If you read this to the end, please know I will own your soul!

To comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPA (Data Protection Act) and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) I have created this page. I also agree to follow every part by the law.

Joking aside, it is to protect you against someone misusing your data. And the best bit of the GDPR is that it’s understandable and spells things out quite clearly. Oh, and protects you.

The Short Version – for all the non-lawyers in the world don’t really understand any of this.

I stalk you.

I use Google analytics, of which I don’t really know how it works, but it gives me beautiful graphs of where you and all my other visitors are going and not going.

I do this because I want to give you the best possible experience and don’t want to show you stuff you are not interested in.

Also, I look through your window at night. I’m joking, I don’t. I’m too busy.

However, I do collect data that you give me via contact forms and sign up forms in order to send you a reply, newsletter, weekly wisdom emails, and any new products that I create. In each case it is clearly stated on the form.

Plus, here’s a good thing.

You can ask me at any time to show you what information I hold, and also to completely raise your existence. Wait, not entirely just from my websites.

Any data you give me is safe, encrypted, and stored in such a way that I do not fully understand. However, I will not share it with anyone.

Let me whisper you something. It’s a private arrangement between me and you.

Cookies, who doesn’t like cookies. Well, I use the most boring geeky cookies you can ever imagine. They literally consist of more data.

Why? Because I know it is you. I put a cookie on your computer, phone and every time you request a webpage I know it is you. Otherwise, I would have to ask you every single time who you are.

That way, when you click to hide something on my website it will be hidden until the cookie runs out of time or you browse from a different place.

Like Saturn or somewhere.

And quite frankly, that would suck.

I nearly forgot, but I use social media. And, I should imagine you do too.

I promote my courses, the academy, as well as my opinions and beliefs. I use it as an outlet to promote my services, share great content, reach out to new visitors and customers.

Mostly, I use social media to connect with people. To connect with you. The chances are you found my website, this website through social media.

This includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and that’s all I can remember for the moment.

What they collect regarding data is up to them and their moral compass and I cannot be held responsible for that.

I do, host what’s called a Facebook pixel. Again, I don’t know how it works. However, it enables me to advertise on Facebook to somebody that has visited my website. Beyond that, you would need to seek out Facebook’s pixel privacy policy.

You’ve got to the end, seriously?

You are either a lawyer trying to catch me out, or a secret geek like me and was curious.

Either way, congratulations. You are a hero.

PS if you are a lawyer, I’m open to free advice on making it more entertaining…

So, friends.

We have come to the end.

I would like to bowed you farewell, and I assure you know data, cookies were harmed in the making of your visit here.

Go mindfully, tread carefully and remember one day, none of this will matter.