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I have to be honest; I’ve lived a pretty full and vibrant life. I’ve done a lot and seen a lot. But I do have a few regrets.

Ok, well, 23. Off the top of my head, here are 23 biggest regrets in life. I don’t sit and feel sorry for myself because I never did any of these things, so no sympathy or lectures, please. Just thought I’d share these with you.

23 Biggest Regrets in Life From a 60-Year-Old Woman

I’d love to know what some of your biggest regrets in life are. Feel free to write up your own list and tag me so I can see it!

In no particular order of importance, here we go.

1. Not telling more people to Eff off.

Honestly, this really is number 1. And really, there are only two people, no, wait, three people on the planet I really want to say “F off” to.

2. Not using my voice more.

I got bullied and taken advantage of so much in my life. I was always desperately looking for friends and love at any cost. I let people do mean things to me. I wish I had learned to say no sooner.

3. Not believing in myself more.

I didn’t start doing this until a few years ago, like when I turned 52. Pathetic, but still, at least I have some self-confidence now, so there’s that.

4. Going sky-diving.

I seriously should have done this a long time ago. I don’t have the balls I used to have, so this is officially off my bucket list. Ah well, I did go zip-lining, though, so…ya.

5. Have more kids.

I never really planned for parenthood but was set on only having one kid. And don’t get me wrong, I have the best kid on the planet, but I feel I should have had one more.

6. Being a bitch.

I’m embarrassed to admit I was probably the worst person ever until I was about 40 years old, maybe. Oh man, I was ugly. Selfish, greedy, dishonest. Ooph.

7. Not knowing how to save money.

I’ve never been taught, and still, to this day, I’m slightly clueless about budgeting and saving money. I’m working on it, though. Bit by bit. But I wouldn’t be a broke-ass bitch today if I knew how 30 years ago.

8. Forgive more people sooner.

I didn’t start my healing journey until well into my 50’s. I wish I had started sooner, though. I would have had a lot less hate in my heart and more love. Ah well. It’s never too late, I say!

9. Spending more time with my kid.

Trust me when I tell you I am NOT winning any mother of the year awards. Ever. I think I was a pretty shitty mom, to be honest. I could have been way better. My kid still insists I was the best mom ever, though. 🥰

10. Not going on more roller coasters.

So this is kind of the same as the sky-diving thing. It’s too late, I’m too old and not interested anymore but I wish I would have gone on the big huge motherfucking goliaths when I was younger.

11. I didn’t start my online business sooner.

For real. I wish I had learned all this stuff 10 years ago. I’d be retired by now. Or maybe even a multi-millionaire or something. Who knows? Def farther along than I am now.

12. I wish I never smoked.

Though I have been smoke-free for over two years now, I still wish I never even started smoking. Any smoker will tell you that. It’s the worst addiction ever.

13. Not graduating high school.

I’m still kinda embarrassed by this, and don’t ask why. I have no clue. Though I do think education is slightly overrated, I still wish I had at least graduated high school and maybe even gone to prom.

14. Not going to prom.

No graduation. No prom. Actually, I hardly had any friends in high school and was a total outcast. I hated school and couldn’t wait to finish and just get out. And that’s what I did.

15. Learning a second language sooner.

Like, I probably should have learned Italian. That would have helped me a lot in a Latin American country. I think everyone should learn a second language.

16. Not helping more people.

I think this goes hand in hand with me being a bitch. I only thought of myself and not helping others. I wish I had helped more people and been kinder.

17. Not leaving my ex sooner.

I could have started a way better life WAY sooner if only I had mustered up the courage to leave him sooner. I had no confidence and no self-esteem so I was sure I couldn’t. Until I realized I could.

18. Traveling more.

Or maybe I wish I had started that sooner too. I still do travel, but I feel my traveling days are coming to an end soon, and there are so many places I didn’t get to go, which makes me sad. But maybe there’s still hope.

19. Words left unsaid.

There are a few people who have passed on that I’m sure I should have made peace with or spent more time with before they died. I’m sad I’ll never have the chance.

20. Learn how to do more things.

Things like sewing or speaking another language or cooking Italian food, knitting maybe, or skating, swimming, driving a standard car. Little things like that. It’s not too late to do any of those, it just takes longer and it’s harder when you’re older.

21. Having more self-respect.

I have lots now but growing up, I had none. I let people treat me the way they wanted to, however it suited them. I desperately tried to make everyone happy but me.

22. Been a better friend/sister/daughter.

I just think I could have been nicer to people, like my dad, who I hated with every ounce of me. I could have been nicer to him in his last days. I think I could have ‘been there’ more for the important people in my life.

23. Not dumping toxic people sooner.

I hung on to toxic people because I desperately wanted everyone to like me, and I let people treat me poorly so they would like me. So dumb.

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What’s on your list of regrets?

I’d love to see what things you regret not doing sooner or at all. While I do love my life and think I have done a lot and come a long way, I just wonder if I could have done more and gone further.

What about you?

ox iva xo

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