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Podcasts Women Over 50 Should Listen To 

I’m gonna be honest here; as usual, I didn’t even know what a podcast was until about two years ago or so. My friend introduced me to them and also insisted I start up my own. 

Podcasts Are a Great Tool For Self-Improvement

I strongly believe that if you want a happier life, there are certain things and changes you must make to your life in order to achieve that.

Happier Life

– working on improving your mental health – switching up daily routine – replacing bad habits with good habit

13 Best Podcasts For Women Over 50


Thriving Thru Menopause

Join menopause health coach and mindfulness practitioner Clarissa Kristjansson as she takes you on a journey to learn how to take control of your menopause symptoms holistically. 

The Me Time Midlife Podcast

Kim Acedo is a health and self-care coach for midlife women. This podcast is for women who are tired of taking care of everyone else and are ready to do life on their terms. 

Midlife Matter

Julie, Marie, and Mindy talk about all things midlife, from parenting to health and having fun while they do it. They discuss all the topics that keep women up at night!