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I have a confession to make – I really hate store-bought products that are filled with ingredients I can’t even pronounce. For the last 5 years, I have been using nothing but essential oils on my face. Today I want to share 11 best oils for under eye wrinkles (and face wrinkles as well!)

I can remember when I was living in Canada (btw I now live in Guatemala), going to Shopper’s Drug Mart was the highlight of my life…haha. I used to spend hours going through all the products, reading the labels, seeing which one was the best and most cost-effective, and eventually putting it back on the shelf.

I know, weird. But honestly, I could never really afford any of the beauty products, so I usually just used the cheapest skincare product I could find. At that time, not only was I battling premature wrinkles, but I also had acne-prone skin too.

I needed eye cream for the newly forming under-eye wrinkles and zit cream, and then something to control my oily skin as well.

Oy. What a crazy combination. Anyway, it wasn’t until I got to Guatemala that I really started going more natural with my skincare. And what a difference it has made!

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What Causes Premature Wrinkles On Face and Eyes?

Hey, look, if there was a fountain of youth and aging didn’t exist, what a weird and wonderful world this would be.

However, such is not the case.

There are quite a few factors that actually speed up the aging process, so the best way to slow it down is to cut out these things

  1. Smoking
  2. Sun exposure
  3. Stress
  4. Alcohol
  5. Sugar – Foods you eat

Ya, sorry. Sugar is the devil, and so is alcohol. They both wreak havoc on your body and especially your skin. And don’t forget, while being out in the sun does cause sun damage, you can prevent that with good sunscreen!

How to Choose the Best Oil For Your Skin Type

So before I begin, it’s important to know that I’ll be talking about two specific oils. A carrier oil, and an essential oil. You can use a carrier oil alone or with an essential oil, but it’s really important to know that you cannot use an essential oil alone or without a carrier oil.

Essential oils are far too strong to use on their own. You must use a carrier oil with one.

Let’s first answer some common questions that many women have.


1 Which carrier oil is best to use on dry skin?

Before you decide on one carrier oil you will definitely have to do some testing and some research. Coconut oil claims to be the best oil for your face, but it’s not the best for all skin types.

2 Are essential oils safe to use on sensitive skin or under-eye areas?

They are, but they must be diluted with a carrier oil. If you feel any burning or irritation, stop using it and immediately wash the area gently with soap and water.

3 Can you reverse under-eye wrinkles?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. You can. But it’s important to keep in mind that with time and age, wrinkles will continue to form. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fight to age naturally forever?

4 How can I get rid of my wrinkles under my eyes naturally?

Well, this is a whole other blog post, but just using sun protection, gentle oils, and some facial exercises (or face yoga) is a good start!

5 How can I get rid of deep wrinkles?

For deeper wrinkles around our eyes (and other areas of our face), you may want to try a retinol serum, hyaluronic acid, or maybe even a cosmetic procedure. Deep wrinkles require a lot more than just an oil, unfortunately.

If you are going to get a cosmetic procedure done, please make sure you use a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Ok, so now that we got those out of the way, let’s discuss how to choose the best oil for your skin.

First and foremost, testing will be required, and while testing may take some time, it’s crucial to do it. You certainly don’t want to keep using the same oil on your face if it’s not producing the best results for you.

Not all oils are made equal.

I’m also a big fan of aloe vera gel as well. I love this stuff so much. It’s like magic gel for me! I’m very blessed to live in a place that has this miracle plant growing in my yard all year long.

If you don’t, buy some pure aloe vera gel.

Here are just a few things aloe vera is really good for:

  • helps heal wounds
  • hydrates the skin
  • improves skin texture and reduces wrinkles
  • and you can also take it orally for many more health benefits.

I want to first talk about the best essential oils for under eye wrinkles you can safely use on your skin. Remember to do a patch test first.

Best Oils For Under Eye Wrinkles

I want to talk now about the best oils for under eye wrinkles you can safely use on your delicate under-eye skin. These oils also have many other healing properties, which I will list beside each of them.

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  • Lemon Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Rose Oil
  • Ylang Ylang Oil
  • Frankincense Oil
  • Neroli Oil
  • Carrot Seed Oil
  • Clary Sage Oil
  • Sweet Orange Oil
  • Rosewood Oil

Here Are My 11 Best Oils For Under Eye Wrinkles and How to Use Them Properly

So here’s the thing, you can’t just slather on all these oils and expect miracles to happen. I mean, you can but I do recommend applying your oils in a more careful manner.

Before we get into the proper application of how and when to use these oils, I want to summarize the best oils for under eye wrinkles to make it easier for you to decide which ones to try/buy.

11 best oils for under eye wrinkles

Please remember that any essential oil I recommend must be mixed with a carrier oil. Do NOT apply any essential oil directly on the delicate skin around your eyes (or any part of your face/body).

Here are my top recommendations for the best oils for under eye wrinkles and in no particular order of importance. I’m also going to share how to use these properly. You can mix any of these carrier oils with your essential oil of choice.

Patch test first, please!!!!! Remember if you are already allergic to any of these nuts or seeds, chances are they won’t work on your face. If you have any doubts at all, consult your doctor first!!!

Here is a really good guide to follow when it comes to diluting your essential oil.

These oils are also really good for dry skin, so you can use them liberally on the rest of your body too! I think these are the 11 best oils for under eye wrinkles in my opinion.

Most carrier oils and essential oils are really good for:

  • helps with dark circles under the eyes
  • reduce puffy eyes (eye bags)
  • minimize wrinkles
  • soften the skin tone
  • lighten age spots


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  1. Almond Oil (Sweet Almond Oil)
  2. Grapeseed Oil
  3. Jojoba Oil
  4. Flaxseed Oil
  5. Coconut Oil
  6. Avocado Oil
  7. Olive Oil
  8. Sunflower Oil
  9. Argan Oil
  10. Rosehip Seed Oil
  11. Pomegranate Oil

1 Almond OilSuitable for dry skin types

Almond oil is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and lightening dark circles. It fights aging by destroying free radicals and provides the nutrients that your skin requires to repair itself. 

2 Grapeseed Oil – Suitable for all skin types

Grapeseed oil contains polyphenols, which help fight premature aging. Polyphenols have been known not just to slow the aging process, but reverse signs of aging, like sun spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

3 Jojoba Oil Suitable for all skin types

Jojoba is full of nutrients like vitamins E and B, as well as antioxidants and minerals like chromium, copper, and zinc. It has the highest level of antioxidants and nutrients.

4 Flaxseed Oil – Suitable for oily skin/clogged pores skin

Flaxseed oil plumps up the skin and helps to repair the skin’s cells, improving the skin’s elasticity, firmness, tone and texture. Skin nourished with flaxseed oil looks brighter and smoother.

5 Coconut Oil – Suitable for very dry skin

Coconut oil is great for those with dry eyes as it creates a protective layer over the delicate tissue. Because it’s rich in essential nutrients, such as Vitamin E, this helps to aid in skin hydration and recovery.

6 Avocado Oil – Suitable for dry/sensitive/acne-prone skin

Avocado oil helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There are some studies that show it also helps to stimulate collagen production, which is what is thought to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.

7 Olive Oil – Suitable for very dry skin

Olive oil contains vitamin E, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains antioxidants that help protect against free radicals, which contribute to aging.

8 Sunflower Oil – Suitable for dry/sensitive and mature skin

Sunflower oil has Vitamin E (which is a powerful antioxidant), which helps with premature aging and wrinkles. It also contains linoleic acid, which helps your skin retain moisture so it becomes less dry.

9 Argan Oil – Suitable for all skin types

Argan oil is perhaps most commonly used as a moisturizer and also found in many hair products as well mostly because of it’s ability to retain moisture. It has an abundance of vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can help improve water retention in the skin.

10 Rose Hip Seed Oil (rosehip oil) – Suitable for all skin types

Rosehip Oil is full of powerfully effective natural nutrients that are extremely beneficial to skin tissue regeneration! These nutrients are fantastic at supporting the hydration, regeneration, and nourishment of dry and/or delicate skin.

11 Pomegranate Oil – Suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone and oily

Pomegranate oil is a viable anti-aging ingredient because of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties. Antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin C work to fight free radicals while fading fine lines and wrinkles.

I should also add Sesame Seed Oil to this list (oops), which is the one I’ve been using lately here. This oil, as well as the ones listed above, has anti-inflammatory properties.

I found this woman across the lake who makes all her own oils and sells them. I also picked up a jar of Sapote Oil which is pretty heavy and thick. This oil is probably best to use for dry hair, but I’ll use it on my face twice a week because it smells so darn good!

Castor Oil is also another good one but this amazing oil can be used for so many things. It contains essential fatty acids that help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also does these cool things too:

  • fades dark spots

  • helps get rid of acne

  • tightens loose skin
  • stimulates collagen production (collagen maintains skin elasticity)
  • when taken orally is great for constipation

Many don’t think to use Castor Oil on their skin because of the latter, but it’s shown to have many other great healing properties for your skin, too.

(side note: Don’t forget you can buy most of these oils from your grocery or health food store, and one more side note: you can use many of these oils to cook with!!)

How to Apply Oils For Under Eye Wrinkles

Please keep in mind that your under eye area is very delicate. One thing you don’t want to do, or at least shouldn’t be doing, is rubbing your eyes hard or applying oils (or creams) too roughly.

You must be gentle in this area because if you aren’t, you are just adding to the damage that’s already there.

Gentle ladies, gentle!!!

I have little bottles in which I have premixed my carrier oils and essential oils. Some bottles have little spouts others don’t. I think it’s wise to get yourself some bottles and labels and mix up your concoctions! That way, it’s easier to apply because they’re premixed and ready!

There are two methods I know of to apply these oils to your under eye area. Use whichever works best for you.

Before I share those methods with you, I do have to tell you about my new jade roller/gua sha kit. I just bought it about two months ago now, and I’m literally in love with it.

After I apply my oils on my face, I use my gua sha on my face and then my jade roller around my eyes, and I’ve seen such an amazing difference. You can grab a jade roller/gua sha kit here (mine is actually a rose quartz set, but if you click on that link, you can see jade as well).

You can check out my YouTube video here on my 30-day Gua Sha challenge and see my results too! Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

1 Cotton ball application (or makeup pad). Simply pour (carefully) some oil onto a pad and gently dab it onto your eye area at bedtime. It is totally ok to leave this on overnight while you sleep.

2 Pour a little in the palm of your hands and spread it on your entire face. When you get to your eye area, use your pinky fingers to spread it gently on your under eye area.

Honestly, I think trial and error are going to work in your favor here. Do what works and feels best for you.

Final Thoughts About Using Oils For Under Eye Wrinkles

Please keep in mind that we can’t turn back the clock especially on the damage we’ve already caused to our skin. While all these oils for under eye wrinkles are simply my recommendations (and oils that are proven to work) you have to remember they may not work for everyone and they won’t perform miracles.

But with that said, they are really good to use to prevent further damage!

In taking care of your skin health, it’s always good to remember that what we put in our bodies shows up on the outside. Watch what you eat, stay hydrated, wear sun protection, quit smoking, and take good care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

You can’t go wrong there!

ox iva xo

Author: Iva Ursano

Title: Writer

Expertise: Anti-Aging, Mental Health

Iva is a 60-something woman, originally from Northern Ontario, Canada, who now resides in sunny Guatemala. She helps women over 50 love the skin they're in and empowers them to live their best lives ever. When she's not blogging, she's out on her scooter feeding and rescuing street dogs.  

You can also check out her amazing eStore here. It is full of powerful self-help eBooks, personal development courses, and so much more—ALL at affordable prices!

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