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10 Most Affordable Places to Retire in 2023

Retirement is meant to be a period of enjoyment and rest, allowing individuals to unwind from their years of hard work and pursue their passions and interests. 

The Most Affordable Places To Retire To

Choosing the right country to retire in can be a daunting task, especially if you are on a bit of a budget. 

Places to Retire

The costs may vary depending on the location within each country and the exchange rate fluctuations, so these are approximate values. 

10 Most Affordable Places to Retire 



The cost of living in Panama is significantly lower than in many Western countries, and on average, it is 34.5% lower than the cost of living in the United States. 

Costa Rica

With friendly locals and relatively low crime rates, Costa Rica is a safe and welcoming place for retirees to settle down and enjoy their Golden Years. 


In terms of lifestyle, Portugal offers a rich cultural heritage, with a range of historic cities and towns to explore. It is also known for its excellent cuisine and wine, making it a foodie’s paradise.