35 Examples of Personal Goals You Need to Set

What are personal goals?

“A goal is an idea you have for the future that you wish to achieve, which requires you to put in some work to actually achieve it.”

Importance of Setting personnal goals:

– Keeps us focused

- Gives us purpose

- Motivation for personal achievement

Read These Personal Goal for Health.

Reduce Sugar Intake

We all already know sugar is bad for us (sorry) so why not aim to reduce the amount of sugar you consume daily.

No. 1

Walk More

Try to get in at least 30 minutes of walking (15 if you can) 5 days a week.

No. 2

Eat less bad carbs

Bad carbs can cause brain fog, depression, low energy and other serious health conditions.

No. 3

Start a fitness regime:

There are so many amazing YouTube videos for exercising and a lot of no equipment needed videos too!

No. 4

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