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Shopping for women over 50 can be difficult and stressful. By this age, they usually already have everything they need. So what do you buy her? I’ve got you covered. Here is a great list of unique gifts for women over 50.

Now you should know these wonderful gifts can be bought for any special occasion, not just the holiday season (Christmas), so keep this blog and list handy! Bookmark it even.

(this post contains affiliate links so if you make a purchase I make a small commission-affiliate disclosure here)

Gifts for women who have everything

How often have you heard, “Oh don’t buy me anything, I don’t need or want anything”? Not a very helpful response when you’re trying to figure out what to buy for the women who have everything and don’t want anything.

They are probably telling the truth. They really don’t need anything, but don’t be fooled. If you buy them a thoughtful gift, they will be very grateful, and I’m sure they’ll love it too!!

And let’s face it, by the time we hit 50 we really do already have everything we need so why not buy her something that maybe she would never think of buying for herself?

These unique gifts for women over 50 are sure to please and probably nothing they would ever buy, or think to buy, for themselves. They will love you forever!

Also, these are great gifts for any special occasion such as:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Milestone birthday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthday gifts

Let’s not forget that showing up with a thoughtful gift for that special woman in your life, any time of the year, is really just a great way to say

“Hey I’m thinking about you and I love you and want you to know how special you are to me.” Nothing wrong with that in my books!

Gifts for women over 50 who don’t want anything

Yup. We have everything. But every now and then we will see something that looks super cool, we just don’t buy it for ourselves. We’re strange creatures indeed!

Trying to find the best gifts for women over 50 who have everything can certainly be frustrating.

We also have to keep in mind that many women over 50 have purged a lot of stuff and don’t want to have stuff kicking around the house that they don’t need. Clutter if you will.

We hate clutter (or maybe that’s just me?).

That’s where these best gift ideas for women comes in handy! I’m here to help you. You’re welcome 🙂

35 Best Gifts For Women over 50

Some of these are rather new-age gift ideas, but I honestly think she will love them, and you may even love them and want one for yourself! Ha! Buy two!

You can click on the link in the title to check out the gift and order!

I also want to add a link to this super fantastic website I found the other day. It’s everything healing gemstones, crystals, you name it, it’s in there and it’s AWESOME!!!!

>> Check them out here >> Conscious Items <<<

Without further ado…here is the list of gifts for women over 50 that I’m sure she’ll love!

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp—Any woman who doesn’t want one of these is crazy! They’re beautiful, romantic, and have amazing healing properties! This great article on explains the benefits of salt lamps.
salt lamp gifts for women over 50Pin

2. Foot Massager– Oh hello! I hope I’m on your list this year! Nothing says “I care about you” like a foot massager. And I seriously can’t think of one woman who would NOT want a foot massager. You just can’t go wrong here!

3. Buddha Tabletop Fountain– Water fountains are perfect for calming the energy in the living room (or any room for that matter) and also for inviting prosperity into the house. This is a perfect present for all the zen-like peeps on your list. Trust me on that.

4. Shiatsu Neck Massager– ’nuff said. If you have a woman on your list who always seems to be stressed or gets frequents headaches, this is a great option for her and she’ll love you to the moon and back. I promise!

5. Essential Oils– 20 of the most popular and healing essential oils. At this price, you should buy one for yourself too! Many women love essential oils for their healing properties too! You can find out more about that here.

6. Gratitude Journal– Most women I know love journaling so I’m pretty sure the women on your list do too! For $5.99, why not get them all one?! This is a perfect choice for the woman on your list who loves to journal.

gratitude journal gifts for women over 50Pin

7. Windchimes– While the neighbours might not like these, she surely will!! Make sure to find a set that sounds beautiful and soothing, not loud, clangy and irritating. You don’t want her to hate them too!

8. Essential Oil Diffuser- Why not get her the diffuser that goes with the oils? This is a perfect companion to the oils you bought her! Seriously though, buy yourself one too.

10. Wearable Blanket– Hello cozy, my new friend! I would offer up my firstborn for one of these!! It also comes in 8 different colors! There’s nothing quite like curling up with a good book and a cozy blankie!

11. Cozy Slippers- ALL women love slippers and we’re also lazy so we like the slip on kind! These come in a variety of colors and will surely be a big hit. Who doesn’t need cozy slip on slippers??

12. Jewelry Cleaner– Trust me, she needs this! Every woman has classic jewelry that needs cleaning. So many of us go to a professional to get our jewelry cleaned. Now she can do it herself! Yay.

jewelry cleaner gifts for women over 50 who have everythingPin

13. Wine Caddy– SHE NEEDS THIS!!! And don’t be surprised if she smooched you to a million pieces! Now you can both enjoy a glass of wine and some yummy treats with class and style!

14. Robot Vacuums- Some of us are lazy. There, I said it. Now while this fantastic gift might not be under $50 (I’m trying) it is a very practical one and one you know she’ll love and use regularly.

15. Herbal and Decaf Flavoured Tea– If she’s a tea lover, she’ll love you for this. No doubt in my mind. 20 flavours 40 tea bags- now that’s a great gift idea!

16. Scented Candles– We all love candles. Especially ones made of soy wax (fyi-soy candles burn clean). These candles come beautifully packaged and in lots of fragrances that she will absolutely love.

scented candles gifts for women over 50Pin

17. Variety Pack Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate For Keurig– With 50 different flavours, you can’t go wrong with this one. And at under $30, buy two just in case (like, buy yourself one too!) For that coffee lover on your list. (me me me meeeeeeee!)

18. Lip Balm Making Kit– for the DIY gal on your list. If she loves lip balm, she’ll totally dig this! Everything she needs to make her own. Don’t think I’m crazy. She’ll love this, trust me on this one!

19. Ionic Facial Steamer– We’re over 50. We’re getting wrinkles. We’re really doing our best to take good care of our skin. She needs this! We all need one. So do I. Am I on your list yet?

20. Godiva Chocolate Gift Box-If she doesn’t want these, lemme know. I’ll take them! 36 delectable little morsels of heaven. You can’t go wrong here. She’ll be your best friend forever if you show up with these chocolates.

box of chocolates gifts for women over 50Pin

21. Water bottle – While this may seem like an odd random and somewhat boring gift, it’s not. Simple? Yes. Practical and useful? Also yes. She’ll use it. I promise

22. Personalized Travel Coffee Mug- Yes, yes, yes. If she’s a gal on the go and always has a coffee mug with her she will love a personalized one.

23. Tote Bag– I don’t think you can wrong with this a fun tote bag. In this day where we are reducing plastic bags, I know she’ll love one. These ones come in a lot of different colors but sort through Amazon and you’ll find all kinds of different styles.

24. Bath Bombs – I’m pretty sure most women love having baths, bubble baths and simple baths with essential oils but let’s not forget bath bombs! A fun way to add a touch of fragrance to any relaxing bath.

bath bombs gifts for women over 50Pin

25. Bubble Bath- Not just for kids, grown ups like to enjoy a bubble bath every now and then too. especially in the cold winter months! The collection I linked here is amazing. I love Dr. Teal’s products.

26. Window Garden– If your special woman lives in an apartment or doesn’t have a yard and has a green thumb and loves to garden, she’ll def love this 9 Herb window garden.

27. Photo Book – Yes, some of us still like to go through photo books (albums) to see old pictures and hold on to memories. The one I’ve linked comes in a variety of colors. This special gift is a really good idea for older women who love the classic pics.

28. Gift Baskets – Did you know you can find a ton of super awesome gift baskets on Amazon that are filled with whatever the hell you want to fill them with? Cool, huh? I had no idea. There are gift baskets with tea or candles or worky things. So fun!

gift basket gifts for women over 50Pin

29. Air Fryer – I had to add this in because this seems to be the hottest item to buy these days. I know the one I linked to below is not under $50 but the money you’ll spend on this ideal gift won’t be wasted!

30. Beis Weekender Bag Dupes – While women love the Beis Weekender Bag, not everyone wants to spend more than $100 for an overnight bag. These dupes are perfect for women who want a bag that still has the functional and stylish design of the original, but won’t break the bank.

31. Jade/Amethyst Roller – Oh man she gonna love this one. The jade roller and the rose quartz roller are beauty products that any woman over 50 must have. I linked to a 3 in 1 kit but there are many to choose from on Amazon.

I just bought one and I love it with all that I am!!

jade roller kit gifts for women over 50Pin

32. The Gift of Music – Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial– These are kinda neat! You may want one too!

33. Kindle Unlimited Membership– Another cool thing from Amazon. Over 1,000,000 eBooks and audiobooks too! Great for the avid reader on your list!

34. Amazon Prime Gift Membership– We already know Prime is super cool. ’nuff said.

35. Audible Gift Memberships– The avid reader/listener on your list will love this too!

36. Amazon Gift Card– I saved the best for last. When all else fails, just get them a gift card and they can buy their own damn present! Hahaha!

Unique Gifts For Women Over 50 Who Have Everything

I hope this Christmas (or any holiday season really) gift guide has helped make your shopping much simpler! People think that it’s hard to buy for the woman who has everything, but really it’s not.

I only listed 36 gifts for women over 50 but goodness, there are so many more!

Use your imagination and think outside the box! Remember, we don’t like trinkets and cluttery things. We like useful practical gifts that have some sort of benefit and this list is full of perfect gift for women over 50 that nail that perfectly!

Happy Shopping 🙂

Author: Iva Ursano

Title: Writer

Expertise: Anti-Aging, Mental Health

Iva is a 60-something woman, originally from Northern Ontario, Canada, who now resides in sunny Guatemala. She helps women over 50 love the skin they're in and empowers them to live their best lives ever. When she's not blogging, she's out on her scooter feeding and rescuing street dogs.  

You can also check out her amazing eStore here. It is full of powerful self-help eBooks, personal development courses, and so much more—ALL at affordable prices!

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