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41 Fun Activities For Single Women Over 50

Whether you are newly single or have been for a while, looking for things to do at the beginning of each season can sometimes be like a chore. 

Fall Activities

To make it easier for you to navigate this blog, I’m going to separate the fall activities into a few different categories. We don’t all want to be outside socializing. 

Fall Activities For Single Women Over 50

Some of us introverts still want to enjoy fall activities, just not with a bunch of other people. 

41 Fun Activities


Have a Board Game Night 

Call over your girlie friends and play some classic Monopoly or Pictionary. Or maybe you prefer card games. 

Knit a Blanket 

Pick up those knitting needles and start making a blanket. Or socks, or a scarf or whatever.  

Book a Train Ride 

Many cities have fall and winter train rides for a small price for a few hours. What a great way to see all the autumn leaves on the trees.