Am I Having a Midlife Crisis?-10 Signs You Are!

Am I having a midlife crisis?

Am I just getting old and cranky? Or am I having a midlife crisis, for real?

10 Signs of a midlife crisis in a woman

Sadness or loneliness

Sometimes you just get sad for no reason. You feel like your life is half over and you’re starting to get scared.

No. 1


Sometimes you have anxiety that come right out of the blue and scare the poop out of you, not to mention they suck.

No. 2

Making changes in appearance

Sometimes you make drastic changes, maybe you toss out all your boring clothes and start wearing more sassy clothes

No. 3

You don’t feel sexy or worthy anymore

Suddenly you feel ugly, old, fat, skinny, creepy, not sexy or pretty. Older doesn’t mean you still aren’t beautiful!

No. 4

Making radical changes in your life

Many men and women during midlife, will make crazy awesome radical changes

No. 5

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