As we age,  our bodies and immune system get weaker...

Here are 9 of the best vitamins for women over 50


Collagen should be your best friend.  It's great for hair, skin, nails and it's the protein your body needs!

No. 1


If you’ve been feeling like you have low energy and are concerned about your strength this is a vitamin you should consider looking into taking.

No. 2


Our bones and teeth get weaker with age. We can do our best to maintain them and keep them healthy.

No. 3

vitamin d-3

Yes, D-3 is in the sky, but not always. Not only that, it helps with the absorption of Calcium.

No. 4

Omega-3 fatty acids

This powerhouse vitamin is good for heart health, eye health, joints and bones and so much more!

No. 5

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