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How to Start Over at 50 With No Money and Little Hope

It’s all of those things and then some. And I know. I had to do that at 52 years old without a penny to my name. I had zippo, zilch, nudda. Except for hope. I had a tiny shred of hope that I clung to for dear life. 

Starting over at 50 with no money

I never once thought in a million years that I would have to start over at 50. I mean, when I threw my husband out 31 odd years ago, I kinda had to start over, but it was a lot easier then. Or so it seemed anyway. 

Starting over at 50 with nothing 

People joke about having a midlife crisis. Honestly, it’s nothing to joke about at all; well, not my crisis anyway. I was 52 years old and had nothing to my name. 

How to start over in life at 50


Forget your age 

It’s just a number. Too many of us think we are “too old” to start anything new or make any significant changes in life, but nothing is further from the truth. Forget how old you are and do life the way you want it. 

Find your passion 

What are you most passionate about? Are you doing that? What are some of the things that bring your heart great joy and happiness? Do more of those things. Your heart knows. 

Make the decision 

You must decide to start taking the necessary steps to change your life (so many never make it that far). That’s by far the hardest step of all, but you have to do it!!