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10 Ways to Deal With Stress in Life

Let’s face it, we have all had to deal with some stressful situations at one time in our lives. Stress sucks but if you know how to deal with stress effectively, you’re already winning the game of life. 

Stress Situations

You can get stress frfom work, relationship, health, life, and many more. 

Some unhealthy ways to avoid

Many go off on drinking benders, some will take up smoking (if they’ve quit for a while), and then some will lash out at their loved ones. 

10 Ways to Deal with Stress


Deep breathing 

Stop and take a few breaths before you react. Take a step back and away from the situation, go in another room if you have to, sit down and breathe, nice and easily. 

Call a friend 

Nothing like a good cry to release all the pent up hurt, anger and frustration you are feeling right now. Sob hysterically into a pillow, scream at the air if you have to, but get it all out, alone!

Go for a walk 

Mother Nature cares for and loves us. Get outside and take a walk. The fresh air will clear your head and help you calm down.