How to Get Yourself To Drink More Water-11 Simple Hacks 

Besides glowing skin, drinking more water has tons of benefits

11 simple and fun hacks to drink more water !

Keep a water pitcher at your side

Keep a refillable water bottle by your side and top that sucker up!

No. 1

Add some herbs or fruit to it

- Ginger slices - Cucumber slices - Mint leaves - Fresh fruits

No. 2

Start your day with two glasses of water

While you are making your coffee or tea, pour yourself two glasses of water and down them right away.

No. 3

One cup of coffee-one glass of water

For every cup of coffee or tea you drink, make sure you have a glass of water too!

No. 4

Water with your meds or vitamins

Next time you have to take pills pour yourself a full glass of water and drink the whole thing.

No. 5

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