How to Simplify Life: 25 Ways to Make Life Easier

So what does it mean to simplify your life?

Living simply means to be happy with what you have, not cluttering your life with ‘things’ & not trying to keep up with the Jones’.

25 Ways to Make Life Easier

Make a list of the things

Things like eating, showering, working, meal prep, etc., those are necessary things. 

No. 1

Stick to those things 

When someone calls and asks you to help with something, it’s ok to say no to them and yes to you. 

No. 2

Detox from social media

You could read one post and waste an hour reading comments or arguing. Stop doing that.

No. 3

Do a closet check

You may have shoes, purses, dresses that you never use anymore or haven’t touched in forever.  Donate them.

No. 4

Prepare tomorrow, tonight.

Make a list of things you know you need to do  so you already know what tomorrow will bring and you don’t wake up a frazzled mess.

No. 5

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