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15 Powerful Inner Child Healing Exercises

It’s no surprise that many women over 50 are still battling demons from past trauma. I know I do sometimes. Our inner child can be very mean, a bully if you will, and wreak havoc in our lives. Today I want to share 15 inner child healing exercises to help you deal with her and heal your childhood wounds.

Let me get personal here for a minute or two.

I suffered through an awful lot of childhood trauma and have spent the last 10 years of my adult life doing inner child work. I was physically abused by both my parents, emotionally neglected and basically raised in an unloving household.

We did not all have a happy childhood.

I don’t think people realize how damaging, or should I say, how long the damage continues on in life from traumatic experiences. The healing process never ends.

You will always have triggers. It’s how you manage them that will make or break you. Healing the wounded child is the first step in recovery.

So let’s talk a bit about that little child who is inside of you

  • where she came from,
  • why she’s still there and
  • what exactly she needs from you

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What Does My Inner Child Mean?

It’s important to first understand what your inner child is, who she is and what the heck she wants. To be honest, I didn’t even know what this term meant.

So what does ‘my inner child’ even mean?

We all have past experiences (childhood memories), some good, some not so good. Your own inner child holds on to all these childhood experiences and then randomly offers them back to you, usually at inappropriate times.

Silly girl.

So that little child wants to remind you that she is still suffering with emotional pain and wants to make sure you don’t forget that.

That’s the easiest and most comprehensible way I can explain your inner child. She’s wounded, she’s having a hard time and she needs you.

This article explains it a lot better.

What Does My Wounded Inner Child Need From Me?

While we all would love this small child to just be playful and colour, such is not the case. Your inner child feels pain, fear, loneliness, confusion, and she desperately needs emotional support and unconditional love.

The longer you continue to ignore her, the more you will suffer. Your mental health will suffer, a lot and it will be very difficult for you to find and maintain a healthy relationship.

Your wounded child needs you to be the adult, take control, let her know she’s safe, but most importantly, she wants you to heal.

The inner child healing exercises I am going to share with you today will help you on your healing journey.

15 Inner Child Healing Exercises

I believe these powerful healing exercises will help you understand your inner child on a deeper level, and also help you deal with, and heal from, the trauma so you can improve personal relationships and finally begin to enjoy life experiences without the triggers.

1 Acknowledge Her

Please don’t ignore her or brush her under the rug. She doesn’t show up for nothing. In case you haven’t noticed, triggers happen when we have unresolved, or unhealed trauma.

Look, I get that it’s a lot of hard work to deal with and heal from trauma but it’s so necessary if you want to live a live free of emotional pain. Sorry. You need to heal.

Give her a name – she doesn’t have to have the same name as you, and give her her own identity. Make her feel heard and special.

Identify your inner child’s beliefs, fears and her emotional needs.

2 Talk to Her

She’s shown up for a reason. Find out why. Have an open and honest conversation with her. You just might be surprised by what you hear if you listen carefully.

The best way to do that is to quiet your mind and call her by name. Greet her, let her know you see her, hear her and you’re here for her right now.

Maybe ask her the following questions:

  • What’s wrong?
  • Are you sad/angry/hurt/confused/etc?
  • What do you want to do right now?
  • Do you need love/attention or a chat?

Listen carefully to her answers.

3 Listen Carefully

I mean, really listen. I know you probably don’t want to hear all the answers and you may even get defensive or be in denial but you won’t heal your inner child wounds if you are too stubborn to face them.

Do your adult self a favor. Listen.

If you have trouble hearing the first time, just take a deep breath and try again in a little while. You’ll eventually hear her.

4 Be a Loving Parent

She’s the child, you’re the parent. What did you need as a child? Love, attention, affection, support, encouragement. Guess what? She needs all that too.

When she shows up, be the loving parent for her. Calm her anxiety and fear. Calm her down if she’s angry. Just be there for her.

5 Write it Out

Take a few minutes to write out what you heard her tell you. Keep in mind chances are, you will be writing out some pretty icky childhood wounds. Obviously they haven’t been healed yet.

What I did was write out all the trauma, go through each experience, name all the people involved, and, this is where it gets hard but good, I would go back to that time, feel the feels, and tell myself that this person was hurt themselves and hurt people hurt people.

What they did to me had absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with the unhealed part of them.

I then took some time to forgive them and send love, and then send that trauma on its way.

6 Deal With Your Trauma

This is the hard part because you need to re-live what you went through 30 or 40 years ago (or however many years ago it was). This part is ugly, messy, exhausting but so rewarding when you’re done.

Because of all the trauma I suffered, I deal with:

  • low self-esteem
  • low self-confidence/ no self worth
  • trust issues
  • attract toxic people

It wasn’t until I started digging deep and dealing with (and healing from) all those ugly wounds that things finally changed for the better.

If you feel you need professional help please reach out to me for some intensive one on one coaching. You can also check out this amazing site for some online therapy.

7 Breath Work

I don’t know about you, but when I get a trigger from my past I also get a little anxious and feel like I’m having a panic attack and those suck!!!

You might really like this video on how to deal with panic attacks. It’s from my YouTube channel so please don’t forget to hit subscribe while you’re there.

Anyway, next time you have a trigger and feel an anxiety attack coming on, sit down and do some breath work. Don’t hyperventilate! Just nice easy breathing to calm yourself down.

8 Meditate

I know I know, meditation is hard but girl lemme tell you, it’s so good!!! There are a million guided meditations online specifically for inner child healing. Find them. Listen to them. Feel them in your heart and soul.

Meditating doesn’t have to be long and drawn out and take hours and hours. You can meditate even for 5 or 10 minutes if you can quiet your mind long enough to listen to it.

Meditation is such a powerful tool when it comes to healing and I wish more people would take time to do it.

9 Spend Time With Close Friends and Family Members

I don’t mean casual time, I mean spend time with people who you can talk to, who understand you, understand what you’re going through and who can offer support and maybe even encouragement.

It really does help to talk out our feelings with people we love and trust. Their perspective can help us see things differently too!

Chances are, your family members went through the same thing you did and can offer more emotional support which is super important to your healing.

10 Have a Self Care – Self Love Day

When was the last time you were really nice and loving to yourself? When was the last time you treated yourself to something nice, took yourself out on a date, bought yourself some nice flowers, whatever?

When was the last time you did any of that?

Take a day, just for you, and your inner child, and go play, have fun, have a ‘we/me day’ and fall in love with yourself. A playdate if you will!

11 Write Yourself a Love Letter

You read that right, write yourself a love letter and then when you’re done, read it back to yourself. Your unconscious mind will take it all in, and remember it.

I am a huge fan of writing and I think it’s not only very therapeutic but also one of the more powerful ways to heal, any trauma.

It’s a great way to release all that built up toxic stuff buried deep inside of us. If we don’t talk about or write about all the things that are bottled up inside of us, they will just grow and fester and eat away at us.

Ick. Get it out!!!

12 Write Your Inner Child a Love Letter

Did I tell you how much I love writing? Write that girl a love letter. Remind her how amazing and beautiful and awesome she is. Pour love all over that piece of paper!

You’ve taken the time to acknowledge her, name her, talk to her and listen to her but did you reassure her of your love?

This is one of those inner child healing exercises that is probably gonna make you cry. A lot. Keep the tissues close by when you do this.

If you feel you need professional help please reach out to me for some intensive one on one coaching. You can also check out this amazing site for some online therapy.

13 Get Out in Nature

Go for a walk, a bike ride, a swim, hiking, blueberry picking, go sit by a pond and feed swans or chase butterflies. Pick something and get outside.

We all already know how great fresh air is to clear our minds and even boost our serotonin – the feel good part of your brain.

Tell your inner child you guys are going out, ask her where she wants to go and listen. And then go there. Trust me, you’ll love this.

14 It’s Ok to Cry

We already know bottling stuff up is bad, and I’ve also given you a few different methods to let it all out but I forgot one: crying.

It’s no secret that crying, just like writing, is very therapeutic.

I say it’s like all the toxic is coming out in our tears and it leaves us fresh and invigorated. Remember how you felt after you had a good cry? I always feel so darn good!

So cry. Have a good bawl fest.

15 Worksheets and Journal Prompts

I found this really cool resource for you. I hope it helps you. I’m also a big fan of worksheets and journal prompts. Doing work with this method, even once a week is really helpful.

Click here to check out this free worksheet/journal prompt.

Final Thoughts on Inner Child Healing Exercises

I hope you enjoyed this article and I truly sincerely hope it helps you on your healing journey. Healing is hard, ugly and can feel very lonely sometimes but remember you’re not alone.

You can reach out to friends or family or even me if you want to.

Remember you’re worth it. You deserve to live a happy life. And so does your inner child!

xo iva xo

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