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11 No Fail Pinterest Tips To Help You Grow Your Online Business

Can you handle yet another blog on how to grow your business using Pinterest? I promise this isn’t like the rest. I’m gonna give you 11 simple and easy to apply Pinterest tips that you can use right away and then sit back and watch your business grow to ginormous heights!

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Is Pinterest for bloggers?

I see that question a lot and the answer is a resounding YES!! I’ll be honest, when I first heard of Pinterest I was sure it was only for recipes and crafts. Boy, was I wrong. If you still think that, don’t feel bad. Many still do.

Well I’m here to tell you that Pinterest is for bloggers and it helps us drives poop tons of traffic to our sites, provided you use it right. There’s the kicker. use.it.right.

Pinterest is for anything, anybody, anywhere, anytime. It’s a search engine. When you go look for things you normally go to Google right? Well next time you’re there, have a look at some of the results on page 1. Many are from Pinterest. But you can use Pinterest as a search engine too because, well, that’s what it is.

It’s not a marketing platform. Get that now.

So this may be a long one-grab your favourite bevvie and let’s get to it


My Pinterest journey

I think before I share my Pinterest tips with you, you probably want to know what makes me a ‘Pinterest expert’. Well, first of all, I’m no expert BUT I did grow my account quickly driving tons of traffic to my site. My site now gets over 200K monthly visitors, most from Pinterest.

But like everyone else, I started at 0 with no clue what I was doing. My pins were brutally ugly and there was no reason or rhyme to my pinning. I started reading up on it, learning as much as I possibly could, and applying all the Pinterest tips I read about. When I finally understood it and knew how to work it, my account exploded and still does to this day.

I started in January of 2018 with 15 followers, no boards and no clue. At this time (August 2020) I now have over 170K followers with monthly views always over 10 million (ok so that’s just a vanity number) and I make a very decent living now.

All thanx to Pinterest.

Have a look at my first month after finally figuring out how to use it.


Not too shabby if I must say so myself (this the old Pinterest analytic graph by the way).

And here’s after 4 months in


So you can see once I figured it out, I was rocking it hard and still do to this day. Applying all the strategies and Pinterest tips I learned along the way, I gain approximately 2000 new followers every week and my traffic to my website grows steadily. Yay me!

I want that for you too!

Using Pinterest marketing for your online business

Now keeping in mind that Pinterest isn’t only crafts and recipes, you need to realize that Pinterest marketing works for every single solitary niche, even if you are a brick and mortar business. Yup. Remember, search engine. Don’t forget that.

If you use Pinterest as a user and not as a business owner you will see tons of pins for etsy shops, printables, hair/beauty, travel places, you name it, you’ll find it there. These people are making a living online selling their products on Pinterest.

Isn’t that beautiful?

And of course, so can you.

How about we just get to the Pinterest tips that I know will help you explode your business so you can make more moolah!!

11 Pinterest Tips to Help You Explode Your Business

In my opinion, these are pretty powerful Pinterest tips that will help you succeed and smash your business goals.

1 Be consistent

Just like you are consistent with blogging or creating products (or in any thing in your business for that matter) you must be a consistent pinner. So what exactly is consistent? How many times a day should I be pinning?

Ah. The million-dollar question-how many times should I be pinning. Well, there is no magic number really. I run two Pinterest accounts. One with over 170K followers and my newer one (for this website) with 700 followers.

The new one, I pin between 10-15 times a day, 80% my stuff-20% others. When I first started this account though, I would pin 70% theirs and 30% mine as I didn’t have much content. You can see that Pinterest account here.

My older account I pin around 25 times a day ( I actually now have an amazing VA who runs this account for me) and it’s 99% my stuff. I have so much content I don’t really need to share others’ pins but I do every now and then.

The most important thing really is just pin daily. The number is up to you but I personally wouldn’t go over 30. I really don’t think it’s necessary and you may be flagged for spam. Pinterest is very ‘suspension happy’ these days (more on that later) so don’t be spammy.

2 Make stellar pins

I can’t even stress this enough. When I first started my pins were ugly as shit. I swear to God. I had no clue what I was doing with 0 creativity juices. Here are two examples of my first pins:

Pretty pathetic right? I can’t even look at them anymore I shudder.

Now if you head on over to either my Pinterest accounts you can see that my images and pins have def improved. I’m constantly testing colours and designs to see which ones are liked most which leads me to Pinterest tip #3

3 Test images

This is muy importante!! Another thing I can’t stress enough. It’s so important to see which pins/styles/fonts/text copy/etc are doing well and which ones are bombing. Check the ones that are bombing and have a look at that pin to see where you can improve.

My first super ugly pins needed a total burial so I went on Pinterest to check out other people’s pins to see what stood out for me (and obviously Pinterest!) so I can get an idea of how to improve. I’m definitely not a creative guru by any stretch of the imagination but I’m having fun playing in Canva with animations/text/overlays/video/etc.

4 Stunning images

Another super important Pinterest tip. We are all visualize creatures. You have about 2 seconds to capture our attention. Do you get that? 2 bloody seconds!!!! Find stunning images.

I use Depositphotos and sometimes Pixabay or Unsplash but honestly, Depositphotos is my go-to for amazing photos. Also, Canva has some pretty decent photos too and if you pay for the monthly subscription ( I really think it’s beyond totally worth it) they too have awesome photos and videos to use.

Pinterest tips to help you grow your online businessPin

5 Pinterest videos

Are you using any yet? Have you made any yet? I love love love videos so much!!!! These are totally killin’ it on my old site. As of right now, I still don’t have that upload feature for my new Pinterest account and I can’t wait until I do!!

On my other account, my Pinterest video views have reached 15 million in the last 30 days (yes I said million) with almost 12K click thrus. Now while that ratio seems rather pathetic, it’s still pretty darn good considering it takes me like 3 minutes to make a video pin.

I use Kizoa and recently signed up for InVideo, the latter I love. Seriously if you haven’t tried Pinterest videos, do yourself a favour and get on that!

6 To schedule or not to schedule

If you belong to any blogging or Pinterest groups you’ll hear a lot of chatter about scheduling or manually pinning. It’s entirely up to you as Pinterest doesn’t really give a shit how you pin, just pin!!

If you are going to use a scheduler you must make sure it is Pinterest approved. You can just Google that info to find out. I use Tailwind and no matter what anyone says, Tailwind rocks, hard!!!! I use Tailwind Tribes to get more eyes on my pins.

I also sometimes use the scheduler in Pinterest if I want to schedule out some video pins over the next few days. While I can’t rant and rave about that, it works, albeit, when it feels like it.

Pinterest tips to help you grow your online businessPin

7 Write good copy!

So not only do you have 2 seconds to capture everyone’s attention with your pic and design, you also have to lure them in with compelling and engaging copy. Why would I want to click on your pin? What part of your text/title makes me want to know more?

You have to talk to people’s pain points.

Are they looking to see how the keto diet works? Do they want to know how to leave an abusive partner and change their life? Maybe they want to know how to become a minimalist. Who knows. But the text on your pin should stand out, answer their question immediately and make them want to know more.

Remember, you are the expert. They are coming to you for answers. You have them.

8 Fresh pins are gold

Pinterest doesn’t want you regurgitating the same pin over and over again. They want to see fresh stuff. Change up the colours, the text, the image, whatever just make.it.fresh!!

I signed up for a lifetime licensce of RelayThat when it was on special at AppSumo. I love how you can change up your entire pin a ton of different ways in a few simple clicks, each pin being a fresh pin! You should definitely sign up for AppSumo to stay on top of all the amazing deals they offer so randomly throughout the year.

9 Pinterest quotes posters

I’m a quotes fanatic (as are billions of people around the world) and Pinterest quotes rock my effin’ world. I’d like to contribute my rapid growth to these babies. While they don’t drive a ton of traffic they definitely drive quite a bit!!

If you head over to any of my Pinterest accounts so you will see I have quotes boards. That’s how many quotes I make, pin, and share.

People love quotes. Period. Go scroll on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll see tons of them. There’s a reason why. They work. Here’s one of my most popular ones (feel free to Pin It!):

Pinterest tips to help you grow your online businessPin

10 Join niche related tribes and group boards

Seriously. Join ones that resonate with your niche. What’s the point of joining a travel board if you talk about intermittent fasting?

Before I join a tribe on Tailwind I like to check out their activity and then once I’ve joined, I’ll check my stats after a couple of months to see how well the tribe is performing for me. If it isn’t, I dumped them and find better ones. The power of tribes is mindblowing.

Same with group boards. Find ones in your niche and apply to be a contributor. Now while some will accept you quickly, you may not even hear back from others at all. It is what it is. Go find other ones.

11 You gotta pay to play

Whether you want to or not. If you are a serious blogger and want to make a full time income blogging, you must pay for resources, programs and tools that are going to help you succeed. You can’t half ass this.

Any blogger will tell you this.

But you don’t to offer up your firstborn for some of these tools. You can get so many for really affordable prices. You can find some really good blogging tools here:

13 Affordable Blogging Tools You Need to Smash Your Goals

Now while these Pinterest tips are really just scratching the surface, you have to know, there is so much more to know. So many rules, so many do’s and don’ts.

Why you shouldn’t rely only on Pinterest for traffic

Now while I may be shooting myself in the foot here it needs to be said. You most certainly cannot and should not rely on one main source to increase website traffic.

A little over 70% of my traffic comes from Pinterest but it used to 90%. Why the difference? Because I’m also working on getting more organic traffic to my site too. I’ve been learning and applying SEO techniques that I got from a course I bought and an eBook on SEO.

The reason why I did this is because Pinterest suspended my account twice in the last two years and when that happens, well, you can imagine. I freak the eff out. Both suspensions were made in error and I got my account back within 24 hours both times but that still leaves a huge mark.

More Pinterest Tips to Help You Rock Your Business

If I had to give you the most valuable Pinterest tip it would be this:

  • “Try to follow 2-3 really good Pinterest gurus and join some good blogging groups”. If you follow too many people you will become confused and be lost and clueless. In my Pinterest journey I followed one person only and I was able to grow my account and my online business.

Overwhelm is a real thing and people give up too easily because of this. Don’t do that. Here are a couple of more Pinterest tips that may help you

  • Try to think and use Pinterest as a user, not just a publisher. Do you like what you see? What pins really stand out for you and what pins make you cringe?

If you don’t like what you see, make sure your pins don’t look like those ones.

  • Use keywords in your description, on your pin and in your title.

Remember Pinterest is a search engine. People type things in the Google search bar, and the Pinterest search bar looking for things. You won’t come up in search if you don’t have any of those keywords in your description or title.

Do you have any cool Pinterest tips you’d like to share?

Is there something you are doing that is rocking your account? Let us know in the comments below! Sharing is caring and we’re all in this crazy Pinterest journey together.

Are you still struggling with Pinterest? Let us know that too!! We can only grow by helping each other.

mad love

xo iva xo

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