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Interesting Facts About Panajachel Guatemala You Didn't Know

While I was drafting up this blog, I decided I didn’t want to talk about population, the volcanoes and elevation, and all that boring-ish stuff. You can find Panajachel, Guatemala facts on Wikipedia. 

Moving to Panajachel Guatemala

When I decided to start my life over again and move to Panajachel, Guatemala, International Living was my go-to source for information on it. 

Panajachel Guatemala

It has everything you need, sort of, with two grocery stores, a couple of gringo stores, plenty of pharmacies, and other stores.  

8 Interesting Facts About Panajachel Guatemala


If you’re a dog lover, don’t come here 

There are many dogs roaming the streets all day and night. They are, for the most part, homeless, sick, hungry, and dirty. They are very skinny; 

It’s very poor down here 

If you don’t like being harassed by street vendors constantly, this might not be the place for you, but remember, they are all just trying to support their families. 

It’s very, very beautiful down here 

The culture, the mountains, the lake, the volcanoes. It’s all very breathtaking.