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12 Tips to Give You Hope When You Hit Rock Bottom

Before we get into it, you’re probably wondering what makes me the expert on talking about rock bottom. 

Hitting Rock Bottom

I do have to say though, it’s just as devastating every single time and each time is very different than the last time.  

What is Rock Bottom? 

I remember the 1st time I hit rock bottom, I didn’t even know that’s what had happened. My life was a shambles, and I suddenly became a single mom with an 18-month-old baby.

12 Tips to Give You Hope


Everything is temporary 

The good and the bad, heck, even life is! You have to remind yourself that what you are going through right now won’t last. 

Talk to a friend 

While this almost sounds like a no brainer, many people won’t reach out to anyone because of pride or for whatever reason. 

Deep breathing exercises 

Some deep and calming breathing exercises will be your saving grace. Trust me on that. Each time you feel a wave of anxiety come over, just breathe through it.