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How to Dress Over 50 (and 10 things you should never wear!)

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You’re here because you’re either nearing 50, you are 50 or you’re over 50 and you have no clue what you should be wearing anymore. Like, is there a catalogue for age-appropriate clothes for 50-year-olds? Who knows.

Anyway, in this article, I’m going to tell you how to dress over 50 and share a list of things you should never wear.

Never ever. Never.

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How should a 50-year-old woman dress?

A lot of us have this question. I know I did. How should a 50-year-old woman dress? Where is that catalogue to order clothes from? We all remember the Sears and Eaton catalogues that used to come out every season. 

You know, the over 50 fashion catalogue. (hard eye roll here)

Remember that section for the older women or ‘old ladies’ as some would call us (like those 20-year-old brats)? As 20-year-olds we passed that section and went right to the trendy clothes.

But we’re not 20-year-olds anymore (insert crying emoji here).

Now before you get your high-cut briefs in a bunch, please know that when I use the term ‘old ladies’ I don’t really mean it. We’re not old dammit. We are F.I.N.E.

Anyway, I have a small confession to make.

Every now and then I sit and wonder if I’m one of those 50-year-old women who are desperately still trying to look 25. If you were to take a peek at my wardrobe you would think that a 25-year-old lived in my house.

Did I become one of those women? Uggggh!!! I used to point and laugh at them 25 years ago. Is there a 25-year-old somewhere out there pointing and laughing at me? (insert another crying emoji here).

But I feel I some got me some personal style. Know what I’m saying? I guess the best way to describe my style is ‘sassy flirty Iva style’. If that’s even a thing.

What women over 50 should wear?

I often wondered who the person was who decided that once you hit 50 there is a selection of age-appropriate clothes. “Oh I’m sorry, you just hit 50? Ok you can no longer shop in this section you must choose your wardrobe from that section waaaaaaaaay over there in the back corner. The section for mature women”.

That guy. Who’s that guy? Was it a guy? I’m sad if it was a woman who came up with this unwritten rule.

If you were to Google “clothes for women over 50”, wait, let me do that for you and show you what comes up.

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Ummmm…ah …..classic pieces, yes?…hard pass…

When I Googled, the images were all blazers, blouses, long pants, long skirts, and huge purses, I cringed. Hardcore. Now in Google’s defense, there were a few images that I actually liked.

I mean, minus the bag big enough to hide a small child in, I kinda like this look though I would never wear those shoes (ouch), but I could work this outfit.

I think this is a classic style (though I think I’d top it with a leather jacket and a tank top) and I love the straight-leg jeans with the small tear.

And then I found this cute little dress and high heels at Inspired Beauty I think this patterned dress would look smoking hot with some stylish boots (in neutral colors)!

Can you tell I’m not a long sleeve, white shirt, pencil skirt kinda gal? haha!!



Image courtesy of

And then this kinda hot little stylish outfit too! Those shoes look kinda comfy too.



Image courtesy of

But the question here is all about how to dress over 50. I want to know why women over 50 should have to select their clothes from the senior line. Can someone help me with that, please?? (insert an angry emoji here)

Why is there a completely different fashion for women over 50 line anyway?

And then there’s me! The little fashion rebel. I’m a jeans, tank top, little black dress, flat fun shoes and the odd boho dress kinda gal. 

Nobody showed me how to dress over 50. I couldn’t find an instruction manual anywhere. And why did I have to change anything just because I got a little older?


“THEY” say, don’t wear your hair long, it ages you. Don’t wear short skirts, it makes you look like you’re trying to be 25 again. Stop trying to act and dress like younger women.

Don’t wear high heels, you look like a tired old hooker. Don’t wear eyeliner. Don’t wear pastel eye shadow, your fine lines are accentuated.

Don’t wear this, don’t wear that. They said!!! Don’t Don’t Don’t.

Who are they anyway?

You might also really like this fun article I wrote on painful sex after 50.

Painful Sex After 50-A Humorous Look at Menopause

How women over 50 should dress, act and look

Apparently, we’re supposed to look, dress and act our age. I don’t get it though. Why do we have to do that? And why are we frowned upon if we don’t do that?

Remember the 25-year-olds pointing and laughing? Ya, that. Suddenly we’re made fun of because we don’t know how to dress, act or look our age.

And it’s kinda uncomfortable.

So I found this chick on YouTube a while back while I was doing some competitor market research ( I need to keep an eye on these peeps) and she completely dispels any myths about how to look and how to dress over 50. I encourage you to check her out.

Yes, she’s my competition BUT she also truly is a sweet wonderful woman with tons of amazing videos that I’m happy to share with other women over 50. While I’m not a huge fan of all her fashion tips, she does have some pretty decent tips too though.

She shows you how to do makeup over 50, how to look 10 years younger, how to exercise over 50 and so much more! She also discusses things like:

  • what to wear at a special event
  • different ways to put together timeless pieces
  • things to wear to bring out your best features
  • some new looks for mature women
  • and so much more

Seriously, go check her out.

How to dress over 50 and overweight

Did you know there are fashion rules if you happen to be over 50 AND overweight? Oy. When did this happen? 

And let’s not forget there are fashion rules too if you’re height challenged. Yup. “They” will even show you how to dress over 50 and short. 



What not to wear after 50

I could write a full blog post on what not to wear after 50 but it sounds exhausting and pathetic if I’m honest. Why are there dressing rules? Why is there a special department just for us? But most importantly, what I want to know is, why are so many women shopping in this department and following society’s rules?

Do you want to know really how to dress over 50? Do you want to know what you really should not wear after 50? Do you want to know what this ‘age group’ should be wearing?

Buckle up, babe. Here it comes. Oh and by the way, throw your body type and body shape right out the window. None of that applies here 🙂 You’re gonna love these style tips.

Trust me on that!


It’s tough being a woman over 50

Being a woman is hard. Teenage years are hard and confusing, then you’re trying to find your way in your 20’s and 30’s, the 40’s come and you feel like you might be missing something and then suddenly you’re 50 and “they” want to tell you how to dress over 50. 

You know. Because you’re special and different and old something ridiculous like that. Oh we’re special alright! I’ll give ya that.

So you need to know I’m a bit of a rebel but not in a bad way. I dance to the beat of my own drum. I throw caution to the wind. I don’t follow rules (often) especially NOT fashion rules and I firmly believe that your life is what you make it and people will treat you according to how you present yourself to them.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because being a woman is hard. We’re already up against so many challenges and for years we are supposed to act and behave a certain way. And we have for the most part. Not all of us. But many of us.

When I hit 50 I tossed out all the rules, stopped listening to and following the masses, and stepped into my own personal power. It was exhilarating, liberating, and effin beautiful.

I found my vibe, dumped my old tribe and my old life, found my voice (and used it ALOT), and started really loving and embracing life. When they say life begins at 50 they mean it. And I get it. I totally get it.

Without further ado, here are some helpful tips…

How to dress over 50 – 10 things you should never wear

1 The opinion of others

Can you live your life for yourself, please? Does it matter what others think of you? Most of them don’t even think highly of themselves. Let them point, stare and whisper, I say. Give them something to talk about, I say!

You should never wear the opinion of others. Ever. 

2 Baggage from the past

Drop all the big ugly heavy bags. They don’t look good on you. They are weighing you down and, if I might add, aging you quickly. Do yourself a favour, and get rid of all your emotional baggage. We’re moving forward in life, not backward. None of the stuff from yesterday matters today or tomorrow.

3 Jealousy

So Margaret looks good for her age and “you’d never know she was a day over 50!” they say. Who cares? Good for Margaret. She’s beautiful and you know what, so are you! There’s no need to be jealous of other women. We’re all beautiful and amazing in our own unique ways.


4 Fear of getting old

Yes, we’re getting older. Life goes on. We’re not 25 anymore. But life is what you make it. You’re not dead yet and you have no idea when you will die. Live it up now babe. Time’s flying by! Do things you always wanted to do, try new things, travel, and live out loud.

5 The doormat

Seriously, stop wearing (or being) the doormat. You’ve worn it for far too long. You are no one’s b****. Find your voice, start using and start saying NO to all these people who have been taking advantage of you all this time. Tell more people to f off!!

6 Cattiness

Time to grow up. We’re not in high school anymore and besides, that catty look looks horrible on you. Disgusting if you will. Life isn’t a competition. We’re all in this together. Put your pointy finger down and stand tall with your sisters! Lift a sister up, don’t put her down. The world is already a heavy place to be in.


7 Judgement

If you’re still judging others, stop it. You are no better than anyone else and no one is better than you. Judging others makes you ugly no matter how beautiful you are on the outside. In case you missed the memo, your poop stinks just as much as the next guy’s.

8 Regret

Like baggage, regret also ages you. So you didn’t do this or that, so you never told so and so something, so you never went to that place. So what? Regret does nothing to enhance your life and only makes you sad and miserable. Dump it.

9 Crocs

Burn them. Have a croc destroying party. Donate them if you want but get rid of them!!

Haha I’m kidding. Girl we need comfy shoes. I feel ya. For me, the perfect shoe is a pair of flip flops. I own way too many and I love each pair.

But listen, you can wear crocs all you want. (insert cute emoji here)


10 Worry

It’s time to turn that worry frown upside down and make it a smile. Life is short and we’re over halfway through our lives. There’s no time to worry or hold back or not live the life you deserve and desire. Smile at strangers, eat the cake, go to foreign lands, say hi to the cute boy….go do things and stop worrying if it’s right or wrong or if people will talk.

If it makes you happy, it’s right.


Forget age appropriate clothing

So here’s the good news.

How about you just forget your age? Wear what you want, do what you want, say, and be what you want. Girl, if you wanna wear skinny jeans, tank tops, and leather jackets, please do!!

If you wanna wear that little black dress and ankle boots, do that too! Love bright colors? Good. Wear those too!

You wanna look like you’re ready for the red carpet wearing some hot Ralph Lauren number? You do you, babe!!

And then take pictures of your hot signature style and be proud of the skin you’re in and the style you have!!!

I think the best thing about being a mature woman is that at this point, we just don’t care. We’ll wear crop tops and an animal print, we’ll wear short shorts and our daughter’s jeans.

We just don’t care.

What Should a Woman Over 50 Wear?

Whatever the eff you want!!!!!! Whether you’re a woman over 50 or a woman over 60 or heck, even 70 or 80!!!

You must always remember this is your life and no one on the planet can tell you how to live it or what you should wear while you’re living it.

Be the best version of yourself that you can be! Get the heck out of your comfort zone.

So forget age appropriate clothing, forget all the rules for women over 50 about how we should act, look and talk. Just do you babe.

ox iva xo

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    1. Haha thanx so much for reading and your awesome comment. I hit the big 6-0 in September 😐 Happy Early Birthday to you!!!

          1. That’s what I say ware what you want and be comfortable in being yourself.

      1. I laughed, even a bit of a tear! I wish I had seen this sooner… thank you for making my day and at 55, I need to say f*** you more!! ♥️

    2. OMG -you are awesome and beautiful, I just turned 55 and have been in a deep depression, such great advice ! You go girl!

      1. Awe sorry to hear you are depressed 🙁 I hope you find your way out and if you need help just reach out. I’m always an email away oxox [email protected] Thanx so much for reading and your kind words 🙂

        1. Thank you for sharing. I just turned 80 and wear modern clothes and am very active. No one can believe I’m 80. I enjoy being where I am at this moment cause you don’t know for many moments you have left. At least I’ve enjoyed ever one of them.

    3. I love your post! It’s so true wear what your comfortable in! If you look hot in a tube top … keep rocking it😎

    4. I feel the very same way. I made a little bit of change, a lot of people judge me. But I don’t really care. I am what I am.

      1. Bottom line? Be your own beautiful self, wear what you want and be a kind human. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

      1. Well the bottom line is really, wear what you want and what brings you joy. Thanx so much for reading!

    5. Hahaha…at first I thought you’re just like any other author who think they’re the best among others but you’re not. We have the same way of thinking. I never bother what others says about me because this is me. I’m happy with my life. So “old ladies” out there, be yourself & don’t let others ruin your happiness.

      1. Hahaha cute! Ya I don’t really care about the fashion tips on how to dress over 50, just be a good human being really 🙂 thanx for readingxoxox

    6. Am turning 50 but I look young as 40 year old. Eat healthy wear nicely exercise, always wear a smile on my face

    7. I needed to read this today as my husband is always telling me I don’t dress age appropriate. I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl. I’m supposed to wear baggy jeans and long frumpy shirts that cover my butt according to him. 😔

      1. Tell your husband to sit down and shut up..haha I’m kidding but girl you wear what you want

    8. I will be 71 this year I wear jeans with holes boho style tops just whatever I please age is just a number be yourself

  1. I turned 65 in March, do I feel 65? Hell no!!!! I an more confident, I feel strong, knowledgeable, and I certainly don’t worry about what others think of me.
    Thanks for your articles.

  2. I always have thought we live our lives backwards. The older we get, the smarter we are and the less we care about what others think.
    I wish I had known this stuff when I was younger and physically fabulous in ways I can never be again ( can’t un -stretch those stretch marks from carrying my 4 children, two of which are twins). Can’t un-sag what gravity does to a body starting to deplete itself of collagen, etc. But, I can stop caring about pleasing everyone but me. I did that the entire time my kids were little and ít sucked. I love being a mom, but I don’t love what the world expects of us as mothers, wives, and women. No man would ever put up with what women put themselves through. Why should we?
    We shouldn’t. Now the time when we need to love ourselves and stand together as sisters, as women.
    Thank you for the great article.

    1. Best comment ever!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for reading xoxo

  3. I’m so glad I read this ! I needed each and every bit of the advice . I turn 64 tomorrow and have been a bit down . But now I’ll look at it all different. Thank you!

    1. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!! Thanx for reading and sharing your thoughts xoxo

  4. Best advice , I’ve been following those myself makes me feel free. I’ve also always been one one to beat to my own drum!

  5. The other day my mom looked at me and chuckled out the words “the way you dress sometimes…” And I thought “what’s wrong with the way I dress?” Lol. My mom’s 84 and I’ve been living with her for ten years since my dad got sick. I thank you so much for the read. Because after my mom said the comment, I got a little insecure and started looking at the internet on “age appropriate” clothing. The most BIRING articles and clothes popped up that all I could say was “no” “oh, no” and “definitely not” . All I saw was button up shirts and blazers…wtf? Is there a button up/blazer rule somewhere? Then I came across your article and I swear I could breathe again. Thank you for being you and thank you for writing.😁

    1. Awe thanx so much and I’m so glad you found my article. I honestly think it has helped so many women around the world xoxo You keep on being you!!

  6. You totally made my Monday morning! The whole getting older thing sometimes makes me sad, but with it, many blessings enjoys such as grandchildren! And I have told my family that I will be that crazy grandma, and they better be ready for it. I will be 61 at the end of the year. I love to sport a youthful BoHo style and I’m not afraid to throw on a darling wig, to disguise my thinning hair with a colic that has become as wide as the parting of the Red Sea. I’m sure 95% of people who know me do not know that this is not my hair! So three cheers for taking off 30 minutes in my morning routine. You made me smile, you made me laugh, and you are a true blessing to all who have taken the time to read you.

  7. My God today! This touched on and in many levels that I could ever imagine. The voice inside my head. I’m turning 60 in January and just living the best life now without others opinion of me, regrets, setbacks, set-ups, and all of that. I enjoy following you and so glad for you being the rebel that you are-all I can say is; “you go girl!” My new motto – “Do You, Be You, and Enjoy You!”

    1. You go girl!! Thanx so much for reading, glad you liked it and thanx for sharing your thoughts too!! xoxox

  8. Okay, l am way over 50, but l love, love this article. Wish it had been around when l was 50. I was 85 on my last birthday. I feel 50 sometimes, 95 others. However after becoming a widow, a grandmother to 3 beautiful girls, l have decided that it’s my time to forget rules about age, size, looks (hey, l am who l am) and especially what “SusieQ” thinks of me. I am happier than l have ever been. I bought my first embroidered skinny jeans last week. I love them, l have a tummy, so what, l wore a longer top. I went out to dinner with my 2 daughters, and a son-in-law. Wore my new jeans, I actually felt attractive. It felt great! I had a good time, my children acted like they really liked the new me. Wish l had started living for me a long time ago You are so right, time is flying by, remember ladies if we don’t love ourself, no one else will love us. Thank you so much for writing this article, not age appropriate for me, read and loved it anyway. God bless you, He certainly has blessed me.

    1. Awe thanx so much for your comment. You sound like you are truly enjoying life!! Atta girl 🙂

  9. Thank you for the comments about dressing like you want & having a good life doing it. I don’t care if others like my choices, I do and that is what matters. I turned 71 in Aug. and my husband thinks I look 50; we have been happily married for over 50 years.

    1. Awe I love your comment. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts xoxo

  10. Thank you very much for sharing. I hit 70, Wahoo! I’m in jeans , boots, & some type of longer top. I’m no beauty to look at, but feel good & don’t feel 70 ( most of the time LOL).

  11. Really, it’s none of my business what others think of me! Big ol’ smiley emoji here…

  12. Love love love every single word thank you I really needed this, I’m just gonna do me, love all us over 50 babes God bless

    1. Thanx so much for reading and for your lovely comment too!! Cheers to us beauties over 50 xoxoxo

  13. I loved your post.
    I am with you. No one should tell another person how to dress especially based on age.
    I am a firm believer that everyone should do what works for them.
    Sure there are times when I see a person dressed a little questionable but that can be an old person or a young person. And I have to ask myself, who is it questionable to? Me! Right.
    Just because I wouldn’t wear it doesn’t mean someone else can’t or shouldn’t.
    I hate yoga pants on most people. They look good on those young thin women but not so good on us bigger or older girls. But if you feel good in yoga pants and you are an older heavier girl, you go for it. It’s not my place to judge you.
    I won’t ever wear them but you go girl.
    It’s all about feeling good in our skin.

    I just love reading about people like you who don’t give a sh……..t what other people think. I love the rebels of the world.
    Thanks for posting. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are too old for anything.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts Jackie! I appreciate that 🙂

  14. This is awesome! I just read another article titled similarly and it was a bunch of garbage. I’m hot. That’s it! I’m not hot over 40 or beautiful after 50. I’m hot because I feel it and know it inside. It’s about me. Do I have dos and don’ts, absolutely but they are mine. I may not wear my lulu leggings to a restaurant but if you feel good in them then go for it. I will wear the bikini meant for a 18 year old model like person with my loose skin and cellulite because darn it, I lost 170 pounds and I go to the gym every day and I feel great in it, you might not wear it and that’s ok. We just need to cheer each other on and support each other instead of telling each other what we “should” do after 50!

    1. You go girl!!!!! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your journey. This is awesome and you’re amazing!!!

  15. I’m 70 , I workout, watch what I eat, and have a body. I’m not dressing in bags. Thanks

  16. I LOVE this. I’ve always lived by my rules with clothing and fashion. I strived to find a “Molly” twist on things. My friends say ‘that’s so you’’ and I love that- it means they do get who I am, and recognize it. My biggest downfall-~~ I expect that people should treat me the way I treat them. The biggest problem is the beginning of that statement— “ I expect….” I may never get this through my head. About the number of my age~~sometimes I flat out lie and say “I’m 17 and a virgin” ~ “ If you believe one-you’ll believe the other”. 😘

  17. I’m with Sister!!!! I’m almost 60 & I dress the way I want. It’s always appropriate, but I like odd & unusual fashion. I like what I like😒😍

  18. I’m so tired of looking up advice on clothing to avoid and getting a list of character traits to shed. I’m not trying to capture my past or look like a twenty year old. I’m just looking for some suggestions to update my look appropriate to my age. I like me. I don’t struggle with self-esteem or regret. Quit misleading people about what your article is about.

    1. Last time I checked, there are hundreds of blogs and YouTube videos for women over 30/40/50/60+ on how to dress age appropriately. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one suitable for you. Sorry you hated my blog.

  19. I’m so glad I found this ! Definitely needed this advice! The 10 things you should never wear were spot on & amazing. Made me smile & say yes !! Best advice in a long time . Thank you ❤️. Turning 60 in October.

  20. I wanted more ideas on clothing for us women who can’t wear a bikini anymore and do NOT want to appear to be dressing like our daughters. I am the daughter of an extremely vain woman who insisted she wear something from the teen section to my wedding and refuses to tell ppl her age. Also she is the most envious person I know. Please!! I’m not that person! I would love to see more pics of styles for women who age gracefully. Classy but comfortable and no matter what your weight, figure flattering. I did like some of the pics of the beautiful silver haired woman, very cute. More pls! Thanks

    1. Hi Tracy as you can tell by the article, I don’t really write about beauty and fashion, it’s more like ‘just be yourself and do whatever the hell you want’ kinda thing. There are many helpful blogs for women on fashion, mine isn’t one of them. Thanx for reading and commenting though. I’m sorry you didn’t get the message of the article.

  21. This is THE BEST information I have read!!! I have ALWAYS dresses the way I wanted to and am now second guessing myself because of a new boss who is constantly reminding me of my age!( although I do NOT look my age nor act it!! Thank God!!!! Thank you for giving me back my confidence!!!!!!!

    1. Awe thanx so much for that Beddie!! I’m glad this article found you at the right time 🙂

  22. I loved this article. I’m 72 and agree with everything you said, particularly the 10 things not to wear anymore.

  23. Thank you, love the article I’m 65+ next month, anyways I feel good about myself now no matter what I wear. My husband always tells me I’m beautiful that’s a blessing.

    1. Awe Yay for your husband. That’s lovely. Thanx for sharing your thoughts and story!

  24. I usually never post but re organizing my closet and found a pair of bootcut jeans from 2003… glad they fit perfectly and I’m now 55! This article is full of shit! Glad I can recycle styles and save $

    1. Wow Jillan I’m so glad your jeans fit you!! How exciting! I’m not sure why you would want to insult my work by saying ‘this article is full of shit’. That’s not very nice. You should read 7 again. I hope you have a beautiful day and go swing your ass in those jeans…………….

  25. I’m turning 50 in 2 weeks, I don’t feel it. I still want to be fashionable. U look amazing

    1. Thank you! Happy Early Birthday Karen. Enjoy your 50’s. They were amazing for me!!

  26. I am 70 and look at all these posts about how you should dress and everything I see is for frumpy overweight women. I’m not like that. I’ve learned that wearing fitted clothes, dark colors and high heels make me look tall, slender and elegant. I wear nice perfume, get my nails done and work out every day. Keep your hair colored and make it look natural and if you have beautiful grey hair wear it proudly (I do not, so I color mine.) Also wearing long hair is ok, if you can pull it off. Just don’t try and fit into a box of how you are supposed to look at age whatever?

    1. Well I’m not sure what you read here but this article has nothing to do with clothes and doesn’t have frumpy styles in it so……. Did you even read it?

  27. Love it….. I needed this encouragement. I have always acted and dressed with what I like… but then thought should I be dressing differently? Nope

    1. NO you should not dress differently. Wear what you want girl. Thanx for reading 🙂

  28. Just show me a dress that covers cleavage, knees and flabby arms….all on the same dress……..

  29. Thanks for saying all the things I have felt as well. I still wear low waisted jeans and because of my weight I have to shop in the junior section to find clothes that fit me. I’m 66 years of new. I have FRIENDS that are younger and older than I am.

    Im a firm believer that if you try an outfit on and it feels good then buy
    it and own it. Live life to the fullest Oh and my favorite colors are RED AND PURPLE.

  30. I love your article. I am 71 1/2 yrs old. I play baseball with my great Grandaughters after I get them from school. They taught me how to use a Hula hoop again, and jump rope. Took my 17 yr old grandson surfing this past summer. We had such a great time. Eat right walk 3 miles a day. I have fun with life. I lost 2 husbands and my 2 best friends. I pray every morning that God will use me to bless someone.

    1. Awe thank you so much Beverly. What a beautiful story you share. Sorry for your losses 🙁

  31. I absolutely love your comments. It’s so empowering knowing we can and should do these things!! Thank you. Thank you.

      1. Thank you, and I agree with every word you wrote! I’m turning 75 in 2 weeks and feel excited to be where and who I am. My only regret is I wish I had been this confident at 25. Eat healthy, stay active, walk and enjoy the outdoors and be yourself!

        1. Thank you so much!! I love your encouragement for other women over 50 too!

  32. I saw nothing you would wear. I’m not clinking through all these links to others. You had no content in this article.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I had tons of valuable content in my article. You missed it all because of your negative attitude. xoxo have a beautiful day. Wear what you want by the way. No one cares

  33. Love your rhythm of life❣️Thank you for sharing! Life is tooo short, so go girl❣️

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. So many women are actually kinda annoyed that I didn’t share real fashion tips on how to dress over 50 and 10 things women over 50 should not wear. I appreciate comments like yours xoxox

  34. This article is awesome! You sound like an amazing person, inspiring people along the way. Such as myself! Thank you! p

    1. Hi Kristina thank you. The main message about how to dress over 50 was to not be a poopy person but sadly not many were ready for that. I’m glad you were!! xoxo

      1. Yep, they are their own poopy diaper. Just keep shining your light. I loved the article. I’m 54 and love to dress with skinny jeans and curve hugging tunics boots, black leggings under golf skirts with cute tops or tshirts and chuck Taylors. I am child free and my husband loves how I dress and no children to embarrass so…here I am. Weeeeeeeeee Thank you for your fun article.

  35. I’m a plus size 61 year old with long blonde hair (pink and purple under highlights) who loves bootcut jeans and t-shirts. I have yoga pants for comfy days and love anything Disney. I wear sparkly eye shadow ( I am great at make-uo as well as pastels and I never leave the house without eyeliner. How’s that fire not acting my age?!

  36. I love how you deal with your age. I love your style and how you deal life. Please continue to uplift the image of older women. Best dress is how you carry it by yourself. Thanks

  37. Thank you so much for writing this article. As an almost 55 year old struggling with the dreaded menopause your article gave me a much needed kick up the ass 😁.

  38. Loved reading your article turning 58 in 1 month & I feel like you do but was afraid of voicing it but I’m not anymore I just want to live my life to the fullest Thank you for reminding me

  39. I want to thank you. It was like you knew what I needed to know. My marriage ended just right before our 35th wedding anniversary. I will try my best not to make this long. We moved around a lot so friends were hard to make. I poured everything I had into my family and lost who I was. I have been divorced for several years and still at a loss. I quit working 2 years ago to help my daughter take care of her twin boys. At 58 I honestly don’t know what to do. I would like to start trying to meet people but I don’t know where to begin. I think I need to do several things however knowing how to dress , wear my makeup, and a guide on shoes might help me feel better about myself. Maybe give me the courage to go somewhere other than the grocery store. Thank you again.

    1. Girl you need to go do things that bring you joy and wear whatever you want, whatever makes you feel beautiful and alive. Day by day, it will get easier. You should read my blog on how to start over at 50. There are many helpful tips in there too! You’re gonna be ok Karen xoxo

  40. A woman after my own heart. I have always had that attitude and it has served me well. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only woman with those attitudes.😁

  41. Thank you!! I love your article! I am glad to say that at 54 I’ve attained most of these. I finally started getting my own voice a few years ago. And my opinion does matter!!! If we lighten our loads, we will live longer and happier. Learn from our past and move forward. You nailed it!! Bless you! Live life with a grateful heart and bless others along the way. What we carry on the inside truly makes the person beautiful or not, not the outside. Wear what makes us happy! I am a leukemia survivor of three years so far!! Praise God!! Live each day to your fullest, because life is too short, and each breath is a gift. We have no guarantees in life, stop living how how others think we should. Be bold and courageous for we are stronger than we think. Shine on Sister!!

    1. You’re awesome Darla and thank you for sharing all those encouraging words to anyone reading.

  42. Well done darling, I am not over 50 but over 70! This age simply amplifies everything you have said. We need to be proud of ourselves and our own inimical style. Heaven knows it has taken us many years to work out just who and what we are. I am not only old but very large (unlike your silph like self) and I am a colour person and love big bright statement pieces. If we can’t please ourselves by this age/stage that is a sad story indeed.
    Hoorah for you!

    1. Hey thanx so much Stephanie for sharing your thoughts and those uplifting words for other women over 50 or 60 and even 70!! xoxo

  43. For a few years I worked in a boutique..assisting ladies late 30’s on up in their decisions. I found it interesting most had no idea how to correctly put on a bra. Or Where their bust line should line up. Simple things that greatly improve the fit of how their clothes fit. I’d let them pick out what they thought they’d look great in and ask if I could dress them. They normally purchased what I picked out. It was different from their normal purchase. I’m 75 it’s a number. I wear what I’m comfortable in. I’ve shown others how to be their best self. That is what any woman can do…be your best self.

  44. Well I’m 73 yrs young I guess I look it but it doesn’t bother me I wear straight leg jeans bikini on beach I don’t care what people say I luv me an no changing me my daughters and granddaughters tried but it didn’t work all I can say is live life like there’s no tomorrow Love life

  45. Thank u I’m 31twice n I’m still wearing bell bottom jeans n tank tops n I love it .my grand daughter tells me ur Kool grandmi .

  46. You made my day!! This is so freeing! I’ve said it many times, just be you, because at the end of the day some people will always pick apart something about a person whether you are dressed “age appropriate” savvy classy, are thin, thick, short tall etc. Make you happy!! I’m 65, petite and love stretch pants, cuffed straight jeans etc. I don’t do heavy prints being 4’11 but I will dabble with some small
    animal prints or small buffalo checks, a little goes a long way for me, but it’s all about mixing matching and knowing what wears best on your frame.

    1. I love your style Kathi!! Thanx so much for your kind words and sharing your thoughts xoxox

  47. If your going to tell people what to Never wear, then you need your own advice.You should do something with your hair as it is trying way to hard and the eyeliner is too much. Makes you look like a hardened biker chick

    1. Hey Lily thanx for your comment. Not sure what hair and eyeliner you’re talking about but good luck with your shitty attitude in life. Maybe you should have read the article more thoroughly. You might have missed a really good point or two.

  48. Best article about dressing over 50! Heck it’s really when we’re finally comfortable in our own skin. In my opinion it’s when we earned the right to do whatever the heck we want 🤣😁

  49. Have no idea how I just found you, but I’m grateful. I’m 76 and still am just me. But I don’t wear skinny jeans, high heels or mini skirts. They aren’t my idea of comfort anymore. But I can still rock a pair of shorts and I live in them and flip flops. I say be your own kind of beautiful.

  50. 50? No problem! I will be 70 at the end of the year! I still love fashion. IV learned what I am comfortable in! If u feel good u do good! Be thankful for the day and be a blessing to someone! Love like Jesus!

  51. Great response, luv it ! I’m 68 and I do wear what I feel comfortable in, and that’s jeans boots etc I feel young and I like living

  52. This article was fantastic! It took me a little while to get there (I will be 61 in June) but I am right there with you. I have long hair & refused to cut it because of some age that seems to require it lol. I have earned the right to wear what I want no matter what others think. Thank you for the encouragement!

  53. You are Wonderful ! I just knew you were going to say all you did. Thank God.
    I am 87. Chop my own wood and carry my own water…smile.
    Appreciate you.

  54. Brilliant!!I totally agree and enjoyed this,why should we dress dowdy because we’re a little bit older, were still enjoying life and want people to know that,as long as I don’t look stupid I really don’t care what other people think 🤔 I buy my clothes not them!!Be happy in your clothes not embarrassed.

  55. That was THE BEST article I have ever read! Every woman regardless of their age should read it and follow those rules! Our world would be a much happier place. Thank you for making me smile

    1. Aww thank you so much Susie for your kind words to my post on how to dress over 50. I love reading comments like yours xoxo

    2. I just turned 70 and am trying to find a style that says “alive and not invisible.” I’ve managed to survive a heart attack and heart failure so walking around with clothes on shouldn’t be that much of a struggle. I’m still working and want to present to people as competent and capable. Even with long white hair, I’m told I don’t look my age. Boot cuts, boots and long T’s or sweaters work for me. I’ll consider chancing skirts with bare legs that show the discoloration of ankle edema. Our bodies change with time but it doesn’t diminish our humanity or femaleness. I can’t worry about what other people think as long as what’s really visible is grace and kindness. We choose to be happy or not each day. Life’s too short to be concerned about someone else’s fashion rules. Thanks for your approach to challenging the idea of appropriateness for the female population.

      1. I love your style!! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!

    1. I know sorry about that but those pay my bills 🙂 I appreciate you sifting through them xoxo

  56. Hi, I’m 72 and I do like the clothing boots etc in this article BUT I have one bone to pick with you and all these people who think that by doing an article like this, they’ve solved every woman over 50’s fashion dilemma. Not quite. What about us women who are overweight, like me 😔or fluffy as some like to say. 😏Sheeh🤦‍♀️
    Anyway, my point is, could you write another couple of paragraphs in order to let ladies know that there is another side to this discussion? We’d love to see what their opinions are on this.
    Thank you so much and love your articles! ❤️

    1. Awe thanx so much Donna. The article doesn’t really have anything to do with clothes and I’m not really knowledgeable on clothes for fluffy women. 🙁 sorry but thank you for reading!

  57. You are awesome, I’m the big 60 and I wear what I feel good in. I don’t care what other people think. That’s their problem not mine.

  58. Ahhhh you are just the person I needed to lift me up. You are one empowering woman. The 10 don’ts are my new 10 commandments!!! I’m turning 65 July 4 and on my way to Italy with a friend of 60 years she to is turning 65 should be an amazing birthday for us both. Thanks a bunch sista🥰

  59. You are so right! My mom who is in her mid 80’s and I am in my mid 60’s.
    She always say you feel as young as you are.
    I am like you love my jeans, tanks, t-shirts and my tennis.
    But I do have boots and other clothing for special occasions.
    Love your article.

  60. Love that your what not to wear is what it is!
    I am shedding judgment of others as we speak!



  61. I literally stopped reading 2/3 down this article bc I cld give 2 flying doves what women over 50 shld wear. In my mind in 30. I in same occasions act 23 and other occasions act 63. Most of my clothes don’t fit. So my mature, well alcholed body where’s what I have available and what shoes the least amount of wear and tear I have left. That’s my over 50 wardrobe. No complaints yet from anyone and especially anyone who matters. Great article. Thank you.

  62. Omg. Thus us the best and the most sensible advice I have read in my search. I’m gonna do it!!!!!!

    I will be turning 64 this year–
    and Bless you for telling us to “just do you” !! I ❤️ U!

  64. Praise GOD for honest mature women!!!
    Thank u all
    I’ll turn 70 this year! I do more than lots of young women I know!
    I bike I paint on a ladder if I want to change the color on the walls. I can mow grass and plant flowers if I want! I’m just starting a new business from home that I love!!!
    I wear jeans and T shirts or dress snd heels ! Whatever makes me feel the best!
    I’ve lived to many years to fall
    Into the fashion trap now.
    If I feel good in what ur wearing you will enjoy yourself wherever u are
    Ladies. Do your thing 🌺

  65. OMG! YOU’RE FANTASTIC! This read has made my day! Love it, love it! Has totally changed my perspective on life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  66. Love this! I’m 66, and I love life and wear whatever I feel comfortable in! Don’t care what others have to say, my Guy tells me I’m beautiful and I feel it!

  67. Wanted to let you know, you nailed it! I was battered as a child and when I had gotten married I married what I knew, in fact standing in front of a mirror on my wedding day I had asked myself if I really wanted to do this. My answer to myself was yes he’s the right one, he can handle me. So I had married something i was familiar with. I had my children, the last one he almost beat out of my body. When in hospital I made sure that my Dr was going to follow through the and tie my tubes.
    My husband went home to visit family died running from the cops. I had a mess going on from being in hospital having the baby at 26 weeks CPS was involved. The duplex where I lived belonged to my husbands boss, he wanted it back. No job and CPS came to visit to see as they said how was I doing? When they left took my children it was going to give me thathe chance to get my act together. I did get it together and fought CPS for 3 years ! The end result was I had to make so much per. Child per year in their guide lines. The case worker told me I had to many children! I had to walk away. I was alone in the world. At 30 I learned nobody cared. At Christmas I’d sit at a bus stop and watch the world enjoy all the things. Everybody was to have and enjoy. I learned the difference of being alone and lonely . I’m 65 I am of myself , it’s wonderful to know who l am. There’s a whole world out there. Sometimes I’m to blunt. I live on a ranch where I had taken care of the mother of two girls that are out there in the world living there lives. I have every kind of animals come through here and cows on one thousand acres. I’m at peace, I try to walk in the likeness of my father but refuse to go to organized church. Talk to him all the time. Enjoy your life you deffently do forge your own path! Blessings to everyone out there, life’s fun enjoy, Kim

    1. Wow thanx so much for sharing your story Kim. You sound like you’re in a good place right now. xoxo

  68. I never read a thing about what not to wear, just about her blowed up ego. Good luck, try to stay on subject, get to the point quickly, stop the ramblings and emoji is so lame.

    1. LOL wow thank you so much for your valuable comment. Looks like you need to read the article again 🙂 Good luck with your shitty attitude in life… 😊😎😘🤗☺😀😉

  69. Love your talk I am 73 + some young ones are not where I am . They know I like nice things. My daugjter is not matching so I leave her, I dress modern . Thats all. I see they make little girls clothes like adult. So I wear the same clothes as younger women. They make the size so I wear it. I am not sure 180lbs. But who cares. Thanks.

  70. You can wear anything after 50 if you’re thin. If you’re not thin, there’s not much you can wear except old lady clothes. And that’s a fact. And yes, it’s depressing.

    1. Old lady clothes just because you’re not thin? I don’t know about that. I disagree. I’ve seen many ‘not thin’ ladies over 50 even 60 who wear some pretty cool clothes.

  71. Age is just a number.. if you got it flaunt it girl! I love it … do you and i will do me.. Don’t hate ! I’ll be 68 in May aging in style.

  72. I’m so glad I found your article!! I actually feel better, I’ve read loads and wondered who actually writes these, don’t lists. I always remember my old nannie saying, mutton dressed as lamb and it makes me freak out when I’m looking for clothes. I’m not as slim now, size 14 with tummy 🙁 but, it shouldn’t matter, that’s how I feel after reading this. Thank you, honestly, I needed this.

    1. Awe yay!!! Best comment ever goes to you Diane. 🙂 I love it when people feel better after reading something I wrote. 😊😊

  73. Muchas gracias! Me encanta 💖. Ser libre y vivir libre sin importar las opiniones de los demás. Siempre nos juzgamos a nosotras mismas. Gracias por esas palabras!

  74. Amen sister young kids dress to look older so why can’t we dress the way we want. God is the only one that has a right to judge….so I say wear what you want and do what makes you happy you are the only one that can do that.

  75. Ha, ha! We just don’t care ‘cause we’re Gen X. Besides, the 20-somethings these days have all the style of an 1883 pioneer woman. Prairie dresses? Mom jeans? I mean, that’s a ‘thing.’ Ugh.

    I dress pretty much however I want. I teach school, and I have teenagers telling me they love this or that, asking me where I shop. I don’t recall doing that in high school to my 50+yr old teachers. But, hell, we are cool. Still. Anyway, just wanted to say I love the article. Keep up the good work!

  76. Wow thank you!! I read every word including all the comments!! 😅
    I laughed out loud at some places and rolled my eyes at others! But yay, you were on point every time with your replies too.
    I cracked up at the point where you wrote put your pointing finger down!! Lol 🤣🤣 hilarious!! The PHD pointers! (Pull Her Down). And finally
    I wish I could share your post on all my social media platforms. 🙏🏽
    Continue doing you because you touch lives. You touched mine this evening. I’m 60 and loving it bcos I don’t give a hoot who said what 🤷🏽‍♀️😀.
    Thanks again and enjoy your day wherever you are in the world. 🥰

    1. Thanx so much. You can most certainly share on all social media. Please do!

  77. Gracias for your humorous points of what not to wear. The best asset you can have is an honest, happy smile. I have a lot of fun dressing up for the day and tend to go monochromatic because I’m short -4’10”, 105lbs. I also wear the color de jour. I love thrift shopping and buy outrageous clothes to go dancing twice a week. I even have a fan club! 72 years old ,living in Mexico.

  78. I clicked on the link to check what I’m doing wrong. I’m 57 and wear pretty much what I feel. So relieved to find ur top 10, confirmation I’m dressing me appropriate. Awesome advice. U look stunning btw.

    1. Awe thanx Rina and thank you so much for your kind words. And girl you just keep doing you!! 🙂

  79. Was NOT prepared for your list of what not to wear… but spot on!!!!! Think I’ll have a re-read it often for encouragement (1, 2, 8 and 10 get me all the time!) Thank you for this!!! 🤗

  80. I think your wonderful, I love everything you said, I tell my kid’s all the time I don’t give a f– what people think I am who I am.. P.S my daughter and I share clothes all the time and I’m 63 and loving it.

  81. Finally a woman that says ” do not conform to the constraints of someone else’s opinion of what to do or not do”
    I lived in Germany and Israel for 10 years. Older women, young women all wear what makes them feel good. The only person that has to like what you have on, is the beautiful woman looking at you in the mirror. I met an 85 year old woman in Israel that wore the tank top with Floral rhinestone jeans and she said she will always rock the bling..haha.. keep up the great articles. 50 is not old..50 means we have been blessed to finally do what we want. My favorite quote from Elenor Roosevelt ” Noone can make you feel inferior without your consent”.

  82. Interesting. Motivating to make life look enthusiastic afllr 50 ..and bring in the confidence

  83. I love this! I feel the same way about clothes, hairstyles and shoes. I am 59 years old and my hair is long, wavy and layered. I was told by another woman that I was too old to have my hair that long and I should cut it. She also proceeded to tell me that a lady my age’s hair should never touch their shoulders.
    Lol, I do me!

  84. I absolutely love this…. You are exactly what I needed to read this beautiful Saturday morning. Thank you

  85. Wow did your little article hit home with me! I am 53 and I used to be such a follower, I ate so much crow I was coughing up feathers!! I didn’t even dance to the beat of my own drum or anyone’s fir that matter becuse I didn’t know if I was allowed, if I would be accepted , or if I was confident enough!
    Shortly after turning 50 I started purging my whole life….. all the old Tupperware (aka: bad friends, baggage, low self esteem, give two s****, poor self image , lack of confidence, ), it all went to the dumpster !!! It’s very liberating and it made me wish I had been this way my whole life!! Boy would I have really made some different choices!! And I would not have been the doormat for so many years! With age comes wisdom! I love and love life ti the fullest now! Thank you for adding a few more pointers to my already awesome bag of living life at 50 tricks! You’re awesome and so is every woman out there ni matter the age!

    1. You’re awesome Stephanie thanx so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! xoxo

  86. I’m not quite 50 yet, but I wanted to see some stylish outfits either way. I honestly thought this was going to be one of those don’t do this or that posts. I’m glad it wasn’t, it goes along with how I’ve been trying to live my life lately.
    Thanks for the reassurance!🙂

    1. Yay I’m glad you found this one instead Carol! You just keep doing you! 🙂

  87. Love this article. Thanks for reminding all us of to just be who we want to be and wear whatever makes us feel good.

  88. I am 72 and could not agree with you more! After 5 pregnancies, 3 husbands, raised 2 children, (as I lost 3 of those pregnancies). I now have 14 grand children, 11 great grandchildren. I had post-partum depression after those 5 pregnancies in 3 years, so I have been through years of counseling. If you carry that “heavy baggage” get some counseling, you will thank yourself. As for 3 husbands, number 3 is the number one. He has been there through bilateral knee replacement, leukemia diagnosis, breast cancer, diabetes, several other joint replacements due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and now infusions for Immunodeficiency. I get stopped all the time because people love my hair, they say there is no way I am a great grandmother. I wear what I like, the same as I have my whole life. I did put away my bell bottom pants and squaw boots some years back.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts Peggy. You sound like an amazing woman!! xoxo

  89. YEAH Finally some said out loud Yes Yes Yes God made All
    Of Us to be HAPPY. Please lets Thank God by being HAPPY.

    Yes Yes Yes.

  90. I’m going to be 64 on 3/27. I tell people how old I’m gonna be and they don’t believe it! I’m a disabled veteran, and have depression and PTSD. Your points about be completely the best version of yourself is right on. I do what makes me happy and feel good swimming, walking and hiking. I feel great. Thank you 🙏

  91. Hallelujah Sister! Love what you wrote! I hate these rules about what not and what to at what age. If you have to look for the rules for your life at 50 than you’re still climbing that trough and good luck to ya. What a load of rubbish. Have some respect for yourselves for cryin out loud. Thank you for this article. Lets sing our wisdom so the young generation can learn from we elders that being imperfect is the perfection thats real so stop insanity already.

  92. I am over 70 and wear ripped skinny jeans and sexy tops because it makes me feel good. So thank you for the article it made me feel good although I am not 25 I am not going to dress like an old lady

  93. I just found this article and the title caught my attention and peaked my curiosity! I am waaayyyy
    Over 50, but this advice stills applies!! Nothing makes a person old like trying to please the world instead of themselves! Thanks for a terrific read!!

  94. Wow this was a very detailed and well thought out article. I’m glad I read it and I agree with most of it. Thank you

  95. Perfect and timely reminder. Thank you! I will never have short hair, I am not a lover of baggy clothes, and I have always worn make up. My family does not always agree with my choices. But I needed to read this article to get a little validation. Being unique is what makes us all so interesting! 🌸

  96. I have found someone that thinks like I do but has put it into actions better than I have. I’ve always needed to have an edge, and now for some reason I’m fumbling. Love your thinking in the article, kind of brought me around.

  97. I just turned 60 in November. I ❤️ to wear ripped jeans,t-shirt and a jacket embellished with a brooch and of course my soda slip ons and tennis shoes Ty for the great read!

  98. Ood advise thanks I love you sita thanksWhats clothes shoula I wear to hide mu tummy I am in size 52 europeian

  99. Taking ‘style’ tips from a 50+ woman covered in tattoos.
    I don’t think so.
    Tattoo’s are never stylish regardless of age or gender

    1. Hahahaha… You didn’t even read the article, did you? Thanx for judging me based on my looks. Read the article. You might learn something.

  100. I’m over 80 &wear leggings & long tops my legs are long&slender . I’m very comfortable in my look. I check with my daughter & she says go for it. That’s all I need!

  101. I’m 58 and a true blooded Bohemian and artist. I refuse to give up my eclectic style. I just love your article, it would be great for all women that are 50+ to read it!!!! Thanks so much it was fun, realistic, and heartfelt! You are a true gem!

  102. Thank you thank you thank you . I live by this rule anyway, I wear what I love and sometimes love what I wear depending on how it covers my crepey skin, my saggy thighs, etc. I believe the best thing to wear over 50 is a smile on your face and a good attitude because life is short . I say wear the high heels eat the chocolate drink the wine. I’m 74 and nowhere near, ready for the rocking chair.