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Are You Over 50, Unemployed, and Depressed? 

Once women reach a certain age, not only do our bodies change, and our hormones, but our moods go through some bizarre things too. Could this be a sign of a midlife crisis? 

Being Unemployed Over 50 Can Lead to Great Depression

Once you start having feelings of worthlessness and depression, they can easily spiral out of control. 

Dealing With Feelings of Worthlessness

It’s no secret that if you are an unemployed woman over 50 and new to the job market, your chances of getting a job are fairly low.  

10 Tips to Give You Hope


Find Someone to Talk to 

It could be a therapist, family members, or close friends. Find someone to talk to. People don’t read minds, and if you are sad and depressed, most people won’t know unless you tell them. 

Find Support Groups 

Many of us who start feeling depressed and/or sad tend to stay off social media and limit social contact.  

Replace Scrolling With Meditation or Yoga 

Let’s face it; scrolling can sometimes be depressing. Especially if all your friends are posting awesome wonderful things about their lives.