lady blowing a flower-examples of personal goals to set

25 Examples of Personal Goals You Need to Set (to be happier!)

When we talk about personal goals what comes to mind for you? Is it changing your eating habits or maybe incorporating more exercise into your daily routine? Whatever it is for you, I’m going to share 25 examples of personal goals you should implement today for a happier, healthier, and overall better life. What are

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11 hacks to drink more water-lady with water pitcher

How to Get Yourself To Drink More Water-11 Simple Hacks

Yes, you can have glowing skin when you start drinking more water but truth be told, there are literally tons of benefits of putting more water into your body. In this article, we’re not only gonna talk about how to get yourself to drink more water but also some benefits too. And then you’re gonna

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how to make friends after 50

How to Make Friends in Your 50’s-10 Fun Things to Do Now

Whether you’ve moved to a new city or country, started a new job or completely overhauled your life, it’s suffice to say that when you have to make friends in your 50’s, it can be a little challenging. I remember when I left Canada and moved to Guatemala I was scared and lonely for the

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How to Stay Young Looking Over 50 Without Cosmetic Surgery

Oh don’t we all wish there was a magic fountain of youth we can dip into once a year to help maintain our youthful appearance? Well there isn’t but there are some easy ways to stay young looking over 50 without needles or plastic surgery. This might be a long one. Grab your fave beverage

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women over 50 exercising

20 of the Best Bodyweight Exercises For Women Over 50

They say as we get older our bodies start changing in many ways. Our skin starts aging, our muscles, our brain, ok ok this is depressing, anyway you know what I mean. We ain’t 25 anymore. Many women over 50 stopped exercising many years ago and many are looking to start up again. Great!!! Here

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