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Life is so chaotic these days, amirite? Work, bills, family, etc. It seems to never end. I think the whole world needs a time out, but until that happens, here are 100 ways to chill out and de-stress so you can enjoy life more.

Many people have a hard time managing stress simply because they’ve never been given effective stress management tools. I think once you have good tools and tips in place and implement them, anyone can have a virtually stress-free life.

I want to share these fun tips with you today in hopes that you will implement one or two, or heck, even all of them, and live the life you are meant to live: one of joy, bliss, and inner peace.

At the end of the article, I will share a few more articles that I really think you will enjoy. Please don’t forget to check them out!

Without further ado…here we go.

100 Ways to Chill Out and Enjoy Life More

  1. Unplug from social media for a day.
  2. Pet a puppy.
  3. Sit by the ocean and listen to the waves.
  4. Go bird watching.
  5. Visit a butterfly house.
  6. Start a gratitude journal.
  7. Cuddle up on the couch with a blanket and a good book.
  8. Pet a kitten.
  9. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  10. Go on a coffee/lunch date with an old friend.
  11. Meditate.
  12. Take a nap.
  13. Light some candles and immerse yourself in a bubble bath.
  14. Sit in church and pray.
  15. Watch a comedy.
  16. Sing.
  17. Cleanse your space (with a sage smudge stick).
  18. Listen to motivational videos.
  19. Join a yoga class.
  20. Sit in your yard and watch the clouds go by.
  21. Sip herbal tea and look out the window.
  22. Reduce clutter in your home.
  23. Fix that broken thing that’s been causing you frustration all this time.
  24. Go for a walk.
  25. Go for a bike ride.
  26. Take a road trip by yourself.
  27. Go to a fudge factory.
  28. Bake cookies.
  29. Go sit with a homeless person and chat (don’t forget to bring treats!)
  30. Foster a pet.
  31. Do breathing exercises.
  32. Paint a picture.
  33. Play the piano (if you can!)
  34. Remove toxic people from your life.
  35. Let go of grudges.
  36. Forgive anyone who has hurt you.
  37. Buy yourself a small gift.
  38. Go window shopping.
  39. Visit an art gallery.
  40. Visit a museum.
  41. Take yourself out for dinner.
  42. Get a mani/pedi.
  43. Get a massage.
  44. Get a facial.
  45. Just go visit a day spa!
  46. Watch a documentary about the universe.
  47. Buy yourself some flowers.
  48. Pick wildflowers.
  49. Go berry picking.
  50. Have a bonfire in your yard.
  51. Make love more often.
  52. Masturbate more often.
  53. Invite your best friends over for movie night.
  54. Host a cooking party.
  55. Spend more time with people who are good for your soul.
  56. Take a boat ride.
  57. Go fishing.
  58. Go golfing.
  59. Turn your phone off for the day.
  60. Go on a hike in the mountains (it’s best to go with a friend or guide).
  61. Write a poem.
  62. Start a garden.
  63. Go to the farmer’s market.
  64. Take a long hot shower (put lavender oil on the floor for soothing fragrant steam).
  65. Make a DIY face mask and then relax with it on.
  66. Visit a nursing home.
  67. Go to a bookstore.
  68. Create a healthy routine.
  69. Go for a swim.
  70. Join the gym and exercise.
  71. Exercise at home.
  72. Avoid sugar and eat healthier.
  73. Make a list of short-term goals.
  74. Attend a music festival.
  75. Visit a jazz club.
  76. Go to a karaoke bar and sing your heart out.
  77. Avoid alcohol.
  78. Go on a picnic (alone or with friends).
  79. Get a colouring book and colour!
  80. Do crossword puzzles.
  81. Clean your house.
  82. Eat dark chocolate.
  83. Stretch morning and before bed.
  84. Do something that brings you great joy.
  85. Do something kind for a stranger.
  86. Listen to an uplifting podcast.
  87. Drink warm water with lemon.
  88. Have a private dance party in your living room.
  89. Spend time in nature.
  90. Pay with cash instead of credit cards.
  91. Take stress management classes.
  92. Take anger management classes.
  93. Talk to a therapist/priest once a month.
  94. Improve your self-talk daily (only positive statements).
  95. Give yourself a hug.
  96. Hug a friend.
  97. Write yourself a love letter.
  98. Make amends with an old friend.
  99. Knit/crochet/or sew something.
  100. Breathe life into an old hobby and start practicing it again.

What’s On Your List of Ways to Chill Out

These are some fun and easy ways to chill out that I’ve put together for you. Can you think of other things to do to help you chill out and enjoy life more? Drop them down in the comments.

Remember, this is the only life you get. Make the most of it with more joy and less stress. Stop to smell the roses every chance you get.

ox iva xo

Author: Iva Ursano

Title: Writer

Expertise: Anti-Aging, Mental Health

Iva is a 60-something woman, originally from Northern Ontario, Canada, who now resides in sunny Guatemala. She helps women over 50 love the skin they're in and empowers them to live their best lives ever. When she's not blogging, she's out on her scooter feeding and rescuing street dogs.  

You can also check out her amazing eStore here. It is full of powerful self-help eBooks, personal development courses, and so much more—ALL at affordable prices!

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