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 7 Intriguing Secrets Behind Younger Men's Fascination with Older Women 

No matter where you live. The dating scene for women over 50 is strugglesville. Unless you happen to meet Prince Charming at church. 

Young Women With Older Men

The main reason is money. They can easily live a life of ‘luxury’ and never have to worry about starving or struggling again. 

Why Younger Men Like Older Women?

In my opinion, the women of Central America are uniquely gorgeous with their long silky dark hair, natural full figures, and beautiful skin.  

7 Reasons Why Younger Men Like Older Women



Older women have lots of experience, period. We’ve clearly had a lifetime to practice. And don’t kid yourself. 

Teacher teacher! 

One thing that comes with having a lot of experience in the bedroom (or in life, really) is that they can learn from us. I know. Creepy. But it’s true.  

No drama 

Guys get tired of all the drama and headaches, not to mention the bull***t that follows some girls around like a lost puppy.