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35 Fun Travel Journal Ideas and Prompts For Your Next Adventure

It never once crossed my mind to have a travel diary. What a fun way to keep track of everything you did, saw, ate, and the people you encountered along the way. 

Buying Your Own Travel Journal

I think buying your own travel journal makes it all that more special because you picked it out, and it has all the little details inside you want to record your journal entries, and your trip planning.

Travel Journal 

It’s a wonderful place to hold all your travel memories, so you don’t forget anything. 

35 Travel Journal Ideas You’ll Love


Your destination 

Of course, you have to jot down where in the world you’re going! The destination is the most important thing if this is your first trip. 

Amazing restaurants 

Did you find a fabulous restaurant? Write that out so you’ll know for next time, or better yet, give them a shoutout on social media or Trip Advisor. 

Adventures you went on 

Did you go ziplining or scuba diving? Maybe there were some things you didn’t get a chance to do but want to next time you go. Jot those down too.