It seems that once we hit 50, we no longer know how to dress, what’s inappropriate, or what’s going to make us look ridiculous. Is there a catalog for age-appropriate clothes for 50-year-olds? Who knows.

It’s not easy being a woman over 50. We’re trapped in our bodies and minds. We still want to dress and act like we’re 25, we FEEL 25, but the truth is, we’re not. We’re over 50 now. And my how things change.

So, someone tell us, what the heck are we supposed to wear now?

How should a 50-year-old woman dress?


A lot of us have this question. I know I did. How should a 50-year-old woman dress? Where is that catalog to order clothes from? Like the Sears or Eaton catalogs. Those guys. 

You know, the over 50 fashion catalog. 

Remember being a 20-year-old and just going right to the trendy clothes. We totally bypassed the ‘old lady’ section. That catalog!

Now, before you get your high-cut briefs in a bunch, please know that when I use the term ‘old ladies,’ I don’t really mean it. We’re not old, dammit. We are F.I.N.E.

Confession time: every now and then, I sit and wonder if I’m one of those 50-year-old women who are desperately still trying to look 25. If you were to take a peek at my wardrobe, you would think that a 25-year-old lived in my house.

Did I become one of those women? Ugh!!! I used to point and laugh at them 25 years ago. Is there a 25-year-old somewhere out there pointing and laughing at me?

But I feel I some got me some personal style. Know what I’m saying? 

What women over 50 should wear?

I often wondered who the person was who decided that once you hit 50, there is a selection of age-appropriate clothes. “Oh I’m sorry, you just hit 50? Ok you can no longer shop in this section you must choose your wardrobe from that section waaaaaaaaay over there in the back corner. The section for mature women”.

That guy. Who’s that guy? Was it a guy? I’m sad if it was a woman who came up with this unwritten rule.


I want to know why women over 50 should have to select their clothes from the senior line. Can someone help me with that, please?? 

Why is there a completely different fashion for women over 50 line anyway?

You see, the problem is, nobody showed me how to dress over 50. I couldn’t find an instruction manual anywhere. And why did I have to change anything just because I got a little older?

“THEY” say, don’t wear your hair long, it ages you. Don’t wear short skirts, it makes you look like you’re trying to be 25 again. Stop trying to act and dress like a younger woman.

Don’t wear high heels, you look like a tired old hooker. Don’t wear eyeliner. Don’t wear pastel eye shadow, your fine lines are accentuated.

Don’t wear this, don’t wear that. They said!!! Don’t Don’t Don’t.

Who the eff are they anyway?

How women over 50 should dress, act and look

Apparently, we’re supposed to look, dress, and act our age. I don’t get it. Why do we have to do that? And why are we frowned upon if we don’t do that? And the bigger question here is, who set that standard?

Remember the 25-year-olds pointing and laughing? Ya, that. Suddenly, we’re made fun of because we don’t know how to dress, act, or look our age.

And it’s kinda uncomfortable.

What not to wear after 50

I could write a full blog post on what not to wear after 50, clothes-wise, but it sounds exhausting and pathetic, if I’m honest. Why are there dress rules? Why is there a special department just for us? But most importantly, what I want to know is, why are so many women shopping in this department and following society’s rules?

Do you really want to know what you shouldn’t wear over 50?

Buckle up, babe. Here it comes. Oh, and by the way, throw your body type and body shape right out the window. None of that applies here. You’re gonna love my style tips.

Trust me on that!

Without further ado, here are some helpful tips…

10 things women over 50 should never wear


1 The opinion of others

Can you live your life for yourself, please? Does it matter what others think of you? Most of them don’t even think highly of themselves. Let them point, stare, and whisper, I say. Give them something to talk about, I say!

You should never wear the opinion of others. Ever. 

2 Baggage from the past

Drop all the big ugly, heavy bags. They don’t look good on you. They are weighing you down and, if I might add, aging you quickly. Do yourself a favor, and get rid of all your emotional baggage. We’re moving forward in life, not backward. None of the stuff from yesterday matters today or tomorrow.

3 Jealousy

So Margaret looks good for her age, and “you’d never know she was a day over 50!” they say. Who cares? Good for Margaret. She’s beautiful, and you know what, so are you! There’s no need to be jealous of other women. We’re all beautiful and amazing in our own unique ways.

4 Fear of getting old

Yes, we’re getting older. Life goes on. We’re not 25 anymore. But life is what you make it. You’re not dead yet, and you have no idea when you will die. Live it up now, babe. Time’s flying by! Do things you always wanted to do, try new things, travel, and live out loud.

5 The doormat

Seriously, stop wearing (or being) the doormat. You’ve worn it for far too long. You are no one’s b****. Find your voice, start using and start saying NO to all these people who have been taking advantage of you all this time. Tell more people to f off!!

6 Cattiness

Time to grow up. We’re not in high school anymore, and besides, that catty look looks horrible on you. Disgusting if you will. Life isn’t a competition. We’re all in this together. Put your pointy finger down and stand tall with your sisters! Lift a sister up, don’t put her down. The world is already a heavy place to be in.

7 Judgement

If you’re still judging others, stop it. You are no better than anyone else, and no one is better than you. Judging others makes you ugly no matter how beautiful you are on the outside. If you missed the memo, your poop stinks just as much as the next guy’s.

8 Regret

Like baggage, regret also ages you. So you didn’t do this or that, so you never told so and so something, so you never went to that place. So what? Regret does nothing to enhance your life and only makes you sad and miserable. Dump it.

9 Crocs

Burn them. Have a croc-destroying party. Donate them if you want but get rid of them!!

Haha, I’m kidding. Girl, we need comfy shoes. I feel ya. For me, the perfect shoe is a pair of flip-flops. I own way too many, and I love each pair.

But listen, you can wear crocs all you want. 

10 Worry

It’s time to turn that worry frown upside down and make it a smile. Life is short and we’re over halfway through our lives. There’s no time to worry or hold back or not live the life you deserve and desire. Smile at strangers, eat the cake, go to foreign lands, say hi to the cute boy…. do fun things, and stop worrying if it’s right or wrong or if people will talk.

If it makes you happy, it’s right.

Forget age-appropriate clothing

So here’s the good news.

How about you just forget your age? Wear what you want, do what you want, say, and be what you want. Girl, if you wanna wear skinny jeans, tank tops, and leather jackets, please do!!

If you wanna wear that little black dress and ankle boots, do that too! Love bright colors? Good. Wear those too!

You wanna look like you’re ready for the red carpet wearing some hot Ralph Lauren number? You do you, babe!!

And then take pictures of your hot signature style, plaster them all over social media if you want to, and be proud of the skin you’re in and the style you have!!!

I think the best thing about being a mature woman is that at this point, we just don’t care. We’ll wear crop tops and an animal print, we’ll wear short shorts and our daughter’s jeans.

We just don’t care.

What Should a Woman Over 50 Wear?

Whatever the eff you want!!!!!! Whether you’re a woman over 50 or a woman over 60 or heck, even 70 or 80!!!

You must always remember this is your life, and no one on the planet can tell you how to live it or what you should wear while you’re living it.

Be the best version of yourself that you can be! Get the heck out of your comfort zone.

So forget age-appropriate clothing, forget all the rules for women over 50 about how we should act, look and talk. Just do you, babe.

ox iva xo

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