How to Dress Over 50

(10 Things You Should Never Wear!)

Stop Listening to Them!

“THEY” say, don’t wear your hair long, it ages you. Don’t wear short skirts, it makes you look like you’re trying to be 25 again

we’re supposed to look, dress and act our age. I don’t get it though. Why do we have to do that? And why are we frowned upon if we don’t do that?

How women over 50 should dress, act and look?

Let’s face it, midlife is hard, exhausting and frustrating and it didn’t come with an instruction manual

10 things you should never wear over 50

The opinion of others

Does it matter what others think of you? Most of them don’t even think highly of themselves!

No. 1

Baggage from the past

Drop all the big ugly heavy bags. They don’t look good on you. They are weighing you down and, if I might add, aging you quickly

No. 2


There’s no need to be jealous of other women. We’re all beautiful and amazing in our own unique ways.

No. 3

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