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Mexico Travel Guide: 16 Great Tips for a Hassle-free Trip

From sunny Caribbean shores in the Sea of Cortez to quaint mountain villages in Oaxaca, Mexico offers destinations for nearly every interest. 

Tips to Travel

Many women over 50 are venturing out and traveling solo for the first time. These tips will save you a ton of grief and ensure your journey is a safe and happy one. 

Research Your Destination

Read on for advice on visas, safety, and money. You’ll also gain insight into preventing embarrassing tourist moments, like walking into the wrong bathroom. 

16 Great Tips for a Hassle-free Trip


Know How Many Days You’ll Stay

It’s no longer a given that tourists can breeze through Mexican immigration by getting a 180-day tourist stamp on their passports.  

Uber Doesn’t Work Everywhere

Uber and rideshare apps like Cabify and Didi work in certain parts of Mexico, like Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos. 

Don’t Overlook Buses in Mexico

Nevertheless, taking a bus saves money, and Mexico often surprises tourists with the quality of its luxury long-distance buses.