7 Bizarre Reasons Why Younger Men Like Older Women

So what’s with this young man older woman thing?

What on earth do you want with an older skinny tattooed up almost 60 year old woman?

7 Reasons Why Younger Men Like Older Women


Older women have lots of experience, period.  We’ve clearly had a lifetime to practice.

No. 1


Many older women are more than happy to “play teacher” and show them a thing or two.

No. 2

No drama

Guys get tired of all the drama, headaches and bulls**t that follow some girls like a lost puppy.

No. 3

Party like a rockstar

Older women party like a true rockstar  and play all night. We can keep up with these hot young men like it’s nobody’s business.

No. 4

Mother figure

Women often date men that are just like their fathers OR guys date women who are just like their mothers.

No. 5

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