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10 Simple Tips to Follow to Become More Productive

No matter how much we planned or tried to adapt to what was going on around the world, it was just so hard to keep up and stay focused. 

Why Do We Struggle to be Productive?

A reason why you may struggle to be productive is that everything was always done for you and you never really had to be responsible or do anything. 

How Do I Start Being Productive in Life

It’s up to you to decide you want to be more productive in life. Take inventory of your life (there’s an exercise below to help with that) and see where you are falling short of being productive. 

How to Become More Productive and Motivated


Make a list 

As simple and as cheesy as this sounds, I feel like I need to list this as the #1 tip. Most people don’t make a list. I never used to but I sure do now. 

Set a timer 

It’s called the Pomodoro Technique (no we aren’t making pasta sauce!!). So all you do is take one of the things on your list, set a timer for 25-90 minutes, work on it for that time, no interruptions and then stop. 

Grab a buddy 

An accountability buddy that is. If you’ve never had one before let me tell you, they are amazing!