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7 Bizarre Reasons Why Younger Men Like Older Women

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I remember when I first moved down to Guatemala I used to see a lot of older men with younger women and vice versa. I’ll be honest. It used to baffle me. “Why is she with him?”, I used to ask all the time (and honestly, shudder too!). It wasn’t long before I started noticing that young men seemed to gravitate to me. I had to dig deep into this mystery and find out why younger men like older women.

I’ll admit, it was fun.

Dating in your 50’s is already tough enough

I mean seriously. No matter where you live. The dating scene for women over 50 is strugglesville. Unless you happen to meet Prince Charming at church. Well good for you Martha. Not all of us are that fortunate. (maybe I need to go to church more?)

It’s tough to date when you are over 50. We’re super picky now, we don’t put up with anyone’s crap, we’re free spirited and some of us don’t really want commitment. This is one reason why dating a younger man can be just so easy.

Young women with older men

So here in Guatemala, and many other parts of Central and Latin America, young local women seek out older ‘gringos’, men. The main reason is money. They can easily live a life of ‘luxury’ and never have to worry about starving or struggling ever again.

So they date old white guys. And when I say old I mean men over 60 and 70, some even in their 80’s with women as young as their early 20’s. Ya. Kinda old. But these men offer these young women stability, security and hope for a decent future. Men of their own culture don’t necessarily offer that. I mean, obviously some do but many don’t.

They don’t care what they have to do in order to be with an older man. They pay a high price in compromise and sacrifice but to them, it’s worth it. We cannot judge as we will never understand their frustrations or struggles.

Now this only relates to younger women here in Central America. This article from Psychology Today explains why this happens in North America

But let’s get to the hot young guys.

So what’s with this young man-older woman thing?

I’ll admit I was slightly baffled by this. I mean, you’re a hot young guy, what do you want with some old chick (and I use that term loosely here so don’t get your panties in a bunch)? In my opinion, the women of Central America are uniquely gorgeous with their long silky dark hair, natural full figures and beautiful skin. Many of them wear traditional clothing “traje” which makes them a million times more beautiful.

So what’s with this young man older woman thingy anyway?

What on earth do you want with an older skinny tattooed up almost 60 year old woman? Seriously? So I had to ask. And I asked a few and their answers kinda surprised.

Here they are.

7 Reasons Why Younger Men Like Older Women

While I’m only listing 7 reasons why younger men like older women I’m sure there are probably 7 more. Or 100 more. If you have more reasons, please feel free to drop them down below so we can totally understand this phenomenon.

At the very top of the list is…

1 Experience

Yup. Older women have lots of experience, period. We’ve clearly had a lifetime to practice. And don’t kid yourself. These young men are watching the same adult shows every one else does but you can be sure the women don’t. So what does that mean? It means the women here certainly won’t be performing any miraculous ‘deeds’ that men are fantasizing about while chances are, we older women will.

And that’s just a fact!

They want to have great oral pleasure. They want to have steamy hot seductive sex. But mostly, they want a woman who knows what the f*ck (pardon the pun) she’s doing.

That’s us.

2 Teacher teacher!

One thing that comes with having a lot of experience in the bedroom (or in life, really) is that they can learn from us. I know. Creepy. But it’s true. And many older women are more than happy to “play teacher” and show them a thing or two.

I mean let’s get real here for a minute. We all have to learn how to do everything at some point in our lives. Might as well learn from someone who has a ton of experience. No?

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3 No drama

Yup. Guys get tired of all the drama, headaches and bulls**t that follow some girls around like a lost puppy. And don’t even try to defend the female tribe here. We can be drama queens. Period. You can’t deny it.

So I was surprised to learn that a lot of younger men like older women because of this. They just don’t want chaos and drama. Can you blame them?

4 Party like a rockstar

This reason only applies down here really. I mean girls up in North America can party their little hearts out but down here? Not so much. I mean, some do and can but the majority don’t. It’s not in their culture for the women to go out and tie one on and then go get laid. Just rarely happens.

So the next best thing, or the best thing I should say, is us. The older woman. Who can party like a true rockstar (ok well I can’t anymore nor am I interested in doing so) and play all night. We can keep up with these hot young men like it’s nobody’s business.

(by the way, I did test this reason out and it’s true)

5 Mother figure

Ok ok so there’s a huge creep factor to this. I totally get that. But you know the old theory (totally independent of this entire blog) that women often date men that are just like their fathers OR guys date women who are just like their mothers. So. There’s that.

A lot of the young men down here never really had that nurturing mother/son bond love that so many of us in North America do. They crave that. So ya, creepy, but it’s true.

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6 Financial security

So just like younger women like older men, this is another reason why younger men like older women. I hate to say it but money def does play a huge part in it for the guys too, not just the girls. But it’s slightly different. The girls do it for security and stability.

The guys do it out of greed and to show off to their friends. Ya I know. Ick. But they don’t deny it either so…

7 No pressure

We don’t put any pressure on them for commitment, babies, marriage, get a job, or anything like that. We’re too old to give a shit about stuff like that. We’re just happy to have some hot young guy to hang with who keeps us young!

They don’t have to worry about us nagging (unless he’s always leaving his dirty socks or underwear on the floor) or anything like that. We are carefree and stress-free and that’s perfect for them.

The struggles of a younger man with an older woman

Listen, if you’re just dating to have fun and keep your bed warm, have at it, but if you’re an older woman dating a younger man you need to know there will be complications. Many. Too numerous to mention in this blog post. If you totally won the jackpot and found a young guy who can keep up with you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually, well yay you Susan!!! Really. I’m happy for you.

But it doesn’t always work out that way. Be prepared for very awkward situations and difficulties that may not be overcome.

Now if you’re just dating a younger man for fun, well dammit girl, go have fun!! There’s no shame or harm to it. I remember the first time I hooked up with a 25 yr old I felt kinda awkward and icky, until, well, I didn’t feel awkward and icky anymore. Use your imagination.

Young men seeking older women

If you happen to be on a dating site and you see this, younger men seeking older women, don’t back away. I mean, you only live once so why not do it right and have some fun (or not). At the end of the day, no one really cares what you do and you shouldn’t either as long as you’re enjoying life.

There are no hard fast rules in life. Do what you want, date who you want, f*ck who you want. Seriously. Just be free and live with no regret.

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