How to Use Pinterest For Business (and make a decent living at it!)

I belong to a few really good blogging groups and Pinterest groups and I can’t tell you how many times I see someone asking “is Pinterest really that good”? Oooph. You better believe it. I want to share with you today some tips on how to use Pinterest for business and make a living (so maybe you can quit your shitty 9-5).

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Can you use Pinterest for business?

Of course you can! Pinterest isn’t just mommy bloggers sharing breastfeeding tips and crafty gals showing off their recent crocheted doilies (do they still call them that?). It’s so much more than that as I discovered back in January of 2018 when I took a peek into Pinterest.

My blogging friend kept urging me to take a look into Pinterest for website traffic and more sales of my eBooks. I was scared. I knew nothing about Pinterest. Nary a clue.

I already had an account. A pathetic account. I had 15 followers (who they were and why they were following me is still a mystery to me), no boards and 6 ugly pins. Phew. What a mess.

I knew I had to start at the very beginning and figure this behemoth out. And I did just that. I bought a book that showed me everything I needed to do to turn this pathetic Pinterest account into a rocking business account.

Was it easy? Nope. Did it happen overnight? Also no. Was it worth all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears? You better believe it! Using Pinterest for business was one of the best decisions I ever made for my online business.

After applying all the tips I learned from a book and along the way, this is what happened to my Pinterest business account.

How to use pinterest for business-my pinterest results after one monthPin

Now keep in mind there is so much more to working your Pinterest business account then making pretty pins. Remember it’s a search engine so SEO is crucial to your success as well. So you kinda have to do double duty here.

Yes, I get it. It’s a shit ton of work but it’s worth it!!! Once you get the hang of SEO it’ll come naturally to you (kinda) and then you can sit back and watch the fruits of your labour harvest 🙂

I was SEO clueless when I started so I bought a book and took a course. Both totally amazeballs. Check them out below!

Easy OnPage SEO Or you could bundle this amazing eBook with Easy Backlinks here and save $20!! Totally worth it! Or wait-you could bundle up even more and add the Easy SEO Revamp ebook here! Honestly, no matter which one you get, these books are game changers.

If you prefer taking indepth courses, the one below is the one I purchased and it also totally changed the game for me and my site (and my knowledge of SEO).

Stupid Simple SEO

Pinterest is more than just making pretty pins and getting people to click on them. I can’t stress how important SEO is as well. The two work hand in hand. You literally can’t work one without the other.

Did you know that Pinterest also has its own search bar full of SEO keywords for you to use? Yup. In case you didn’t know, and don’t feel bad because there was a time I didn’t know either, you can find it here:

The image on the right with all those cute little circles on top with words in it-those are keywords for SEO! It doesn’t get easier than that.

(On a side note I found the best keto chocolate chip cookies here!!!! They didn’t suck at all and it took every ounce of me not to eat the whole damn batch)

Ok moving on….

Getting help with Pinterest

If you belong to any blogging groups you’ll know that getting help with Pinterest can be a tad overwhelming. So many questions, so many answers, it’s hard to know what to believe and what not to believe.

I see the same questions all the time and even I get confused sometimes. I’ve discovered that trial and error for the most basic questions will be your best option. What works for one account doesn’t necessarily work for all accounts.

Try to find and/or follow one or two really good groups and Pinterest gurus to help with Pinterest and all your concerns. Simple Pin Pinterest Strategy Group is a really good one. I also use Blogger’s Education Network and though this group is mostly for blogging questions and help, there are a couple of Pinterest gurus in there who can help too!

Staying within Pinterest best practices

First of all you have to remember that Pinterest is a search engine. Not a platform. But you still have to play by the rules because you are at their mercy. While blogging and getting noticed and ranking by Google is amazing, Pinterest is slightly different. We provide content for Pinterest and because of that, there are Pinterest best practices to follow.

And you should. Faithfully. All.the.time.

What happens if you don’t follow Pinterest best practices?

Well, a number of things can happen:

  • no one will see your stuff
  • you won’t get any traffic to your site or online store, and
  • you’ll get suspended!

Now the last one has happened to me twice already. Both by accident. It was horrifying for me as over 70% of my traffic comes from Pinterest but I’ve heard stories where people got suspended and never did get their accounts back. Don’t let that happen to you.

Follow the Pinterest best practices all the effin time.

So why bother using Pinterest for business if you’re not going to use it properly and stick within their guidelines? Just don’t. And if someone tells you one thing and you aren’t quite clear on the answer or have your doubts, ask someone else who knows more. It’s that simple.

As I mentioned above, the two groups I follow on Facebook are really gold. There are some super smart peeps in those groups.

So let’s get on with this.

How to use Pinterest for business-7 awesome tips!

Whether you have a mommy blog or an Etsy online store, a brick, and mortar business or you are a travel guide, Pinterest will work for your business if you work it properly.

I’m going to share 7 awesome Pinterest tips with you so you can succeed on Pinterest, not get suspended, smash your goals, and make a poop ton of money!!

1 Make captivating images!!

I can’t even stress this enough. You have about 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention with your image AND your text on your pin. Make it count! I struggled hard core in the beginning with this. My images sucked monkey balls. I’ll be honest, it took me at least a year before I finally got it ‘right’.

Seriously check these out. The image on the left is when I first started. The one on the right is pretty recent.

You can guess how many clicked on the first image compared to the second one. Like literally no one clicked the first one. The second one is pretty popular. Can you see the difference? I hope so!

Go use Pinterest as a customer and have a look at some pins. Which ones catch your eye and which ones make you shudder? Be a user for an hour or two and have a peek. This will be a good guide for you to help you make stunning pins!!

I’m constantly testing pins. That’s important. What image and font did better? What pins converted to people actually clicking on the link? You need to keep an eye on these stats.

2 Description, URL, and keywords on pin

Don’t ever forget to fill in the description box and make sure to use keywords in it. Also add your URL. I mean, what’s the point of making a great pin only for it to go nowhere. On your pin, make sure you use engaging text so the user wants to click on it to find out more!!

Remember, 3 seconds. Give them a solid reason to want to click on your link to visit your site.

And make sure the URL you are adding to the pin actually works and it resonates with your pin. Don’t put up a pin image for chocolate chip cookies and take me to spaghetti sauce. Girl I will be sooooooo pissed. And so will the Pinterest users. And so will Pinterest.

3 Be consistent

I can’t even stress this enough. You can’t pin once or twice a day or a week and wonder why Pinterest isn’t working for you. Do you know how many people use Pinterest?

According to Hootsuite:

Over the past 12 months, Pinterest gained 70 million monthly active Pinners. There are now 335 million people who use Pinterest every month. More than 200 billion pins have been saved on Pinterest. 

You gotta be in it to win it. Stay consistent. Get your awesome stuff in front of those eyes and don’t let them forget you! I run two Pinterest accounts. On this one, I pin around 20-25 times a day and on this one (my newer one) I pin around 10- 15 times a day. Both do really well.

So many people wonder what the pinning ratio (yours to theirs) should be. 80/20 or 70/30 or 90/10 or wth?? My newer account I started at 50/50 for about a month or so and then moved right into 80% mine and 20% theirs. I want people to see my shit, not someone else’s. My well established account I pin mostly my own stuff now and hardly ever pin other people’s things unless I see something I think people would really love to see.

I just have so much of my own content now I don’t have to pin other people’s pins.

Word of warning!!! Pay attention. Before you repin someone else’s stuff, click on the link to make sure it’s a valid URL and the pin matches the post.

4 Spread your pins out

You absolutely must not pin the same pin to boards every single day. Please don’t do that ever. Spread them out. I pin the first one to the most relevant board and then spread out the same pin every 7 days to other relevant boards. Pinning the same one each day will get you flagged for spam.

I use Tailwind to help me schedule out all my pins across my boards. So many people are on the fence about Tailwind but as a 2.5 year Tailwind user, I can’t say enough good things about it. It cuts my workload down and it’s a set it and forget it action. I love it.

Another amazing thing about Tailwind is tribes. Find good tribes in your niche, join them and share your pins. I get a lot of traffic just from tribes alone so Tailwind really is worth the money.

You have to remember one very important thing in the blogging online business world-you gotta pay to play. You can only cheap out for so long until you realize you are getting nowhere fast.

5 Use video pins

If you have that feature, use it!!! I only have this on my older Pinterest account. I’m still unclear as to what the criteria is before Pinterest allows it on your account. My newer account doesn’t have this yet and I can’t wait until I finally get it!!

While video pins don’t drive a poop ton of traffic they still work!! I get millions of views on my videos and thousands of click thrus. I would love to get millions of click thrus but I’ll take thousands any day!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that video is king (or queen) these days. Don’t be afraid to play around and make some videos. They are super fun to make and people love them. We need to give people what they want.

You can check out my video board here. While this board is mainly inspirational quotes posters turned into videos I do also make blog video pins too. I use Kizoa for this as it’s super easy to use. There are literally tons of video making programs out there. Pick one and start creating!

6 Make lots of fresh pins

You may have heard it (or not) a million times lately, Pinterest wants fresh pins. I try to post two fresh ones a day. Try. They’re tired of seeing the same regurgitated pin all the time.

Remember we are visual creatures and we like new shiny things.

Aim to make 5-10 pins per each blog post. As they circulate you will have a chance to see which ones did well and which ones bombed. Then make 5-10 more for the same blog post. That could be 6 months down the line. But you have to keep things fresh!

7 You gotta pay to play

Sorry not sorry but this is your business. Don’t you want to succeed? Of course you do. And you will have to purchase excellent programs/tools/courses/etc to escalate your business.

I paid for a decent WordPress theme and pay for excellent hosting. The last thing you want is a crappy host for your site. Hosting is so important. Many things are so important to run a successful online business. Here is a small list of all the amazing tools I use to keep my online business running smoothly and efficiently.

All these are affiliate links. You can see my disclosure above.

Siteground-I started with Siteground and they are amazing but now my traffic is quite high and I needed a bigger plan at a good rate.

Bigscoots was able to offer me both.

Tailwind for scheduling.

Canva for images and video pins.

Ezoic for my awesome ad agency.

Mailerlite for my newsletters.

Easy OnPage SEO

Stupid Simple SEO

Using Pinterest for business is easier than you think

If you follow these simple practical steps on how to use Pinterest for business, stay within Pinterest best practices and don’t get too hung up on believing what everyone tells you, you should be just fine!

Once you get into the swing of things you will see how much fun it actually can be to use Pinterest! I’m an official Pinterest ho now. :p I’m on there all the time checking out yummy keto recipes, cool places to travel to, and reading awesome blogs from other personal development peeps.

I also get to keep an eye out for peeps who steal my pins (ooph that’s a whole other blog post).

You might also like this post I wrote recently on how to use Pinterest for business to smash your goals. Can you tell I love to write about using Pinterest?

11 No Fail Pinterest Tips to Help You Grow Your Online Business

Remember why you started this business in the first place. Stay focused on that. Put in the hard work. Stay the course and you’ll be increasing website traffic, making more money online and smashing all your business goals in no time!

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