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Best Cheap Places to Travel in the US

With the right planning and savvy budgeting skills, you can have an unforgettable travel experience that will leave a lasting impact. 

Traveling in the US

Credit Karma used data from Expedia, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and Lyft to estimate flight prices, hotel rates, transportation costs, and local cost of living in 52 cities with the busiest U.S. airports. 

Cheap Places To Travel

Credit Karma’s analysis shows that the five cheapest U.S. cities to travel to are Cleveland, Omaha, Nebraska; Las Vegas, Memphis, Tennessee and Orlando, Florida. 

5 Cheap Places to Travel in the US


Midwest Offers Cheap Places To Travel

If you’re looking to travel on a budget, you might be surprised to learn that the Midwest is where it’s at. The cheapest city to visit is Cleveland. 

Prime Tourist Locations at Lower Rate

Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida, also made the list of the top five cheap places to travel. You might wonder, “How can these hot tourist spots be budget-friendly?” 

Travel During The Off-Season

According to Credit Karma, the five most expensive cities to travel to in the U.S. are New York, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, and West Palm Beach, Florida.