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Wait, a what? A burr basket? Yup! You read that right. But what the heck is a burr basket, why should I know, and how do I make one? You know those silly Gen Z’s are always coming up with a new ‘thing’ for gift giving.

This year, it’s the burr basket, and this fun basket is a fabulous Christmas gift idea. And it’s super simple and affordable to put one together.

So what’s in it? Everything to keep you feeling warm and cozy on those chilly winter evenings, alone or with a loved one. Here are a few things you can put in a burr basket. Use your imagination! Have fun.

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10 Ideas For a Burr Basket

These are the ten ideas I’ve come up with for a fun Christmas burr basket, but honestly, you can pick and choose whatever you want to suit the taste of the person you are making it for. The sky really is the limit on these.

You can see that most of these gifts are for women, but I’m sure some men out there wouldn’t mind a cozy blankie or some yummy hot chocolate, too!

Fuzzy socks

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We all need, love, and want fuzzy socks, especially after a full day of snowshoeing or sledding. Don’t just buy one pair. Throw a few pairs in that burr basket, and she’ll love you forever. Find some here. 

Fluffy mittens

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We’re all guilty of losing our mittens all the time. Fluffy mittens are a fantastic addition to any burr basket. Make sure to drop in two or more pairs of fun colors, too. Find some here. 

Hot chocolate mix

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Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Use your imagination to put this one together. You can use mason jars or tins and add the hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, nuts, and sprinkles; the sky is the limit, really! Find some here. 


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No burr basket is complete without chapstick, and if you forgot to put one in yours, it’s not too late. Everyone loves chapstick: women, men, boys, and girls. I mean, who doesn’t want soft lips?

Buy lots of these little buggers in lots of flavors too!

Cozy slippers

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Mmmm, cozy slippers. There’s nothing like getting out of bed on a cold winter morning and slipping your chilly toes into a pair of cozy slippers. Yes, toss those puppies in that burr basket!!

Find some here.

Fun Christmas mug

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You could drink your hot chocolate, tea, and coffee in a normal mug, but who wants to? There’s nothing like a super cute and fun Christmas mug to brighten anyone’s day and make your favorite hot beverage that much more satisfying to sip.

Find some super fun ones here. 

Scarf and hat set

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It doesn’t matter if the gift receiver already has a scarf, mitt, and hat set; trust me, she needs another one. A girl can’t have too many scarf and hat sets. Get her two sets!

Find some nice sets here. 

Scented candles

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One more thing a burr basket definitely should have is candles, scented candles are even better, but only if they smell like Christmas. Nobody hates candles. These are practically essential in every basket.

Check out this beautiful set here.

Cozy blankie

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There’s absolutely nothing like curling up in your favorite blankie on the couch with a loved one or your dog by the fire, sipping some yummy hot chocolate, and watching your favorite Christmas movie. Amirite?

Find nice blankies here. 

Fun pajamas

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Put on your silly thinking cap when you go shopping for PJs for your loved one to toss in the burr basket. Throw in a pair of silly PJs, and she’ll think of you every time she wears them and laugh!

Check out these cozy jammies here. 

Here’s another great article with more gift ideas for women. 

Gifting on a Budget

Let’s face it: times have been tough for many in the last few years. If you can’t afford to give gifts this year, don’t. Don’t feel like you need to buy things for people to please them while putting a dent in your bank account.

If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Plain and simple.

So many people feel such pressure to buy and give and it becomes stressful. Then January 1st rolls around and the bills pile in faster than the money.

Let people in your life know that the only gift you can give them is the gift of your presence! Or bake cookies or invite them over for hot chocolate and a movie.

Whatever the case, don’t overspend and then stress yourself out.

That’s not what Christmas is all about.

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