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11 Ways to Stop Thinking You’re Not Good Enough

I honestly don’t know if it’s a combination of menopause and midlife crisis or what but there are many times I just feel like I’m not good enough.  

Why I Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough?

If this isn’t one of the worst feelings in the world, then I don’t know what is. Never feeling good enough is emotionally and mentally exhausting.  

What Happens To Your Self-Esteem?

The feeling of worthlessness is not only heavy but very damaging if you don’t get a grip on it soon. 

11 Ways to Stop Thinking You’re Not Good Enough 


No one’s perfect 

Our inner critic will tell us something like this: “Well look at how awesome Peggy’s life is compared to yours. You’re such a loser”. I know. It’s pathetic. 

Live in the moment 

I know that sounds so cliche but living in the past doesn’t serve you and looking ahead to how ‘horrible and lonely’ you think your future is going to be doesn’t serve you either. Be right here, right now. 

You’re not alone 

Call up a close friend or best friend and talk to her about how you’re feeling. Chances are, she probably has days where she feels not good enough too.