15 Great Ways to Make Friends in Your 50’s

It’s not easy to make friends in your 50’s

If you're shy and awkward and don't get out much!

If you are an expat, join groups in the new area you just moved to, introduce yourself and ask questions.

How to meet new friends online in your area?

sometimes it can be as simple and innocent as striking up a conversation with another woman and before you know it, poof! You’re friends

Being a middle-aged woman with no friends can be lonely!

15 Great Ways to Make Friends in Your 50’s

Get out of your comfort zone

People often tend to be accepting and welcoming as we get older.

No. 1

Strike up a conversation

Striking up a conversation is a lot easier than you think it is and you may find that you have a lot of similar interests!

No. 2

Join Facebook groups

So many people think social media is bad but it definitely does have its benefits.

No. 3

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