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9 Simple Step to Overcome Emotional Pain

I’m no stranger to hurt. Most of my life was spent being abused by people who claimed to love me. I’m proud of myself for letting go of it all. Today I want to talk about how to overcome emotional pain.

Common Signs of Emotional Pain/Suffering

Unfortunately, emotional pain shows up as physical pain but not enough people understand this correlation. 

Common Signs of Emotional Pain/Suffering

– Tired all the time – Low energy throughout the day – Easily irritated and triggered

9 Simple Step to Overcome Emotional Pain 


Write out your emotions 

In my opinion (though professionals encourage it too), writing is very therapeutic and is the best way to get all that hurt out of you so you can heal. 

Breathing exercises 

Next time you feel some negative feelings are taking over, stop what you’re doing, if you can, sit down and breathe softly and gently.  

Read self-help books 

I read so many self-help books and watched motivational and inspirational videos when I was on my healing journey. I absorbed everything I could get my hands on. And it all worked!