all the crap you put in it. You must stay hydrated, eat regularly (and healthy foods too!) and take good care of your vessel.

And drink lots of water.

Learn to say no

It’s kinda hard to stay motivated in your business if you keep saying yes to people who call you or need your help. You don’t have to help everyone on the planet.

It’s not your job.

Learn to say no. People will learn to respect you and your time more. And it gives other people a chance to say yes so you can get your work done.

Keep a daily planner

Honestly, this may sound like a no brainer but for so long I had no direction and literally just flew by the seat of my pants. How I got this far is still a mystery to me.

Now I have a beautiful and colourful planner I bought here in Mexico and I use it every damn day.

I write out what I want to accomplish that day and I check them off as I go along. I’ll tell ya, it’s a damn good feeling when you can put little check marks besides each task.

Get a planner and stick to it faithfully.


Step away from work

For a full day or even two full days if you can. No work emails, no work phone calls. Nudda. Actually why not pack a few snacks and go on a road trip or to a park for some lovely down time.

Remember the tip from above about taking breaks. Mini breaks throughout the day are important but longer breaks are equally as important.

You can’t and shouldn’t think and do work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A) it’s not healthy and B) it will get old fast and you’ll wind up hating your business.

You need to stay motivated in your business in order to succeed, amirite?

I mean, we all already know that but it’s so easy to fall into a slump and not be able to pull ourselves out of it. When you start feeling frustrated and stressed out by your business, step away. Even if only for an hour.

Find someone you know who is successful or motivational and talk to them. Don’t stay alone in your head. Our minds often lie to us.

Don’t believe everything you tell yourself when you are lonely or frustrated


I want to leave you with one very super important thought. Somewhere out there, someone is doing what you want to do and they are killing it. If you want to stay motivated on your business, keep reminding yourself of that one simple fact.

You can crush it too! You got this.

xo iva xo

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