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11 Best Oils For Under Eye Wrinkles That Actually Work

I have a confession to make – I really hate store bought products that are filled with ingredients I can’t even pronounce. For the last 5 years I have been using nothing but essential oils on my face. 

What Causes Premature Wrinkles On Face and Eyes?

It could be smoking, sun exposure, and stress. Sugar is the devil and so is alcohol. They both wreak havoc on your body and especially your skin. 

Best Oils For Under Eye Wrinkle

Lemon Oil – Lavender Oil – Rose Oil – Ylang Ylang Oil – Frankincense Oil Neroli Oil – Carrot Seed Oil

11 Best Oils for Under Eye Wrinkle


Almond OilSuitable for dry skin types 

Almond oil is great for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and lighten dark circles. It fights aging by destroying free radicals.

Grapeseed Oil – Suitable for all skin types 

Grapeseed oil contains polyphenols, which help fight premature aging. Polyphenols have been known to not just slow the aging process, but reverse signs of aging.

Coconut Oil – Suitable for very dry skin 

Coconut oil is great for those with dry eyes as it creates a protective layer over the delicate tissue.