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20 Signs You're a Strong Woman Who Challenges the Norm 

Years ago, when I was still hairdressing, one of my customers, who I’ll admit I actually had a crush on, told me that he was intimidated by me. 

Strong Woman 

I hate to think that I intimidate people, but I know I do. That’s never my goal. My goal is always to inspire and empower women to be their greatest and best self. 

Signs You’re a Strong Woman

Before we go on, I want to say that if you intimidate people, that’s not your problem; that’s on them. 

20 Signs You’re a Strong Woman


She’s not afraid to say NO 

No no no!! So many people will say yes just to please others but not this girl. She’s done being a people pleaser.  

She lifts other women up 

She’s not in high school anymore and isn’t interested in competing against other women. This strong woman hopes we all succeed. 

She stands up for what she believes in 

There is no grey area here. If she believes in something, she will do so fiercely, and if it means she has to stand alone, then so be it.