frustrated lady at desk-how to shake off a bad day

How to Shake Off a Bad Day With 3 Profound Thoughts

This is how one day that turned into chaos resulted in me learning how to shake off a bad day. Have you ever had bad days like this, or maybe even much worse? You had a terrible sleep, your alarm went off earlier than you think it should have, you race around like a chicken

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woman holding an umbrella-get through hard times blog post

5 Ways Trailblazing Women Get Through Hard Times

One thing I hear a lot of people say is “Oh Iva you’re so strong and brave.” Maybe. But fact of the matter is, my life isn’t always sunshine and lollipops and I too have to figure out ways to get through hard times, because yes, I go through hard times too. I mean, I

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smiling woman in the mountains-starting a new life alone blog

Starting a New Life Alone-10 Things You Need To Do

So here you are, newly divorced or separated, and trying to navigate this thing called life, by yourself. If you are starting a new life alone and are absolutely clueless and terrified, this post is for you. Grab your favourite beverage of choice and let’s get cracking! In case you missed my story (and wonder

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