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To say that the last two years have been challenging is a grand understatement. The pandemic has definitely refocused our priorities. It reminded us that our health is super fragile and important. Today I want to share 7 simple ways to feel good physically and mentally.

When I say feel good, I mean no aches and pains on the outside and inside. It’s hard to feel good about ourselves when our spirits are down in the dumps.

And feeling good physically doesn’t mean spending a fortune on external ‘fake’ things to make you beautiful. Please don’t do that (and I think you know what I mean).

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When you feel good, you look good

Amirite? I mean, let’s face it, when life is going well and we’re blissfully happy and smiling all the time, we look way more radiant and beautiful.

They say that a smile is the best way to enhance your appearance, so when we’re smiling, we’re gorgeous, inside and out.

How to feel good about yourself

Feeling good about ourselves is quite hard for some. We’ve spent our entire lives being told we are:

  • no good
  • too stupid
  • not enough
  • unworthy of love or good things
  • useless

Who else gets that? So it’s kinda hard to find ways to feel good about yourself when you still believe all those horrible lies.

You might like this video about believing in yourself that I recently uploaded on my YouTube channel. While you’re there, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button.

It’s up to you to unplug all those lies from your past and rewrite a new script for your life. No one else can do that for you. Watch how your life magically gets better as soon as you start changing your tune and your story.

And with that, you will start to feel good, have a spring in your step again, smile more, and be happier.

How to Feel Good Mentally

I believe one thing very strongly, our minds create our reality. What we think, we believe, and create. If you have negative thoughts and feelings of unworthiness, that’s what you will create.

If you want to feel good mentally, it’s important to retrain your brain to think different thoughts. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

How to Feel Better When Depressed

Dealing with depression is a tough one. This mental health issue comes in so many different shapes and forms. I’m no doctor, please remember that, but you should speak to a health care professional if you are starting to have feelings of depression.

It’s hard for me to tell you how to feel better when depressed because what I say may not resonate with you or your level of depression.

The best advice I can give is to go outside and get some sunshine, go sit at a park and feed squirrels or go to a pet shelter and play with some puppies/kittens. But honestly, speak to your doctor.

7 Ways to Feel Good Physically, Spiritually and Mentally

Right out of the gate, I gotta tell ya, when you feel better mentally, you feel better physically, and when you feel better physically, you feel better mentally. And then, through spiritual health, you become unstoppable!

They all just go hand in hand.

Research shows that emotional distress makes you more vulnerable to physical illness by impacting your immune system.

Source: Health Line

You should really check out this book by Louise Hay. She goes into great detail about what types of pain you may experience and what emotion it’s linked to.

You Can Heal Your Life

Ok let’s get to the ways to feel good!! I’m going to break this down into simple bite-size chunks for you.

How to Feel Better physically and mentally

Here are 7 tips to help you feel better physically and mentally. Take what you want and leave the rest. Remember, if you want a different life or to feel better, it’s up to you to make those changes. No one else can do that for you.

So you need to ask yourself this: How bad do I want it?

1 Head for an Adventure

Did you know that there are benefits to adding adventure to your life? Now, you don’t have to jump out of a plane or swim with sharks. Adventure can be any new, all-consuming activity that puts you in the zone. It can be physical, mental, emotional, or a combination of all there.

You can learn a new sport like kayaking or go out on a blind date. Perhaps you want to get out on the open road with a road trip. All of these are adventures. For some inspiration, watch this TEDx talk about the three benefits of adventure and why you should add it to your life now.

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2 Revamp Your Recipes

Everyone knows that you are what you eat. So why not jump-start the way you look and feel in your kitchen? Many cooks get into a routine of what’s fast and easy; however, take the change of seasons to revamp your recipes. Try a new recipe with healthy ingredients.

For example, go to the local farmer’s market or grocery to buy fresh peppers and onions for a good Thai curry. Pick a locally-sourced protein of your choice. Bon Appetit. By switching up how you get your vitamins and nutrients is also a way to clear your mind. And this can be a quality time activity with your partner and/or kids.

Have you been thinking about trying the keto diet? You might want to check out my new site, On and Off Keto, for some great tips and recipes.

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3 Update your workout clothes

One of the fastest ways to improve your energy and glow is to get active. If you are already active, why not switch things up a bit by adding a new activity and outdoors? If you haven’t been active for a while, start slow and gradually add more repetitions to your exercises or time to your total body workout.

To give yourself a bit of motivation for your runs, yoga sessions, or bodyweight exercises at home, why not get new activewear?

4 Set a Sleep Schedule

The number one rule for celebrities, models, and anyone in the limelight is that you must get your sleep. With our lives constantly on technology and screens, it is more important than ever to shut off and recharge our batteries. We can do this easily by sleeping.

However, if you have trouble sleeping, this isn’t the case. The best way to help your body get ready for sleep is to set a schedule. Turn off all devices an hour before bedtime. Stick to the schedule even on the weekends. If you need a little extra assistance, try a sleep-enhancing tea or even all-natural oils.

I’ve been taking melatonin lately, and it’s really helped me a lot. Click on the link here or the image below to check out this all-natural sleep aid. I swear by this stuff now. No side effects, no grogginess in the morning, sleep all night undisturbed. It’s amaze-balls really!!

5 Write it out

I’m a huge advocate of writing out your feelings. This way, they aren’t housed in your heart, chest, and soul, eating away at you. It’s the best therapy (besides wine and tequila!) that I can think of to help you heal from trauma and release anger and pain from the past.

6 Drink More Water

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? But you can’t deny the fact that staying hydrated is vital to your overall well-being. It helps your skin stay supple and glowing, gives you more energy, and keeps headaches away, just to name a few benefits of drinking more water.

Do I need to go on?

And I get that drinking water is boring as hell. Check out this article on some different and fun ways to drink more water.

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7 Treat Yourself More

This is a hard one for so many of us. We’ve spent our entire lives making sure everyone else is happy, and we totally forgot the most important person is YOU!

It’s important to honor and love yourself and do special little things just for you. Fill your heart and soul with things that make YOU happy and put that spring back in your step.

It could be something little like taking yourself out on a picnic or spending the day at the spa. You decide (or let your budget decide), but you really should try to do something nice for yourself at least once a week, daily if you can.

Your overall health is more important than you think

Staying healthy isn’t just about eating right and exercising. Your mental health plays a huge role in your physical health as well. If you are still battling demons from your past and having a hard time moving on, please check out my mini self-help eBook, How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You.

If you feel you may need to speak to a professional, I’ve recently partnered with Online Therapy, and I think they are one of the best online therapy sites out there. Click here to speak to someone today.

Remember, you are worth it. You deserve to live a life of joy. You deserve to be happy and free of pain. You are worthy of a happy life. Don’t forget any of that!!!

In closing

With spring now here and summer well on its way, there is no reason not to get out and enjoy some natural Vitamin D and fresh air and take in some of the magic that Mother Nature has to offer.

Not only that, doesn’t more sun make everyone glow and be cheerier? Yay!! Get out and go for more walks, get some sun on your cheeks, go get ice cream, and enjoy life and these happier seasons!

mad love

xo iva xo

Author: Iva Ursano

Title: Writer

Expertise: Anti-Aging, Mental Health

Iva is a 60-something woman, originally from Northern Ontario, Canada, who now resides in sunny Guatemala. She helps women over 50 love the skin they're in and empowers them to live their best lives ever. When she's not blogging, she's out on her scooter feeding and rescuing street dogs.  

You can also check out her amazing eStore here. It is full of powerful self-help eBooks, personal development courses, and so much more—ALL at affordable prices!

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