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7 Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips For a Fun and Stressfree Holiday

In 2019, I moved to Mexico from Guatemala for a year and explored the surrounding areas a bit. My son came for a visit, and we headed off to Puerto Vallarta. I’d like to share some Puerto Vallarta travel tips with you now. 

Puerto Vallarta Travel Tip

I always love to read up a little on the place I’ll be going on holiday. I like to look for things to do, weather, prices and such like that. 

Should I Get Pesos Before Going to Puerto Vallarta?

It’s also good to know that Visa, Amer Ex, and Master Card are accepted just about everywhere on the planet too! 

Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips: 7 Things You Should Know


Best time to go

From November to March, the weather is cooler, meaning it’s not scorching hot but still beautiful. Evenings and mornings will be a wee on the cooler side. 

Use sunblock, please!

Before you travel to Puerto Vallarta or any tropical place for that matter, and if you happen to be a really white person and burn easily, for the love of God and everything holy, pack sunblock. 

Pack light

I know you want to pack 20 pairs of shorts and sandals and tank tops and half your wardrobe. Don’t do that because you’ll probably also want to do some fun shopping!