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Hello and welcome to Women Blazing Trails. Thank you for stopping by! I want to share a wee bit about me so you know who is behind the wheel here!

My name is Iva

I am a 50 something Canadian expat currently living in Guatemala. I came down here in October of 2015 with the intent of only staying 4-6 months. This is now a place I call home. One of the main reasons I came down here was to help stop malnutrition and put a dent in hunger. A large portion of all the money I make online goes into feeding hungry little bellies and dogs.

(ok and one more reason was to escape Canadian winters!! brrrrrr)

I am a former hairstylist turned freelance writer, and my goal and mission with this website is to inspire, motivate, and encourage women around the world to step into their own personal power and live the life they deserve, one of crazy ridiculous joy.

Who is this site for?

This site is for the badass women over 50 (or even women over 40 and women over 30!!) who are ready to step into their power and become the successful, confident, and magnificent being she deserves to be. It’s for the woman who is tired of living a mediocre life and ready to embrace change and step way out of her comfort zone to get shit done!

Being a woman over 50 is glorious and amazing but it doesn’t come without struggles, heartache and frustrations. I feel ya girl. We’re going to get through this midlife sh*t together!

Your voice Matters!

If you would like to guest post (which I think would be amazing), please shoot me an email at iva@womenblazingtrails.com, and let’s talk!! This site is from my heart to yours, from me to you, for all of us.

Mad love xo Iva xo

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