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20 of the Best Exercises For Women Over 50

They say as we get older, our bodies start changing in many ways. Our skin starts aging, our muscles, our brain, ok ok this is depressing, anyway you know what I mean. 

Weight Training for Women Over 50

You know better than anyone else what you are capable of doing and what limits you have. Please find one or two fitness gurus who you trust and like and stick with them. 

What Are Your Fitness Goals? 

The exercises for women over 50 I’m going to share with you are simple and easy (and can be done with or without weights) but are mostly just to stay moving and tone up.  

20 of the Best Bodyweight Exercise


Bicep curls 

Many of the members in my aerobics class had hand or wrist issues and couldn’t hold or lift weights.  

Tricep kickbacks  

You can also do tricep kickbacks which don’t put any strain on the shoulders like the above exercise may do (for those who have shoulder issues). 


I feel that lunges and squats are the best bodyweight leg exercises you can ever do. Hard, yes. Effective, also, yes.