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25 Things I Can’t Live Without or Else I'll Go Crazy

There’s so much talk and news of the situation at hand it’s hard to not see it in any feed you are following.  

Things I Can't Live Without

When I moved to Guatemala there were so many things I was used to having in Canada that you simply can’t find or get in Guatemala so I learned to live without them. It was tough af but I did it. 

Things You Need

I recently moved to Mexico and the things I couldn’t get in Guatemala are easy to get here but there are still some things you can’t find here. I 

25 Things I Can’t Live Without


Coconut oil 

It’s the only thing I cleanse my face with and will often slather it on my hair (if my ends feel dry) and my skin. I used to use it a lot for cooking but really don’t like the taste. 


Life without music is…well, dull and boring. As soon I turn on my laptop to start work I put music on first.  

Aloe Vera Gel 

Another product I use on my face daily. It’s great for my zits and wrinkles (what a lovely combination). Thankfully I can go right outside my door and pick fresh Aloe Vera.