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review of ezoic

My Ezoic Review-The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When I first started blogging, like just about everyone else, I installed Google Adsense on my website. It’s been over 3 years now and I’ve switched ad agencies 4 times. Ya, I’m crazy like that. I’m with Ezoic now (again) and I’d like to share my Ezoic review with you. I belong to a couple

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woman holding picture-emotional attachment when decluttering

8 Ways to Deal with Emotional Attachment When Decluttering

So let’s face it, decluttering is exhausting, not only physically but emotionally as well, especially when we have to declutter things that we have an emotional attachment to. When I downsized 6 years ago it was because I was leaving my country and only bringing two suitcases with me. 53 years of my life was

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frog cupcake-eat the frog blog

How to Eat the Frog and When is the Best Time to Do It

You probably think I’ve lost my marbles after reading that. Eat the frog? Seriously Iva? Ya I’m serious. I used this phrase this morning with a client and thought I should write about it to help more people understand the importance of it and why you need to do it. (this post contains affiliate links

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